Growing Up

Growing Up

A Chapter by SapphicIntrovert

How the three friends grew up.


"Hurry up!" The boy excitedly said while pulling at his friends sleeve.

"Shhhh!" The blonde girl shushed her friend as they ducked behind a hay stack that smelled like dank and God knows what else, but it was worth it to get to watch them.

They both peaked over, watching the tall, skilled knights train with their wooden swords. They observed them in amazement, the protectors of their Kingdom, champions of the just, all of them sparked the children's imagination as they fantasized over the hero's and heroines exploits, but one stood out to the blonde girl like no other.

It was the man in charge of the Kingdoms army as well as the Queen's personal body guard, General Walter De Campos. He towered over all the others, he had the aura of a man who had been to the beyond and back. The young girl only knew of his name having heard it from his son who frequently stopped by her mothers shop to buy fresh bread as well as the finest armor from her father.

She was a peasant, a low class worker with no actual standing to even fantasize over being a knight let alone actually becoming one, and being a women didn't help the young girls chances, but that wouldn't stop her. The way Walter fought was mesmerizing. He swung his sword with ease and his defense was just as good as his offense, a balance of strength, speed and focus, pure perfection.

"Hey!" A man's voice boomed. The two kids ran away at the sound, going to hide in the stables where they spent most of their free time.

They were slightly out of breath from the hasty retreat.

"That was close." The young boy said between breaths.

The blonde nodded. They had been sitting there collecting themselves before the girl broke the silence. "Malcolm?"

"Yeah Krea?"

"I'm gonna be a knight one day."

Malcolm laughed at this. "We're just kids...Peasant kids." He finished soberly.

She had to admit, he sadly had a point. They were only eight and didn't know anything outside of working for worse than nothing, but Krea had a hard time thinking of anything else. She didn't want to think of anything else. There had been plenty of women as knights before, she thought hopefully. Who says she can't be one of them?

What's stopping her? Oh yeah, she's not of royalty. "Hang that!" She shouted while standing suddenly. "My father always tells me I can do anything I set my mind too. Come on Malcolm, it would be magical! We could do it together! Us being peasants be damned!"

Malcolm noticed the fire behind his friends eyes, a determination that made him have a bit of hope. Krea was fired up now, ideas so firm in her head nothing could sway them, the young boy was curious. "What are you trying to say?" He inquired.

"We could train! I could get us two of those wooden stick things and we could come here, every day and train! Even watch the knights!" She gleefully chimed.

"You're not seriously thinking about stealing from the kingdom are you!?" He didn't shout, but made it clear that it was a crazy idea. You get a hand chopped off for stealing food, but stealing a knights practice weapons? He shuddered to think about it. "Please tell me you are kidding?" He pressed.

"It wouldn't be the worst thing we've done." The blonde said nonchalantly.

Malcolm's dark brown eyes met her dark blue eyes. She was like his sister, they had grown up together and always had each others back. So even if this plan was completely insane he wouldn't let her do it alone, no matter what. He sighed in defeat. "What's the plan?"

They waited till nightfall, when the knights stopped training and took turns with their shifts watching the castle walls. The two kids were hiding in the bushes until the coast was clear. "Are you sure about this?" Malcolm asked not liking his role in the 'plan'.

"Yeah why?"

"You're using me as bait." He harshly whispered.

"Don't think of it as bait, think of it as acting." The blonde said smoothly.

"Really?" The boy deadpanned.

The blonde shrugged before seeing their opportunity. "Okay, now's your chance."

The boy rolled his eyes before running in front of the two knights guarding the entrance to the equipment shack and falling face first on the ground, crying in pain. The startled knights rushed to aid the crying boy. In the near by bushes Krea stifled her laugh at the boys attempt, resisting the urge to howl in laughter. While the knights attended to Malcolm she made her move crouching down and moving as fast as she could, eventually making her way to where the training equipment was stored.

Opening it up she took a look around before reaching out for the wooden swords making sure no one was behind her, Stealthiest future Knight in all of history, Krea thought mischievously. Looking back at the rack of wooden swords she noticed a pair of eyes looking straight at her just as she got a grip on the helm of the practice weapon.

She jumped back in surprise when she saw who it was, dropping the weapon in the process. "Princess Alexandra!" She said shocked over being caught and who she was caught by of all people. She had never been this close to royalty.

The princess was a year younger than Krea, but she knew a thief when she saw one. "What do you think you're doing?" the young Princess asked rising an inquisitive eyebrow.

Krea thought for a moment. Technically the Princess shouldn't be here this late, at least not without an escort and she didn't see any.

"I could ask you the same thing my lady," Krea said respectfully standing up a bit taller.

"I can get away with this if I get caught, but you can't." The brunette said in a matter a fact tone.

She had her there the blonde thought. "Look, It's just borrowing, i'm going to give it back." Krea reasoned.

"When?" Alex pressed.

"Eventually." She said lifting her chin to seem more intense.

"Why should I let you?" The shorter girl said coolly not being at the least bit intimidated.

This girl was smart for a spoiled brat, Krea thought. "Because I am going to whether I have you're permission or not." Krea said while taking two practice swords from the rack.

"Don't worry, your secrets safe with me."

Was this girl really just messing with her? Nice. Krea thought. She smiled at the brunette and ran out.

Four Years Later

He brought his blade down with all his strength, taking a good chunk of the woman's wooden blade with it, but even so the blonde blocked Malcolm attack with ease. Pivoting around his defense, she swept her leg under his feet tripping him and swung at his neck until the weapon was a mere inch away. "Gotcha." She smiled happily.

He huffed like an annoyed child. "How are you getting so good Krea!" Her friend bellowed.

"I practice all the time." the blonde said as she wiped her sweat from her brow while grinning at her friend. It was true, ever since they took these swords, Krea had hardly put hers down. Of the two, the blondes weapon was the one that looked worse for wear and not just because of Malcolm power swing earlier. The girl practiced to the point her hands bleeding and splintered, day and night, no distractions. No matter where she was, Krea trained.

When ever she was out picking in the fields, she'd run till her lungs burned and legs ached. In the horse stables she lifted twice her weight in hay till her arms felt numb. At home she read as many books and parchments of knights long dead. Krea's goal is that she sees to be a knight. That will no longer be a child's dream, but a reality, no matter what.

"Krea!" A man's voice called out.

"Quick hide these!" She shouted while hastily tossing the wooden sword towards her friend. Malcolm caught it, diving head first into the hay stack.

"There you are." The older man said.

"Hello father."

"What are you two always doing in here?" He asked looking curiously at Malcolm as the young boy was waist up in a hay stack.

"Just enjoying the silence really. It helps us think." Krea quickly said while lightly smacking her friends legs.

"Riiiight well your mother would like your help. Apparently there is a big order for the Kings family." He said while pointing his thumb behind him.

She nodded and waved at Malcolm as he finally freed himself from the seemingly man eating hay stack and waved back at her wearily. With a chuckle she exited the stables. Krea stopped in her tracks when she heard a weird grunting sound, followed by a very annoyed horse whine, lore and behold she turned just in time to see the Princess being bucked off of her horse and landing in a hay stack. She laughed another victim of the dreaded hay stacks the blonde thought as she went over to help.

She saw two hands and legs sticking out trying to break free of the mess, but only making it worse with a light sigh. Krea grabbed the brunettes hands and helped her up freeing her in one swift pull.

"Are you alright?" She asked Alexandra.

The young girl tried getting the hay off of her dress before meeting familiar blue eyes. "I'm fine." She said taking a step back.

"What? Are you afraid of me?" The blonde questioned with a charmingly uneven smile.

"No, but you are a thief." Alex responded with a smile of her own.

"I am not a thief, and the fact that you still remember that hurts." Krea chimed.

"Did you train this horse?"

"No. I can't do that until I am eighteen. Why? Are you trying to blame me for your inability to ride a horse?" The blonde said smiling.

"No!" The princess said a little too loud.

"Relax Princess, I'm just jesting a bit. It just got spooked. You should really be careful where you take her, these animals may be big, but they are not fearless." Krea said while petting the horse and leading it to the stables. The brunette followed, clearly intrigued by this girl.

"What is your name?" She asked.


"Krea?" The brunette asked.

"Yeah weirdo. What? Not fancy enough for you?"

"You are the only person that speaks to me like I'm-" She couldn't find the right words or rather didn't want to say them.

"A real person?" The blonde finished.

"Yes." The Princess nodded.

"Is that a bad thing?" She said while locking the door to the horses stable.

"No. I like it. Thank you." The brunette said quietly, smiling faintly, not meeting the girls eyes.

"Sure thing Princess." Krea said crossing her arms.

Alexandra liked how the blonde said Princess. It wasn't like she was saying it to address her as the Kings daughter. Krea was saying it to address her, Alexandra. It was fun and light hearted but it meant a lot. She liked this girl, even her recklessness, but she couldn't be seen with her in a friendly manner people would start gossiping and that could lead to...Well she rather not think of it. Change is coming but by inches, Alexandra will see it moves faster when she rules but that would only happen if.... "Do you know where I could find the bread shop?" Alex asked to keep her grim thoughts at bay.

"Yeah. It's run by my mother." Krea said while leading the way.

"You got taller." Alexandra said, trying to make conversation.

"Yeah, that tends to happen when people get older." Krea looked at the brunette. "You haven't."

The brunette wanted to laugh, but she acted hurt. "Yeah, well you're still as dirty as you were four years ago."

"Nice comeback Princess. Besides, I was a kid, it was my job to play in the mud. You should try it sometime."

They smiled and made their way to the shop.

Six Years Later

"Please no! Let him go!" Krea shouted gritting her teeth as the words came out both bitter and disgusted. If she and Malcolm were at there best they'd send these b******s back to there b***h born w***e mothers in caskets, but they were to exhausted and out numbered. Tears running down her face, cheeks red with anger and fists white with fury, she was damned sick of this, they were being jumped for what seemed like the thirteenth time that day. Bunch of damned brain dead nobles that alone probably couldn't even fight worth a damn.

All six of them ambushed the two friends in the stables after dark knowing they would be there training late. Malcolm was surrounded by four of the cowards, while Krea was being held back by the other two, they were all twice their age. Malcolm had seen better days, he was already fatigued from nearly being stabbed that very same day for defending Krea.

Face was bloodied, his right eye looked as if it would pop out of it's socket any moment, whole body shaking almost uncontrollably because of the pain and he was barely standing let alone breathing. After yet another punch, he finally lost balance and fell to his knees they all pounced on him then, continuing the beating and shouting at his still form.

The blondes blood came to a boil. Krea jerked her right arm away from one of her captures grip, wasting no time in giving said man a sharp elbow to the face. He fell to the ground with a loud thud, groaning in pain. She twisted around making hard contact with the second mans face before he could make a move, flooring him as well.

Completely free now the blonde tried to make her way to Malcolm, till she was grabbed from behind by the first idiot she floored and put her in head lock. The second man who she had hit a minute ago was now standing in front of her and completely livid, rubbing his broken nose as the blood from it dripped down his fat chin. "You filthy swine! Do you know who I am!" He bellowed. Krea simply smiled and spat in his eye.

He punched her square in the gut so hard for a second it almost sounded as though her stomach had busted, she coughed up blood. This guy was a spoiled a*s, but a strong one. Krea looked up at him, she could damn well tell this prick, he expected her to cry, beg for her life. She chuckled. This time spitting blood into his other eye. He wiped his face and just got more violent. He started giving her a few blows to the stomach before both fights were stopped by a simple clearing of throat.

"Queen Alexandra!" Krea's attacker stuttered out, moving away from Malcolm and letting go of Krea suddenly as they turned, their full attention to the Queen. The blonde fell to the floor and crawled towards her best friend to check on him, putting her ear to his chest listening for a heart beat. Alexandra looked from Krea and Malcolm to the six practically shivering men.

"I believe you boys have no business being here. Am I correct." The brunette said coldly, glaring daggers into the mans eyes.

"These two should not be in this area Queen Alexandra." the largest of the group stuttered.

"I decide who belongs where, not you." The Queen closed the distance between herself and him staring not only at him but through him, and in a firm and unfeeling voice she warned "If that boy dies. I will have the lot of you locked in my dungeon and make you squeal like the pigs you are, and if you ever dare tell me where MY subjects in MY kingdom should be...The dungeon will seem like a blessing." Krea looked up at Alexandra.

"He's still breathing Princess." The blonde assured.

The Queen looked at Malcolm steadily breathing and back at the six men. "Leave. Now." She demanded.

The boys were terrified and ran out tackling and pushing each other to try to reach the exit faster. After they left Alex walked over to the two wounded friends that she has gotten to know so well over the years. "Are you alright?" She asked with worry in her voice.

The blonde met the brunettes light brown hazel eyes and gave a weak grateful smile. "Yes. Thank you Princess." Krea attempted to pick up Malcolm but was struggling. The Queen went to the other side of him.

"Would you like some help?" She offered while mirroring the blonde as they put an arm around their shoulder and carried the battered boy to the blondes now empty home. Sure it was warm, strong, and better then what most get, but without the smell of her mothers freshly baked bread or her fathers terrible jokes anymore, it was worse then nothing. Something all three of them had in common. They had lost their parents to the plague almost all at the same time. Krea's father was killed defending the King from an enemy attack, but the way it was told, the King protected a peasant and that caused the Kingdom their beloved ruler.

That's why Krea had been targeted by all nobles and soldiers alike, attacking someone to avenge a dead man. Malcolm wasn't going let Krea get hurt so he's seen as a traitor. The Queen has tried again and again to stop the ridiculous rumor, but it's a cancer.

After bandaging the boy up, he soon fell asleep.

"You shouldn't be in here you know." Krea said while grabbing a wet wash rag for her face.

"And why not?"

"People will start to wonder."

"They can talk all they want, as far as I'm concerned, that kind of thinking is old fashioned and can't affect us anymore anyway."

"I'm aware, you moved mountains just so we could be friends."

"That part was an added bonus actually." Alex said smiling warmly.

They had been spending time together any chance they got. Especially after they had lost their parents. Alexandra runs the whole kingdom now, but she'll never be too busy for the blonde. She'd drop everything in heartbeat for her.

"What's it like being queen?" Krea asked while covering Malcolm up with another blanket.

"Stress full, if I am to be honest one slip of the tongue could start all out war." The Queen said sighing tiredly.

"I think you're doing great for being so young. You're smart, resourceful, bit terrifying at times, but you have a good heart. You have nothing to worry about."

The two girls haven't seen each other as much after the Queens lands meet, talking and taking a breathe was nice. Alexandra would occasionally stop by and watch the two friends train. She had to admit that watching the blonde fight was very intriguing. You could tell she had been working extremely hard for awhile. She also noticed how much taller and how toned she had gotten.


"Huh?" Alexandra asked coming out of her thoughts.

"Where were you?" Krea asked.

"Sorry, Wha- What were you saying?"

"Well, Malcolm eighteenth birthday is tomorrow." She said while rubbing the back of her neck.

"And?" The brunette asked drawing the word out.

"Well, I know he wants to be a knight. Maybe you could put a good word in for him?"

"Of course, I could tell Campos about both of you"

"Oh! No just Malcolm. I'm not ready! I..." Krea interjected.

The Queen looked at her questionably knowing full well her friends capabilities.

"I know." Krea said as if reading the other girls mind she held the brunettes hands in her own. This took the Queen by surprise, Krea looked her in the eyes as she spoke. "It seems strange to you, but I couldn't win today all those guys, Malcolm stood against four of them all at once. I couldn't even handle two....We were the same amount of exhausted and he kept going almost to death and...I... " she took a deep breath. "I want to protect this nation, this kingdom, as strongly as that. I want to protect you like that, but I'm not there yet...But he is so please"

"Very well if that's what you want " The Queen asked, holding Krea's hands firmly.

"It is." The blonde said as she gently squeezed the brunettes hands.

They looked into each others eyes. Alexandra cleared her throat. "I'll put a word in for Malcolm tomorrow then. I'll give him a few days rest before try outs."

"Thank you Alex."

She nodded and put a hand on the now bruised side of the blondes face. "You have to stay out of trouble Krea."

"I'll try."

"See you later?"

"Yeah." Krea said smiling.

"Good." Alexandra returned the smile and walked out of the door.

© 2022 SapphicIntrovert

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