Look & See

Look & See

A Poem by Elizabeth

Poem of Gay people. A Poem for people to understand that they're just like us.


Look & See

By: E.D.


I see it.

I see the presence of others they don’t want in their eyes.


Why can’t they leave them alone?

They don’t understand the true meaning of why.


People treat other people,

Like if they’re not from here.

They see them as aliens.

Came to take over the world.

Don’t you see the truth?


The only reason they’re together

Is because they know the true meaning of love.

Let them be.

Let yourself set free.


Why is this world so cruel?

Wanting the eye of the bull.


They can’t understand why people do it.

They can’t figure out why they’re doing it.

Ask them, they’ll tell you the answer.


Words they say run through your head.

Nothing you seem to understand.


Can’t you see them suffering to fit into this world?!

The world once was peaceful, now became a world full of racism.




©copyright 2010 all rights reserved




© 2010 Elizabeth

Author's Note

I know it's not my usual writing, but i said 'give it a try'. So this is a poem for people to accept other peopls for who they are.
*No mean comments, please*


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Added on June 27, 2010
Last Updated on June 27, 2010



New York, NY

Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I love the color sapphire, does it relate to my username? :) I'm very friendly and random, maybe sometimes crazy :P Music is my life and I couldn't live without it :).. more..

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