I Wonder

I Wonder

A Poem by Elizabeth

When someone gets hurt by words, it's hard to tell when someone smiles unwillingly. It's a teenage drama that happens everyday.


I Wonder

By: E.D.


Everyone waits in line.

Everyone gets the opportunity to be one.

Everyone knows that’s a once in a lifetime.


Pushes and laughter.

Everyone gets hurt.

Tears of sadness,

Made the soul broke.


No one understands why life is so hard.

Maybe is the learning that you got to know.


Not everyone holds their heads high.

It’s hard to dissimulate,

When you’ve got a broken heart.


Words hurt more than actions.

Laughter hurts more than punches.

And tears hurt more than happiness.


Why is it that no one’s understands?

The way they treat others,

Make them look satisfied.

Why doesn’t their inside hurt?

Why is it that everyone gets hurt?


It’s hard to tell when someone fakes a smile.

It’s hard to know when someone laughs not wanting to know.

It’s hard to feel when someone says no one got hurt.


I wonder if someone goes through the stage,

That normal teenagers go through every day.

I wonder if there’s a possibility that karma would get them back.


It’s hard to know that someone made a sister cry.

It’s hard to know that you cried,

When life wasn’t easy.

It’s hard to know, that not everything’s alright.


I wonder…

Will someone know?



©all rights reserved 2010





© 2010 Elizabeth

Author's Note

first of all, i want to apologize for not writing over... idk? 3 months?! I'm extremley sorry. I've been REALLY busy, but i took the time right now to publish this since i wanted to let you guys know that this stuff happens everyday. So, once again, i apologize and i promise it wont happen again. I'm really into the mood of writing poems again. So yeah! Thank you guys for reading and i'll see you next time!



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Added on August 23, 2010
Last Updated on August 23, 2010
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New York, NY

Hello! My name is Elizabeth. I love the color sapphire, does it relate to my username? :) I'm very friendly and random, maybe sometimes crazy :P Music is my life and I couldn't live without it :).. more..


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