The Birth of LOVE

The Birth of LOVE

A Poem by Sara

i'm surrounded by your embrace

The Birth of LOVE

A captivating god of coral and shell pink, 
LOVE was born once 
and again and again and again,
across the world and at the edge of time
when the first sunlight, 
the dappled gold of blossoming daffodils, 
reached out through silent space
to light up the black Earth
which had so long floated barren
and stoic in the flat planes of sky.

LOVE was born in the folds
of a child's laugh, the giggle giggle,
the innocence of grey eyes,
the clutch of a small hand. 
It sprung out in pale tendrils,
its incorporeal purity reaching 
up, up, up,
multiplying and criss-crossing
among the new souls,
touching them,
their skin tingling with the quiet 
magnetism of something so good,
its simplicity as soft as rabbit's down.

LOVE was born by the muddy 
camaraderie of friends,
old friends of inside jokes
and late night tissue brigades,
for break-ups and breakdowns,
and always being there.
It was hard, the subtle, whispering LOVE
awkward at first, an unsure
ball of nerves huddled deep inside,
the twitches morphing into ease,
the black-handed judgment finally 
silenced. It was born slowly, ever so
slowly, inching along into bffs.

And yet again LOVE was born in the kiss:
the pink pushed against pink,
the flesh against flesh,
in sultry heat,
the startled, sensory recognition,
the orgasmic 
It was born fiery and red hot, blistering
flames bursting from within limber bodies
twined around each other 
like deep summer ivy. 
The birth was sharp and pulsing
with blood, filled with high screams.

And LOVE was born in the bright-eyed
spiritual awakening of Man looking 
towards the Heavens in awe and wonder,
the stars reflected in his blinded eyes,
along with all he could not see
and would never know. 
LOVE was born for the earth and the sky
and the water and the ghosting wind
that ruffles our hair at twilight,
and for whoever, whatever, created it.

LOVE was born once
in me
and again and again and again.

© 2011 Sara

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It's sort of quiet, like if you listen you'll find the love in your lines and the beauty. While as some people who write are sort of in-your-face, yours is pretty and descriptive. I like the tone and the message. Your imagery is all so profound! I like this, and Dalrymple is right: love is a wonderful topic, especially from you.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Love is a great topic to write about. You gave me images, ideas, and emotions with this work.

Posted 8 Years Ago

It never stops to amaze me that greater love is, often, found when losing love. Call it fate or something devine, man was created to love. I beautiful depiction of how love endures and grows. I have more love to give each day than the last. Wonderfully written!

Posted 8 Years Ago

So brillant and powerful. You said it all.
I really enjoyed this piece.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a remarkable piece of work. It has all the hallmarks of an artefact; as though it had been written before on a yet-to-be-discovered wall by some ancient race of philosophic and enlightened people. I may have my own profound misgivings about Love, but that does not preclude its existence and respect in my mind - the spirit of Love is a lot more than just hearts and kisses. As a tribute to that spirit, this is exactly how I would have liked to present it. It is undeniable and formidable and beyond even Man and existence itself in the realms of this poem. It is bursting with intelligence, imagination and understanding awe.

Posted 8 Years Ago

Sara old friend! It's been ages since I last saw your work! Thank you for this lovely lovely poem about Love. It very often happens that the great poems are written on topics which have long since become cliches, and that is definitely the case here. I don't think anyone could count the number of poems written on the subject of Love. I loved the way you have summarized the rather profound concept. First of all, the concept of love born "again and again" is a delightful one, and each stanza is devoted to a new 'avatar' of love, if you like. You've certainly done a thorough job of it, right from a child's giggles to lovers' kisses. Several phrases here which lend tremendous beauty to the poem. "God of coral and shell pink", "folds of a child's laugh", "orgasmic "yes"" and so many more...and each one suits the mood of the particular stanza.
An absolute pleasure to review this one!

Posted 8 Years Ago

A beautiful and positive poem. Your words are true. Love is what we need and want. We need to be kind and not negative. We need more love in this world.
"LOVE was born for the earth and the sky
and the water and the ghosting wind
that ruffles our hair at twilight,
and for whoever, whatever, created it."
Thank you for your outstanding poetry. I do appreciate reading your story and poetry.

Posted 8 Years Ago

This is a stunning poem of love in all it's entirety, I particularly like the first verse - great choice of words pieced together so beautifully. Annie :)

Posted 8 Years Ago

this is one of the most amazing poems that I've ever read. You captured not only love, but the unfolding of it.....

Posted 8 Years Ago

Such a beautiful piece of work. It's so gentle and full of hope. It reminds the reader of how easily love is born amoung humanity.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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