Wonderful Tragedy

Wonderful Tragedy

A Story by Kaiko

A tragedy plotted out by the God of Mischief(whom I made up)


Humans were so fun to play with.  So predictable, if you took the time to learn them.  Being a god, I had nothing else to do, but to play with them. I watched one particular group of friends, who weren't going to stay friends for much longer. 


They were close, always talked to each other.  They each had someone who they dearly loved, and were considerably luckier than many other mortals. And that was where I was determined to start with, to break them down slowly and painfully through love.


I changed each of their ideas within their heads.  Gave them each the desire to cheat on their lovers, and betray their friends.  Mix and match.  It was normally Olette and Ryan, and Brenna and Channing, but I made them want Olette and Channing, and Brenna and Ryan, and later they would not even realize that they wanted it, they would just see it as a shame of themselves and a betrayal of their friend and lover.  They were all too predictable.


The plan worked well. They hated their friends and loved ones, even though they had done the same. They always thought they had done it by accident, while their friend did it out of disloyalty. I was quite amused, but it was time to get more involved.


I approached Olette. She was the most of a mystery to me.  The emo type out of all of them.  Instead of expressing her hate for them verbally, she took it on herself, and kept it all to herself.  She shrugged off her friends, as they all had, and gave up on her fiance, even though she almost couldn't function without him. 

"How's it going?" I asked coolly.  She looked up at me, and at first was surprised, but her surprise demolished quickly.

"Are you death?" she asked hopefully.  I didn't know how she knew I wasn't just another person, but that was always an odd feature of her; she always knew one thing more than anyone else. Her eyes were full of light, hoping I would end her pain. "Feel free to take me away, I cannot stand to be here any longer. I loathe myself for trusting Brenna and not keeping Ryan," she replied, full of agony.  I held back my chuckle.

"I am Sephirous, a god, but I will not take away your life, it is too horrible on your loved ones," and again, I held back my laughter, because it was too easy to manipulate.  I wasn't just any god, I was Sephirous, God of Mischief.

Her face suddenly turned ugly and full of anger. "Good!" she replied. "Do it anyways!"

"I couldn't if I wanted to.  Only natural causes and humans can kill you," I explained.

"Humans? Does that mean I can kill myself?" she inquired. An evil smile crept across my lips, which she luckily didn't notice.

"Technically, yes, but don't leave life without saying goodbye to them," I pleaded falsely.  I was a good actor by now, and she took the bait quite easily.

"Oh, I'll be telling them goodbye, don't worry," she replied without a trace of emotion.  I knew she felt pain, anger, and relief inside, but I acted disappointed in her, and disappeared, shaking my head sadfully. I knew she would write suicide letters, one for each, except for Channing, because she didn't want to die feeling any more horrible about herself than normal.


The letter to Ryan would say how she was sorry she couldn't please him, but how dissapointed she was in him, for never even speaking to her about his non-love before he cheated on her.  As a result to her anger, she would say he made her feel like she had a reason to live, and since he did it, she had no reason to stay. Basically saying it was his fault for her suicide.


The letter to Brenna would say that she had trusted her with all of her heart, but she only betrayed her.  She would say she regretted every moment spend with her, and wished she could get her time with her back. Olette might have even added some cussing to her also, but it depended on how angry she felt.


Brenna and Channing had stayed fine as a couple.  Brenna never got the bravery to tell Channing that she cheated, though Channing had admitted to it.  She forgave him, feeling he was no worse than her, and they continued being in love, as if nothing had ever happened.


Brenna got the letter, two days after Olette's suicide.  She broke down, and got ill of a broken heart. She felt fully responsible, and gave up trying to fight for her life.  She died and poor Channing, was left alone. He started going through all of her stuff, trying to remember her life, not her death, when he found the suicide letter.


Everything was going as planned, as all my plotting does.


Channing was never one to hold in his anger, and let it go away.  He was the type to let it out on something, and be abrasive.  He could never think straight when he was angry.


He was furious from the news.  He wasn't mad at Brenna in the least, because he experienced the mistake, and wouldn't judge her for doing the same.  He was indeed furious as his former best friend, Ryan, whom he now loathed just in two seconds. He pulled out some liquor, and started drinking away, but it wasn't enough.  He needed revenge on Ryan.


He bursted in Ryan's house, which had become a mess since the entire situation started just a month ago, and yelled at Ryan, drunk and angry.  Ryan tried to calm him down, but he was also wasted, trying to find a purpose for his life, with Olette officially gone.


I watched in amusement at the sight.  How quickly the entire situation developed, and now there was an even battle between men, in which someone was going to die for sure.


Channing pulled a gun out from his waistline, and began shooting.  His aim was off, being that he was drunk, and he shot the walls and ceiling.  Ryan grabbed a knife somewhere in the kitchen they were standing in, and pointed it at Channing as a threat.  Channing ignored it, and shot the gun straight forward, as Ryan stabbed him in the stomach. Channing didn't miss him this time, and shot Ryan in the stomach.  Ryan freaked out, and stabbed him in the heart, as Channing shot a one last time, into Ryan's head.


I smiled.  I would explain everything once they were together again in heaven, but I would share just one last malicious grin, and gaze upon my wonderful tragedy of death.


It ended like so.  They died together, as enemies, who still loved each other like best friends even until death.  The girls died for each other, both feeling guilty, and were made unseparable sisters by doing so.  These tragedies occur all the time, all of my humor and doing, but the horrible nature of humans only makes this possible.    Although a planning villian I was, I was no different, than those who brought death upon their loved ones, for their own selfish agony.    How was I any more selfish?

© 2009 Kaiko

Author's Note

Sorry it's so long, I can't do short stories. Please tell what you think of the plot, and the main character(Sephirous)

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4 pts.

1). Great Story
2). Great Characters
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This was well written, had great sense of irony, and a complex character that was amazingly cold. Another well written piece.

Posted 12 Years Ago

I think the story had dark humor, irony, ----great write
Also, I love when she asks if he can take her life away, and his response being a quick smile, that
she could not see, that was my favorite part,

Posted 12 Years Ago

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