Perfect Balance

Perfect Balance

A Story by Kaiko

A collection of my most thoughtful thoughts about the TRUE nature of everything.


Darkness and Light.


Evil and Good.


What really takes over? 

We all want good.  It's moral; it makes us feel content with ourselves, but yet, those who embrace evil aren't exactly miserable.  They are confident, entertained, strong-minded, and persistent.


The Good are continuously happy, respected, known to be "perfect,"  but they aren't always strong, and only few become heroes that are so loved by many.


Darkness and Evil exists in everyone.  Try as you might to deny it, it is true.  Because Evil exists because Good exists.  Darkness exists by Light.  They stand forever, united.


In each person, they are united.  People spend their entire life pushing one or the other out.  Sometimes they succeed, but one cannot be happy like that.  It's not natural.  Only both can give strength to live.


All Good and Light, and you become a false person consumed by false happiness.  You have the strength to think straight and strength to block out the pain of the world, but it is all fake.


All Evil and Darkness, and you become consumed by your own negative feelings.  Anger, jealousy, greed, depression, all and more take over your mind.  A defenseless mouse swallowed by a snake.  You have the strength to fight on, but it never is enough.


All others are born with too much of one or the other.  As they spend their entire life trying to balance on two sides of the same see-saw, they never reach the perfect center.  It is impossible.  As comfortable as a person is, they are never balanced.  The opposites may switch, and so they change.  But flaws can always be found as result to the unbalance of life.


We need Darkness as much as Light.  Evil as much as Good. 


Evil to fight for what you want to REALLY be happy.  Light to show the direction to take.  Good to keep from doing something to regret.  Darkness to hide what must not be seen of yourself and others.


So you see, a perfect balance is essential, but impossible.  But now think, what would the world be like if perfect balances existed? Would it be better, or worse than now?

© 2009 Kaiko

Author's Note

You know, I'm not even sure if I believe this myself. It's simply my thoughts. But I really didn't know how to end it. So I sort of, left it. So I really would like some help with that.

And other constructive advice is appreciated =]

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very thoughtfull, and it is very true. With out God Satan wouldn't exist, with out Adam, Eve wouldn't exist either. all you said in this is true, people who embrace darkness we believe are miserable when they are not and those who go without tend to be more misserable. I found it just fine, not short and not to long.

This was a really good, eh, essay or something. keep it up.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on May 29, 2009




Hi. I love to write, but not as much as other parts of my life.(That's why I don't often log on anymore) When I write, it's like living a different life, where I can be a total different person, so I.. more..

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