Chapter 1-Dream of Destiny

Chapter 1-Dream of Destiny

A Chapter by Kaiko

Hayner has a strange dream.



    Why am I falling?
    And where am I falling to?
    For some reason, I was falling, but I couldn't see the bottom. I wasn't falling very fast either; it was more like I was sinking. Sinking in the air towards the unknown.
    Suddenly, I saw where the bottom was, and landed slowly on my feet. I looked around me. Everywhere around me was black, and I was standing on a huge glass circle, also black, and no one else was in sight.
    "Look to your right," a mysterious voice said. I didn't know if it was aloud, or all in my head. However, I followed its command and looked to my right. I was slightly surprised, but to be honest, I wasn't thinking too much of it.
    I wasn't thinking too much of the giant, long sword lying about five yards away from me. Normally, I would, considering all weapons are dangerous, but I wasn't afraid or worried.
    "Look at it. Pick it up," the voice spoke once more. Once again, I followed its command. From the moment I picked up the weapon, I felt a sense of importance. It was like it wasn't just a sword, but there was something more inside of it.
    "Can you feel that?" the voice asked. I didn't even wonder who the voice was anymore. 
    "I think I can. What is it?" I responded. I brought the sword closer to look at it. It looked so sharp and dangerous, but I was so calm holding it. I had no doubt that it easily could kill someone with one swing of it. I couldn't help but to admire it and its power.
    "That's destiny," the voice told me.
    "Destiny, you say?" I asked, mostly to myself. Suddenly, a black figure appeared from out of nowhere. It twitched unnaturally for a few seconds, and then it glared at me. It began to creep towards me, and I noticed for the first time the black-red eyes of the creature. It was obvious it was heading towards me, though I was still wondering what it was.
    Once it was near, it lunged at me with a shadow-like claw and I managed to dodge the attack just by a few inches. It attacked again, this time, by swinging its claw at me. When it did, I swung the sword at it, and made a deep cut into its arm. It screamed and pulled away. I lowered my sword, thinking it was going away now, but I was wrong.
    Suddenly launched into the air towards me, and I blocked it with the sword. It had a black mouth and matching black teeth, growling at me from the front of my sword. I was struggling against the beast's strength, and I knew it would soon overtake me if I didn't make the next move. Unfortunately, it beat me to it.
    With its mouth still blocked by my sword, it used its claw to scratch my side. I fell over from the pain and I noticed blood on the ground. That can't really be my blood, can it? The beast snickered and took a step back, freeing its mouth. i fought the urge to sit and let the pain take over. Somehow I knew I still had to fight the pain and this monster, so I rose, more ready than before.  I was determined not to have any more blood taken from me.

    The black beast seemed surprised that I rose, and then it snarled at me from behind its menacing, black teeth. I readied my stance, knees bent, both hands clasped on the sword's handle, and facing the sword to the beast, ready for anything. As I suspected would happen, the beast striked first, but I was prepared. The beast swung its claw towards my neck, but I dodged to the side, and counter striked with a swing of my sword. I was successful and it sliced the black monster's head off. To my surprise, there was no blood at all. It fell over and then it was as if it transformed into glass, and it all shattered, exploding upwards into the air, and then the shattered pieces dissapeared, and so did the sword.
    Without any warning whatsoever, the glass I was standing upon shattered into thousands of pieces of black glass. I tried to reach out for something to pull myself onto, but I only grabbed a handful of glass. This time falling, I wasn't falling slowly, but falling as if I had jumped out of a plane. I was afraid for my life, even more than fighting the monster, and I kept trying to reach out for something to save me.
    "Aaaaaaah!" I yelled while falling. After falling for some distance, I wasn't any less afraid, because I knew there had to be a bottom somewhere.
    "Do not be fearful of what is to come," the voice said. "Destiny; do not forget it!"

© 2010 Kaiko

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