Digital World Zombie

Digital World Zombie

A Poem by Smwtdmgd

You Us Me - Zombies

The perfect little life
Glowing Skin
Rad Car
Shiny Teeth
Forever Happy Life!
Is it real or just fantasy?
Is it true or you just showing off?

The flawless talents you claim to have
In your virtual reality
Rising from social media industry
You sure you're nothing but a slave?
Slave to self created lies and misery...

With all this artificial manufacturing
Even the modern music sounds so boring.
The love for auto-tuned vocals and beats
I find it full of s**t!
Nothing comes natural
Nothing's raw anymore
Cause everyone seems to forget
Mistakes make the better tune
Not just in music but in life too.

Everything needs to be comfortable
Everything needs to be fast
All of us have become so impatient
This obscure routine seems reliable
Bound to the super computer in our palms
Rotating through 3 apps whole day
All we do is rage and moan.

My perfect little dream
Collapsing in front of my eyes
and refusing to do anything
but become a digital world zombie...

© 2020 Smwtdmgd

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Added on May 7, 2020
Last Updated on May 7, 2020
Tags: perfect, zombies, fantasy, slave, impatient



Kathmandu, Nepal

don't know what I am or what I was...still trying to figure it out...lot goes on my mind...non-stop! from a small country Nepal living in to smoke a lot of weed! love the loneliness but.. more..

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