I don't care for your fairytales

I don't care for your fairytales

A Story by Saraplenty

Once upon a time there lived a princess, who was actually a queen, but to keep from completely shattering the fragile male egos surrounding her she humbly restrained asserting her authority. For she was not your ordinary princess. She was not locked in some tower, awaiting rescue from a d********g far too weak to carry her. She did not sleep through her life in hopes that an inferior tool would provide that perfect kiss that would bring her to life. Nor did she piddle away hours by the fire talking to animals, bemoaning her life situation and wishing that some sugar daddy would give her the right gear to walk a better path.

No, this princess knew better. If you wanted something done, you had to do it yourself. She had seen the women around her wither away in the shadows of the men who claimed to love them. The princess had dealt with her own failures and disappointments with the Y chromosome. Her faith in them was non-existent. She prided herself on not "needing a man", and she didn't. She was quite happy going about her business, and leaving that mushy love stuff to weaker mortals. Oh, occasionally she desired companionship; someone with skin on. When these moments hit, she would sedate them with chocolate, or a fire that lasted only a night. As the years passed on, the princess became more and more comfortable, growing in her skin and her position as queen. She enjoyed the attention of the commoners, but did not want them to permanently abide in her castle. Life was good.

Until the day he came along. She was sure that she he would be a passing interest, but nothing further. He came on the heels of a slight wound made by one of the less than grateful subjects, and perhaps there was a chink in her armor, leaving him better access. Either way this one made her feel what she never imagined she could. He respected her, and showed it. He allowed her to be herself, no censorship, no need to shrink herself so that he could feel like a "man". When he touched the princess she did not cringe. Upon hearing the words "I love you" leave his mouth, she did not wonder what he was really after because she knew he meant it; she felt it to her core. The princess loved him too. This was a first for her, and she found herself falling deeper into his embrace. Resting inside of them, and picturing a life she feared she would never have. Life was great.

Then as quick as love came, even quicker came the darkness. He took away the sunshine and left her aching inside. Blood that was once flowing easily, now felt like it was gushing out of her; trying to unhinge her heart from her body. Breathing became harder and as much as she wanted to wall herself back up inside her fortress, the bricks were nowhere to be found.

So now she sits, a broken queen......for once feeling like a helpless princess.

© 2011 Saraplenty

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Added on April 5, 2011
Last Updated on April 5, 2011



Dallas, TX

I am awesome. And sometimes, I vomit things on to paper to aid in breathing. I write for me, to release what it is I am feeling at that moment, and because I like turning those feelings into so.. more..