My Addiction #2

My Addiction #2

A Poem by Sarah

You are.
My sugar rush.
My cocaine bliss.
My illegal high.
My perfect kiss.
You're an addiction,
I fail to resist.

The first time I kissed you.
That one kiss.
I was hooked.
That was when the addiction started.
I could never love anyone,
The way I love you.
I'd follow you across the universe,
Just to get my fix.
Just to be with you.

Your kisses.
Your kisses leave me breathless.
I desperately want more.
You're my drug.
I'm so addicted.
I can't cure this addiction.
No one can.

Your hugs.
Your hugs make me weak in the knees.
They make me fall to the ground.
I search for you.
Even when I know you're not there.

Your touch.
Your touch gives me goosebumps.
It sends shivers down my spine.
As our fingers intertwine,
I feel my body burn.

Your eyes.
Your eyes strike my core.
Every single nerve becomes aware,
You're my lifeline.
I can't survive without my fix.

I love the build up.
When touching turns into grabbing.
Soft lips,
Turns into passionate tongues.
And feeling your heartbeat getting faster.
The feeling of your skin against mine,
Its more addicting than any drug.

My soul made love to your soul
Long before our bodies met.
The moment I met you,
I recognized you.
You held my future in your hands.

I fell for your thoughts
The way you said my name,
How you made me speechless.
I ache to be inside your mind
Hear the whisper of every thought,
Get lost in your deepest desires.
I want you lying down next to me,
Caressing the soft curves of my face,
Running your fingers down my back.
I feel for you.
I ache for you.
I want you.

Some days.
I feel everything.
All at once.
Other days.
I feel nothing at all.
I can't decide whats worse,
Drowning beneath the waves,
Or drying from thirst.

You give me the kind of feeling,
People write novels about.

What you must understand is that,
I simply cannot bear to be friends anymore.
To be friends with you,
Is to watch you love someone else.
I can't afford to die at your side anymore.
You deserve to be happy,
But please don't make me watch.

They warned me about you.
They told me you were trouble.
I didn't care.
You were so breath taking.
I had to have more.

If I could,
I would take that smile,
And inject it directly into my veins.
My parents warned me about drugs,
In baggies, sold on the street.
Never the ones with teeth
And a heartbeat.

You are the most beautiful
Combination of DNA,
And I crave every part of you.
From the pinnacle of your head
To the underside of your toes.

Your smile is grand.
Your laugh is sweet.
Your hugs are warm.
Your kiss is tender.
You're just too
Beautiful of a person,
That I can't even unlove you.

I saw you today.
The memories
Came flooding back.
It was as if your voice
Was a faucet within me.
My heart began pumping
Water through my veins
Until my whole body was drowning.
Water poured from my mind.
And began to drip out of my eyes.
My soul swam and swam.
But eventually I was no more than
A drop in the ocean.
It was then I realized that
You don't need water to drown.

I simply wish
I could erase our memories,
Cause you didn't give a damn
About me.

Let's ignore each other,
Try to pretend
The other person doesn't exist.
But deep down we both know
It wasn't supposed to end like this.

It's hard to ignore someone
Who once meant the world to you.
Not talking to you kills me.
You're the one.

Loving you is like,
You just can't stop.

The part that gets me the most,
I saw the sadness in your eyes.
I didn't know what to say.
I couldn't think of anything to say
That would take your pain away.
So I kept saying
“I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry”
I just wanted to see you smile again.

© 2015 Sarah

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Pinocchio hardly smiles but he did!
Almost sexually explicit... =) love is a beautiful flower growing star constellations in space, always
wearing shimmery-shoes everywhere.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on April 14, 2015
Last Updated on April 14, 2015
Tags: heartbreak, addiction, loss




I'm a 19 year old amateur writer from a small town. I have big dreams and a creative mind. more..

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