A Poem by Sarah_Allen

What's left to remember in a world we destroyed?

Burnt out city,
 All our dreams were for nothing,
 Made a name with no human to remember,
 From our plays we dimmed fires to ember, 
Branded in the earth,
 Nothing lasts forever,  

We built a town, 
built a landmark, 
Put a flag on the moon, 
Earned some money,  
Made a page in the history books, 
We live our lives wanting to live more, 
Carved into everyone's memory, 
As long as they know me,
 I could never die, 
If only we knew as we spoke it, we lied! 

 In a world, 
there's no one to look back, 
All our hope was in vain,
 For a chance we could gain, 
In a universe with no one to keep it, 
Forgetting all we achieved,
 In the end all our money is paper, 
And the names just some symbols, 
All our focus was on fame and fortune, 

Make our place,
 set in stone,
 But there's no one to remember in a world full of nothing, 
There's no one to polish trophies in a land that is lost,  
There's no one to explain to the earth, 

No one to say sorry, 
 No one to apologize our forgetting.  
We wish to be remembered,
 as the earth was the one to remember. 

 And we 'forgot'. 

© 2019 Sarah_Allen

Author's Note

Idk, I'm just sad at humans destroying earth...

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This has a mix of exasperation, sadness and disbelief woven into a longish description of man's flaws as we watch the planet incinerate.

Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Thank you so much :)
emotional write,in memory of many things i suppose

Posted 2 Months Ago


1 Month Ago

Thanks you ;)

1 Month Ago

you`re welcome
Remember the dreams that remained dreams. Remember the nightmares that remained memory. Remember the truths, remember the lies, remember the unwanted goodbyes. But most importantly remember that the world as it once was, is not the same world that is.

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

poetic words there, mickey. Yeah, the world isnt the same. We're ruined
I'm sad at us losing what it means to BE us...

Seems we've forgotten our dreams and how to reach...

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

thank you :)
you portray that sadness so well here with your images. We forget to remember the land upon which we live and to appreciate it.
The Native Americans who were here first...they understood, they cared, they lived on it and with it and took care of it.
we have destroyed...and destroyed and destroyed....our legacy.

Posted 7 Months Ago


7 Months Ago

True true! We regard the earth as just a step when it's what is our throne, without it we crumble to.. read more

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