The World System You Want

The World System You Want

A Story by Sathyum

Do we really need intervention on this earth or are we quite good with the way things are? Mankind is quickly progressing in ways imaginable. Surely this could only mean betterment for the humanity.

Many people on planet earth long for peace, for good to be administered on earth even to have a righteous government for the people installed.  However, the magnitude of such a desire may not be fully comprehended by all.  While many groups preach or profess that righteousness will be rendered to earth via the goodwill of a benevolent being, it is a fact that the detailed picture of such a manifestation has not been understood.  Take a look at the systems involved in the governance of three (3) different world orders.  Also do take the time to picture what life would be as a resident under these systems.

1.  Generally the practice of recognized religions are accepted to be right and in return affect or influence the law and conduct of society.
2.  The acceptance of self-governance (do whatever I like) attitude is becoming ever more prevalent.
3. The practice of sexual freedom due to personal preference, curiosity or lust.
4.  The promotion of self-defeating practices e.g drug use and promiscuity. These are made to be seen as modern, normal and necessary.
5.  Money and wealth is the order of the day and the poor are oppressed, the middle class is enslaved within the secular system to help promote and build kingdoms.
6. The so-called right to vote is a right to choose the better of the other evils is the perception of the masses.  It is called freedom but in reality it is the projection of the brainchild of the very systems in place with it's large network to enslave and manipulate.
7. Two-edged sword messages example:  Save and beautify the earth as well as conserve energy vs contamination plants, chemical ridden food in order to have 
abundance, destroy natural fauna to build and develop concrete jungles etc. 
8. Lack of personality due to peer pressure, media persuasion and society's rejection of certain individuals and personalities which may be genetic. Example introverts and obese individuals.   Group activity is encouraged throughout society since we are told we are social beings and we need to be networked in order to function as a whole.
9.  Open admittance to social media, the new means of communication which gives way to a multitude of varying relationships be it business, pleasure or educational.  The world has literally become a smaller place due to technology.
10.  The advancement of edifying the brain (which is in reality a form of control) through education which is quickly becoming the main means to advance or move up the social ladder.  To identify with the rest of the educated class means mobility in status as well as a wider social network.

Righteous World System 

1.  Worship is encouraged at an individual level, family level and communal level.
2.  Rights and wrongs are precisely mandated.  Thus, to fall short could entail different established levels of admonition or punishment even eviction or death.
3.  Leadership encourages the development of humans in order that every individual's true potential is realized (perfection e.g telekinesis).
4. Established law and order dictates justice, equity and equality for all.
5.  Morality and values are established according to the dictates that is considered to be benevolent. 
6. The focus of the righteous world system is spiritual upliftment.  Therefore, entertainment would be based on the senses of humanity establishing it as a culture that is innate and contemporary.
7.  The power of money may be replaced or altered in order to foster strong communal projects enabling the co-operation of different skills that will contribute to the survival of the inhabitants.
8. Healthy environment will gradually be re-created by allowing various Eco- systems to regenerate itself so that the evolution of the creation processes are maintained or realized.
9.  Through the knowledge imparted and retained from the benevolent being humans would be able to understand the true meaning of nirvana the reason for the physical journey of  the being human and for thus attain true self-actualization the evolution and growth which humanity were meant to experience.

Anarchy World System

1. Destruction of existing man made systems as well as much of the natural habitat.
2.  Constant internal upheavals and wars between opposing rebel or clan groups each fighting for domination against the recognized ruling power.
3. Depraved living conditions where   resources are hoarding by the more powerful regimes.
4. Humanity's downfall as the DNA continue to weaken gradually through the entire fertility and birthing process.

© 2017 Sathyum

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The wording is very well put together and the incredible statement so true.

Posted 2 Years Ago

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A Story by Sathyum