Chapter Three

Chapter Three

A Chapter by R.G. Bennet

    The operation was to be completed within the course of the evening.  Shannon had discovered from the encrypted files that the Diamond was in a high security vault in one of the dungeons of the Heirem Castle.  She admitted that the systems were some of the most complex she had ever seen.  There were four phases.  Phase one involved the furthermost entrance to the vault �" a room with sensors embedded in the wall to detect everything from voice patterns to DNA.  If they were lucky enough to get past that, they were to proceed with Phase 2 �" getting past the laser field in the sub chamber.  Only, this laser field wasn’t as lenient as others.  If one of the hundreds of beams detected an individual, it would detonate an incendiary device that would subsequently obliterate everything within the chamber.  Only the inside contents of the room would be affected however, and no structures beyond that due to the specialized absorbent material used in the walls �" Tess had expected some magic was involved there.  The trick with the laser field, as Shannon discovered, was that the field had a blind spot.  If they studied the paths of the lasers long enough, they would discover the pattern and find the blind spot.  Once found, they could follow the spot through the field.  Phase three was far simpler and a lot less fatal.  It simply involved entering an even smaller chamber that had a single panel at the exit door where they were to enter a code.  Shannon had already decrypted that particular code (“Are you sure you’re not Nigel posing as a girl?” Rakahn had said in awe at that point), so there were no worries there…but Phase four is where things got tricky. 

   “The thing is,” Shannon had informed them in a somewhat somber tone, “We don’t know what’s in that room.”

   “Then how can y-," Nyrien had begun to interrupt but Tess was quicker.

   “Well, we have a vague idea, but it’s mostly very loose guesswork…”

   “I’m all ears,” Nyrien responded.

Shannon obliged somewhat, faltering in her speech.

   “You see, we think there might be…well…its absurd to even fathom it, I mean how on earth could the people of Darkwater even get their hands on….I mean�"“

   “We think they’ve got a genetically modified ancient mythological creature in that room,” Tess put forward bluntly, “And from what we can tell, you’d be far better off tripping over a laser in phase 2 than going up against whatever this thing is because whatever it is, it’s the worst form of lethal you can imagine.”

   “Well, that’s not good…how on earth are you planning to get past that?” Nyrien inquired anxiously. 

   “I’ll deal with it,” Tess replied flatly.

At this point, Rakahn nearly lost his nerve.

   “What the hell?!” He sprang from his seat with such speed that a slight haze briefly remained where his form had just been.  “There’s no way you’re going in there.  There’s just no way.”

Tess rolled her amethyst eyes, fully aware of the motivation behind Rakahn’s sudden extreme concern.

   “Okay, do you have a better idea, Rakahn? Suppose you’d rather let Shannon do it?”

Rakahn’s expression sobered at the implication behind this statement, and the faintest trace of an embarrassed blush grazed his cheeks. 

   “No…that’s….that’s not what I meant!   I mean, of course I don’t want her to do it either!  I wouldn’t want anyone to go up against that thing, whatever it is…”

   “Well the original plan was to send Rapid, but-“

   “You were going to send your 14 year old brother into that room?!” Nyrien interrupted incredulously. 

   “But,” Tess continued, “My power might prove more useful than his speed.  Besides, after realizing what could possibly be in that room, I decided if anything was to happen, I’d rather it happen to me than my 14 year old little brother.” Tess then gave Nyrien a grim look, and Nyrien shifted her gaze downwards. 

At this point, Baldwin, who had been quietly listening to the conversation from an old, battered armchair in the corner of the room, made input.

   “If I may be so bold as to suggest…,” he gazed solemnly at Tess, who nodded for him to continue, “I think Rapid should go with you, Tessie.  Wouldn’t the two be better than one?”

   “I’ve already considered that alternative.  I still don’t want to risk it.  I’m ashamed of myself for having even suggested he get involved in the first place…” Tess replied.

Nyrien was suddenly very preoccupied with a water stain on the oak centre table.              Baldwin gazed at Tess steadily before glancing at Shannon, who got the message and started to reason with Tess.

   “Tess, maybe-“

But it was Rakahn who took the floor.

   “I think it’s an excellent idea �" no hear me out!” he flinched under Tess’s sudden glare and held up his hands in defense, “I mean, I know that you don’t want Rapid anywhere near this thing, but don’t you see the advantage here?  Pip’s speed could hopefully distract the creature long enough for you to take a strike at it, rather than you going in there by yourself with this thing’s attention entirely on you. I mean, it’s worth a shot isn’t it?”

   “But what if Rapid-,” Tess replied uncertainly.

   “Tess,” Nyrien interrupted, seeking to redeem herself, “Pip has been through a lot of fixes with us.  Trust me; he knows how to handle himself.  Besides, he’s the fastest thing on two legs I’ve ever seen in this Realm.”

   “Yes, but my power should be enough to handle whatever it is in there,” Tess replied.

   “How can you be so sure?” Rakahn pressed.

   “Well, I’m not entirely-,”

   “Exactly. C’mon Tess, you know we’ve got the stronger argument here…”

Tess closed her eyes briefly in contemplation before opening them again, a fierce determination resurfacing.

   “You’re right.  I do not like it at all, but I can see that it can be better than going alone.”

   “Where is Rapid, by the way?” Nyrien inquired.

   “He’ll join us a few miles outside Darkwater…he’s been running the perimeter to scope out defenses.”

   “And Dom?” Rakahn asked.

A line of worry formed between Tess’s immaculately shaped eyebrows at the mention of her other brother, Rapid’s twin.

  “Random has been…a bit ill for the past couple of weeks.  He’s back in Beresak, with Merca.”

   “It’s not serious,” she quickly added, noticing the look of concern on Nyrien’s face.

Before Nyrien could comment, however, a musically shrill sound erupted from the breast pocket of Tess’s tan jacket.  She quickly pulled out the tiny silver phone and, after glimpsing the caller’s number, answered with an urgent tone.

   “Tell me….Yes…..What!...Are you SURE?....Okay…..of course……of course….we’re on our way.”

   Oblivious to the three anxious stares directed at her, Tess spoke in a quick, matter-of-fact business like tone. 

   “They’ve secured the key.  It’s only a matter of hours before they fit it into the Diamond.  We must leave NOW.  Shannon? Bring that gun you were working on earlier…” Tess was already hastily moving about, grabbing last minute necessities while Shannon raced to the backroom, emerging seconds later with a massive weapon that looked capable of firing missiles if the situation called for it.  Nyrien faintly realized what had caused the ‘clang’ earlier.

   In just under two minutes, Tess and Shannon were ready to leave, most of their equipment already safely stored just south of the Darkwater border, where they would be meeting up with Rapid.  As she strapped in the last gun, Tess observed the frightened expressions on her friends faces and attempted a smile, which actually rather resembled a grimace. 

   “There’s no need to even think about this.  If we execute the plan properly, we can secure the Diamond and destroy it before anything disastrous has to happen.  Nyrien and Rakahn, I know it’s hard, but please stay here where it’s safe….Shannon, whatever you do, do not lose that focus of yours…let’s go.”

   Shannon nodded, waved goodbye and walked briskly out the door.

Tess followed, but turned as she stepped outside.

“Oh, and Baldwin?” she called, “We’re gonna need the Xerich…”

© 2012 R.G. Bennet

Author's Note

R.G. Bennet
Tell me what you like/don't like about this chapter.

How is the story going so far, overall? Is it something worthy of being published? Since this is my baby novel, I've always had plans to continue it and eventually give it a shot. But I want to know what others think first...

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Going well.. The plot is getting more and more interesting.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Other than the one instance of language that I didn't see much reason for, I really like this. Again, love your characters. The plot is developing very nicely, too.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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