' Ezekiel, I'm Scared '

' Ezekiel, I'm Scared '

A Story by Scarlett A. Wolf


        It's been a while since it's happened.... since I broke down.


        Why am I here?

        Why am I here?


        I kept repeating over and over and over again in my scared little mind. " I didn't do anything! Why does my dad want to kill me? Why did I have to leave my home? Why am I locked up?" I screamed bloody murder, then lay there rocking back and forth with my head cradled in my hands.


        I was in the local mental institute, my own oh so caring mother had turned me in. After I had finally broken down, after my dad had tried to murder me again.


        I remember how I had longed for the one person who understood my pain, who I dreamed of every night. The person I loved so dearly, even though we were torn from each other three years before.


        I remember thinking of the time when he siad that whenever I was Afraid, all I had to do was say, " Ezekiel, I'm scared." And he'd be there in seconds to wrap his arms around me, and protect me.


        So I decided to test him, to see if he would really be there for me. I leaned up and sat my face in my lap, and repeatedly mumbled louder and louder, " Ezekiel, I'm scared." Just as I was about to give up all hope, warm arms wrapped around me, his comforting cologne filled my senses, and his soft low voice whispered in my ear " It'll be ok... I"m here," before kissing me softly. I remember thinking in astonishment and joy, ' he's here... he's really here.'


        That was it, they put me in his care, and after that there hasn't been many tears, or lonely or fearful moments. And I personally think I've recovered  a lot.


         "The rain is beautiful, but the thunder is nearly scaring me out of my wits. Hey, Ezekiel... I'm scared."

© 2010 Scarlett A. Wolf

Author's Note

Scarlett A. Wolf
This is one of the first short stories I have ever written and I thought it would be cool to be my first upload.

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This was a really good short story. It had a strong catch in the beginning and smoothly transitioned into a warm and endearing ending. The plot idea was a good one!

I did notice one misspell, "when he sid(said) that whenever.."
While very understandible, caution on the overuse of to many commas. :)

Overall Really Good!


Posted 10 Years Ago

I liked this:) Nice for a short story, and welcome since your new!

Posted 10 Years Ago

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Added on September 30, 2010
Last Updated on October 15, 2010
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Scarlett A. Wolf
Scarlett A. Wolf


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