The beggining of something

The beggining of something

A Story by J Scarlett

     “What am I?” I whispers so softly that I was almost positive that I hadn’t said a thing at all and then his eyes glanced up at me from the spot on the floor that he had been contemplating he stood and walked toward me, he seemed taller than before when I had unexplainable let him into my home, a strange and unknown man; I felt like I had know him for centuries. He stopped a few inched from me and twirled the tip of his waist length auburn beard between his right forefinger and index and then after another moment of contemplation this time staring into my watery green eyes he placed his hands on my shoulders, they felt light despite his vast size, and he turned me in one quick and smooth movement to face the mirror

“Take a Look” He said so slowly the words floated in the air for a moment almost visible to the eye and as they vanished from my sight I saw myself reflected in the treated glass, tall and ordinary, blond and blemished; I looked like I always had. I opened my mouth to protest or offer some form of defeat in seeing the purpose of the task but he cut me off, “Really look Opal” he said my name linger on his tongue a second or two longer than the others he had spoken. I looked again and I saw me.

“But what am I?” I gasped in exasperation I examined what stood before me in the mirrors reflection, the mirrors version of me that others could not see, I was tall and blond but I was not as ordinary as I had once believed. My usually straight hair fell in a mass of curled down my back, almost touching the midnight blue carpet of my bedroom floor, my eyes were not green but black, the jet black of a starless night and my skin was pale, my cheek bones an inch higher than they had been and my lips violet tinted, “do they see what I am? Is that why they all forget?” I asked anguished at the sight of me of who I really was. He shook his head and sighed returning to his seat atop my bed

“Yes” he said and though the word were simple and singular it drove a dagger through my heart that forced me to the floor,

“But what am I?” I groaned my head in my hands, I heard him tut and then felt the floor move slightly with the weight of him as he stood and moved over to me, it bowed even further as he knelt beside me, I felt his hand rest on my head,

“My child you are Grigori”



© 2013 J Scarlett

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Oh my, this was turn of events! Conflicted yet surprising! I really enjoyed this :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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J Scarlett
J Scarlett

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A Story by J Scarlett