Souris rue

Souris rue

A Chapter by Nicole

Translation- Street Rat


With a sudden crash we fall to the ground, hard. Tumbling over each other, I grab at the bread, pulling it as close as possible to my chest, trying to protect it. We finally stop with an audible “Oof!” as my knee smacks into their stomach. I squint open one eye, leaving the other one still pinched together. A pair of large green eyes sits less than inches away. I let out a yelp, scurrying backwards, my arms and legs erratically flailing around. The boy lets out a groan, rubbing his head, before taking in a short gasp and grabbing at his stomach. “Way to go, stupid girl…” he mutters, glaring up at me from behind his messed brown hair.

“Me?!” I yell back, “You’re the one who ran me over!” He rolls his eyes sarcastically.

“Doesn’t mean you should have stopped in the middle of running.” My cheeks set fire to my face, and I can feel immediate dislike rising from my toes up.

“Just get off my case and go home, street rat.”

He c***s an eyebrow. “Really looks like you’re one to talk, alley cat.”

With the amount of heat in my face we could have toasted the bread. I try to think of a witty comeback, but just manage to make angry sounds, so I stand up and storm off. I hear him running after me and wait for him to get close enough for me to elbow him in the ribcage.

“Hey you dropped this!” I turn around to see him looking curiously at my key necklace. I grab at my throat, willing the necklace to be there even though I can see it plainly in his hand. I sulk back, ready for more stupidity from him. “Take care of this, Cat.” He drops it into my hand. “The next street rat might not be quite so nice.” I look up and see him smiling at me. He’s still a boy, barely older than me, it looks. I close my hand around the necklace, pressing it into my palm.

“Thanks.” I mutter, suddenly shy. He extends his hand so quick I jump back for a second.

“Chris.” He offers, waiting for me to shake. I hesitate before reaching forward.

“Morgana.” We awkwardly shake hands for a second before breaking. I look down.

“Sorry for tackling you, Kitten.” His forwardness stuns me, but his apology does sound sincere…

“It’s okay.” I mutter still looking down.

“Try not to trip too many people, not all people who know the alleys are nice.” I look up at him, and am surprised to see that he’s right in front of me, so that my nose almost hits his when I look up. He has a smug smile on, and he smells like sea salt and wet earth. “Try to stay out of trouble.” He smirks. Just like that he shrugs off and stalks away, leaving me shaking and clutching at my bread for dear life.

© 2012 Nicole

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Added on August 26, 2012
Last Updated on August 26, 2012



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