To You, Lacey Sturm

To You, Lacey Sturm

A Poem by Nicole

A letter to a lovely lady <3 i'll never stop loving you, even if i must stop buying your CDs...


I first found you upon a Californian shore,

Youtube was blasting, your notes rocking the door.

Just another song the list had chosen to play,

I sat down to listen, not knowing that you would stay;

Stay in my heart and stay in my head.

That I would cry as I’d listen to your words while in bed,

That your lyrics would see me as I would bleed,

Giving me hope and the strength I would need.

I couldn’t yet see the forcoming trials,

But I listened on her bed for “just a little while...”


Three albums we have spent together, and you dried away all my tears,

Kissed my wet cheeks softly, and melodically stroked off my fears.

Your words were more than inspirations; they helped me stay alive,

At times when I thought my only friends were in the darkness and knifes.

You showed me light, you showed me love, you showed me how to feel.

Through your beautiful, lovely notes, you taught me how to heal.


Now your fourth album’s almost out, but you’ve told us it’s your last,

Before my eyes I can’t help but find a flashing of our lovely past.

You’ve changed my depths, all for the better, in ways I can’t understand.

You music moved within my soul quite like the touch of God’s hand.

So thanks for the times you’ve helped me through, for the times I was too weak to fight,

Thanks for the gift of you, Mrs. Sturm; and for that Californian night.

© 2012 Nicole

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Kissed my wet cheeks softly
and melodically sroked off
my fears.
A nice write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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11 Years Ago

thanks so much :) that really means a lot
Sami Khalil

11 Years Ago

You are welcome.
Such a beautiful poem. All the feels towards this

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


11 Years Ago

thanks doll :)

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Added on October 23, 2012
Last Updated on October 23, 2012
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