Clipping Angel Wings

Clipping Angel Wings

A Poem by Nicole

I wish

There was someone

Who could ask me if I was okay,

And really want to know the answer.

I’d still lie, anyway,

But I wish I could tell them the truth.


And if I was telling the truth, I wish I could tell them the truth without being afraid;

Afraid that they would leave, or turn me over, or

Turn me in, and paint me red with the “A” of sin.

Because what I have done is not okay,

But I suppose this is my punishment for being a sub-par person.

I’ve spent so long fallen, they don’t remember I fell.

It’s funny;

In the end,

I created this hell.


I’m sorry, Love.

I want to tell you, and let you in,

But I don’t want to put you into that position.

You don’t deserve that.

Oh angel,

You deserve so much better.

And I’m sorry.

I have caught you by a noose, and kept you by a lie,

But I swear that I’ll be faithful,

Until the day I die.


And I wish that I could take your pain,

And I wish I could win without cheating the game.

And I wish that I could find what it is to be loved,

For it seems that I have grown quite bad at it.


And I wish that I could believe every compliment you give me,

But they’re all lies,

My torments in disguise-

I don’t know this lovely girl that you see,

But I’ll give you a hint-

I wish she WAS me.

I wish that it would all just be still-

The silence inside me, and the cry from the kill.


But most of all,

Of all my wishing-things,

I wish I could hold angels,

Without having to clip their wings.

© 2013 Nicole

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Added on November 6, 2012
Last Updated on June 22, 2013



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