Immortal Rage Chapter 1

Immortal Rage Chapter 1

A Chapter by Christian

Twenty years have pasted since Erika Lorenz saved the city of Shelton from the maniac Constantine. Now, Sanguins and humans live peacefully among one another. Few citizens remember the past heroes


The city of Shelton sits on Oregon’s northwest coast. The crumbling remains of a massive concrete wall outline the city’s edges. The skyline is filled with a few dozen skyscrapers. The tallest has a illuminated blue pyramid at the peak. The beachfront is lined with brightly collared gift shops, hotels, and restaurants. The southern district is the residential area. The sun sets over the water revealing the neons of dance clubs and gentlemen’s bars. Police sirens blare throughout the various neighborhoods. Near the center of the city rests the main police headquarters. A black sedan rolls up front. A man with slicked back blonde hair and a pristine suit steps out of the back passenger side and heads inside the police station. He carries a briefcase in his right hand.

He walks inside. The main lobby has marble walls and pillars. The floor is granite tiles with spotted patterns designed into them. Police walk handcuffed criminals through the lobby and down the hall towards interrogation rooms. Three attendants are protected by plexiglass cubicles. People in the lobby scream and shout at them. The man inspects the room for a place to sit down. The blue plastic chairs are filled. A homeless man is passed out on the only bench in the lobby. The man sighs and rests his back against the wall. A man yelling at the attendant in front of him slams his fist into the plexiglass and storms out. She covers her face with her hands and rubs her temples. The man waits for someone else to walk up to her, but no one does. He seizes his opportunity and strides towards her. She slides her hands to the side of her face just as he steps in front of her.

“Hi, welcome to the Shelton Police Department. How can I help you?” She struggles to keep a professional image while speaking.

“I need to speak with Detective Rebecca Draig. I have…” He begins.

“Sir, I understand your concern, but she is busy at this moment and not taking visitors.”

“She is being summoned by the President of the United States. I think she has time.” His voice fills with agitation.

“Sir, I understand your frustration and I can leave a message for her, but she is currently working a case and asked not to be disturbed.”

“Even if it has to do Immortal?” He whispers through the plexiglass leaving fog. The woman behind the desk holds up her finger to signal for him to wait a moment. She quickly steps behind a wall.

“What the f**k did I tell you people?!” A woman’s voice screams over the commotion in the lobby. Silence follows as heads turn towards the shouting. The clerk’s whispering voice is inaudible in response. Thundering footsteps follow. They approach the lobby. The man looks around at the other patrons. Each of them showing visible signs of fear. He turns his attention back to the glass in front of him. The detective stares him down.

She stands barely five feet tall. Her thin androgynous frame hides under a black suit and white blouse. She brushes her shoulder length black hair out of her face revealing her eyes. They are brown with dark forest green rings surrounding the irises. She really does exist. The man stares at her stunned.

“What do you want? I’ve told them a thousand times to stop sending you asshats here. So tell me...what is it that you want?” She barrates him.

“Y-You’ve been summoned by the…” He begins.

“I’m going to stop you there. See, I don’t give two f***s about what the federal government wants with my kind or me. Sanguins are not fighting in the military just so humans can be protected by bullshit laws...I’m not answering a damn question from him, Congress, or you.”

“Miss..Lor...Draig…” Her face brightens a furious red as he speaks. “Please just hear me out. We have documents and other...items you need to see.”

“No.” She turns her back to him and begins walking away.

“It’s important!” He shouts at her. A tall stocky built man with blond hair and brown eyes reveals himself from behind the wall. He’s dressed in a light blue dress shirt and brown slacks.

“She said no. Now, get out of here before we have you locked up.” The blond haired man orders.

“It’s about Constantine’s’s started up again!” The man in the lobby begs. Rebecca stops moving. Her body freezes as she stares in front of her. The blond haired man recognizes the terror in her blank expression. He motions for the man to come behind the glass. He’s guided into an office. The walls are covered in pictures of various Sanguins with varying colors of glowing eyes. Three of the pictures have red marks across them. There are two small desks in the room with computers on top of them. Another two chairs sit in the center. Halogen lights outline the top of the room. The man sits in the right side chair in the center of the room. The blond haired man enters with a cup of water in his hand.

“Sorry about all of that. We’ve known about local attempts to resurrect Constantine’s work for awhile now. We weren’t aware that it had gone national, though. It puts everything we’ve worked on the last ten years to s**t. My name is Detective Zander Quinn. She’ll...need a moment.” He hands the man the glass of water.

“I wish I came here to tell you that it was just a national problem. It seems this could be larger than we can begin to imagine, Detective Quinn.”

“What do you mean?” Zander asks. He makes his way to the desk opposite the unknown man and sits.

“It’s important that she hears this.”

“Agreed, but I’m her partner. Anything you have to say to her, you can say to me.”

“Tell me, are you aware of just who your partner really is?”

“Well, it’d make our job difficult if I didn’t. I mean we’ve spent the last decade working together. Who do you think she is?”

“I don’t think anything. I know. She’s Erika Lorenz. The Hero of Shelton who died during the Constantine Conflicts. These...Sanguins worship her like some kind of…”

“Deity? Didn’t realize you were the religious type.” Rebecca snarks while entering the room. She shuts the door behind her.

“It’s not what I believe, but what do you think those people out there would do if they knew you had lied to them all this time?”

“Well first I would have to be lying to them. My name is Rebecca Draig. Not Erika Lorenz. She died a long time ago. Now, what is it you have to tell me?”

“Right. Well, we garnered intel that someone is traveling the world spreading the Sanguin virus.”

“ you found out that after thirty years of keeping us confined behind giant walls, once released to do as we wish our virus spreads....never saw that coming.”

“Bec…” Zander casts her a concerned glance.

“No, Z. If he’s going to come in here talking about how he has information on Constantine...I want it. Not some half-assed explanation of how people chose to become Sanguins when the government allowed it.”

“You didn’t let me finish. Someone is singling out specific people, who didn’t ask to become Sanguins. There are fifty new cases revolving around a single surname this year. Last year was the same.”

“What are you saying?” Zander asks confused.

“Someone is trying to find an Immortal with the last name Bathory. All fifty of the Bathory cases have resulted in the victim being killed. The FBI and Interpol have been working it for months and concluded that it might have something to do with finding another Immortal. The last one didn’t pan out the way Constantine had hoped. So what would happen if he or someone else in his inner circle were able to convince another Immortal to follow Constantine’s path. It could result in the eradication of humanity.”

“First of all, Constantine is dead…” Rebecca begins.

“How can you be so sure? His body was never recovered from the conflict. He easily could have survived somehow.” The unknown man interrupts her.

“Do you know why I carry daggers instead of a pistol like the rest of the local police force?” Rebecca asks holding her anger under her breath.


“It’s because after everything I have seen. After everything this city has gone through. The only sure way to kill oa Sanguin and make sure they are dead is to behead them. It-It happened to The First Immortal, William Draig. And it’s how I killed Constantine all those years back. The reason his body was never recovered was because I burned that motherf…”

“Erika, calm down!” Zander stops her.

“So, it is you after all.” The unknown man states with a coy smirk.

“The person Erika was, is not who I am anymore. I changed my name. Became a police officer. Had my daughter. I’m not that person anymore. I let her die the night Constantine was defeated.”

“Well, the President believes he or someone who knew him is back. We’ve been trying to locate every person in the world with the last name Bathory, but the search has been difficult. The Sanguin communities refuse to work with authorities which provides safe havens for these individuals and…”

“Sanguins have never been treated fairly by any authorities. I understand that you aren’t from around here, but I remember the days of medals being given for killing our kind. Families being torn apart while children had to watch one of their parents be shot down. Festivals and parties being thrown for the idea that we had been eradicated. You think after all of that, we’d comply with any authority? Hell, you haven’t even told me your name. How can I trust that you are even really with the President?” Erika rants.

“I apologise. My name is Travis Fitzgerald. I work as a White House aid. The President sent me here to ask if you would help us convince these Sanguin communities to help us track this suspect down.”

Erika rubs the bridge of her nose with her forefinger and thumb. An exhausted sigh escapes her lips. Her eyes close with frustration. I’m tired of dealing with these people every year. They always give just enough information to seem appealing, but then backstab me with the details. She opens her eyes and glares into his. “No.”

“But I…” Travis begins. He’s cut off by the thundering sound of people screaming and running in the lobby. Erika and Zander glance at one another briefly. Zander pulls open a drawer on his desk and pulls out his pistol. Erika rushes to her desk and swings open the drawer. She pulls out two daggers sheathed in leather. The leather handles with flying owls engraved in gold across the bronze crossguard and golden pummel with rubies capping the ends are the only parts visible to Travis.

“Stay here.” Erika demands as she races out with Zander at her back. They rush to the lobby to find five stout men and three women holding everyone at gunpoint. Erika ducks behind a desk before the attackers can see her. She motions for Zander to stay behind the wall. He flips the safety off his pistol and nods. She sneaks her way to the swinging door into the main lobby area. She pauses before entering.

“We’re here for the B***h of Shelton. Constantine wants his prize back.” One of the men shout. Erika’s eyes burn a dark forest green. The wall next to her is illuminated by her anger.

“Maybe she needs some motivation, Jake.” Another male voice responds.

“Oh please let me do it. I want to. I want to.” A female voice answers.

“Fine. Do it.” Jake orders. A gunshot fills the room. Screams and crying follow. ERika glances back at Zander. He shakes his head to beg her not to leave. She drops the daggers on the ground next to the wall. If I do this I risk breaking everything apart. Everything we worked so hard for. If I don’t more people may die. Is my secret worth their lives? Erika glances back to Zander. His eyes are wide with fear. He rushes behind the wall to not be seen. Great. They’re Sanguins. Footsteps approach from the entrance. Wait...they’re all near the center of the room. Who’s this?

“Who gave you permission to feed here?” A deep male voice bellows.

“Sorry, sir. I just thought that since…” Jake begins. His voice gargles into silence.

“Now then. Where is she?”

“We’re trying to lure her out, sir.” A female voice responds.

“Good. Erika, if you truly value human lives, show yourself. We will kill and feed from every last one of these...cattle.”

“Becca.” Zander whispers while sliding his pistol across the floor. Erika outstretches her arms for it. Her fingertips touch the cold steel. Her other hand rests firmly on the daggers. A strange hand wraps into her hair and yanks her out of hiding. The pistol still on the floor. Her eyes squeeze shut in pain as a cry escapes her.

“Who are you?” The bellowing voice asks. Calm yourself down. Just relax. Maybe you can fool him into thinking you’re just another officer. Erika opens her eyes and reveals the soft lime green rings in her eyes. The man stands over a foot taller than Erika. He has short dark blond hair and a thin face compared to his stocky frame. His blue eyes are encircled by blood red rings. An Immortal. That a*****e was telling the truth.  He’s dressed in a black tee that clings to his torso and dark blue fitted jeans. A metal collar encases his neck. F**k. He knows his weakness. How am I going to get out of this? There has to be a way.

“My name is Rebecca Draig. Let me go, a*****e.” Erika flails to free herself while clenching her daggers in her left hand. He glances down at the daggers and recognizes the decorations on them. Erika feels a fist connect with her stomach. Her eyes flair out in forest green as she yells out in pain.

“Ah, so it’s true that you can change the intensity in your rings. A very rare trait for any Sanguin. In fact, there’s only one known among us with that ability.”

“No. It’s not like that. I’m not…” Another punch lands into her stomach. Kill him. Kill them all. No. I fought too damn hard to let this city tear itself apart again. If I can just convince him that he’s wrong. Maybe, I can get out of this. Another punch lands into her left hip. Instinct takes over Erika’s movements. A quick flick of her wrist unsheathes one of the daggers revealing the swirled pattern of Damascus steel on the blade. She swipes wildly at his neck. His hand grabs hers before she can reach her mark. Erika’s eyes widen with shock.

“Citizens of Shelton. Here is your hero. Erika Lorenz.” He announces while forcing Erika to stab the blade into her own stomach. The cold steel burns as it cuts through her flesh. She screams out in pain. Pretend to be dead. It’s the only way. No. This has gone on long enough. Erika’s rings turn black. Her cries of pain turn into laughter. The Immortal stares in confusion.

“Did you really think that would kill The Made Immortal? I’m not like the others who…” Erika growls at him. The blade slides out of her stomach and across her throat in an instant. Blood splatters against the walls as the crowd screams out in panic. Erika’s body falls limp. He drops her to the ground. A pool of blood forms under her.

Zander rushes back into the office with Travis. He locks the door before sprinting to his phone. Gunshots and screams echo into the room.

“What’s happening out there?” Travis begs.

“A f*****g bloodbath.” Zander answers while dialing as quickly as his fingers will let him.

“Where’s Erika?”


“What? She can’t die? She’s…”

“Look, not all stories are true. I just watched an Immortal slice her throat and she didn’t heal. She’s dead.” Zander shouts at Travis. Zander turns his attention to the phone as a female voice answers. “Hello? Yes, Phoenix...Erika is dead. We need to protect her. There’s an Immortal in Shelton again. Yes. Whatever you think is best. I’m sorry. I know. Thank you. You too.” He hangs up the phone. The door bursts inwards and slams into Travis’ head causing him to fall into the desk. He dies instantly from the blunt trauma. Zander reaches into the drawer in his desk and pulls out another pistol. The Immortal stares at him from the doorway. Zander fires three rounds. All three hit the Immortal in the chest. He smiles at Zander. The Immortal sprints in behind Zander before he can react and breaks his neck. Zander’s dead body crumbles into the ground.  

© 2019 Christian

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very interesting to read! I was quickly captivated by the world you have built, you did an excellent job at describing the appearance of each character and their personalities. The sense of urgency developed in the beginning, make everything seem so important and therefore makes the reader curious to find out exactly what is going on.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you for the review! I'll be posting more soon. Trying to keep a schedule with the whole book u.. read more

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An amazing and very interesting work. I really enjoyed it.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you. There's more to come. Hopefully should have the third chapter done this week.
Very well written. I liked the set-up of the story. The story line, interesting and the characters. Strong and worthwhile. I look forward to reading more. Thank you Christian for sharing the excellent opening chapter.

Posted 1 Year Ago


1 Year Ago

Thank you.
Coyote Poetry

1 Year Ago

You are welcome.
I was pulled into the story immediately. You have a great skill at detailing the scenery and events in a captivating way. I had no problem fully imagining the situation, will be pursuing your tale :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you for the review.
very interesting to read! I was quickly captivated by the world you have built, you did an excellent job at describing the appearance of each character and their personalities. The sense of urgency developed in the beginning, make everything seem so important and therefore makes the reader curious to find out exactly what is going on.

Posted 1 Year Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


1 Year Ago

Thank you for the review! I'll be posting more soon. Trying to keep a schedule with the whole book u.. read more

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