Chapter 3 - Me inside - my own factotum

Chapter 3 - Me inside - my own factotum

A Chapter by Sean C Stucki

Chapter 3 - Me inside - my own factotum

Mother yelled from the living room: “Glenn honey! Your ride is here. I think it’s Sherral.”
I put on clothes I never wear to give a good impression, an impression to my case manager. I opened her car door.
“Hello you. Are you Glenn H. Jacobs?”
“yes.” I fell into the seat and sat perfectly still. Meeting new people was very difficult for me and I had a pounding headache from waking before noon.
“I apologize. Did I wake you?”

"From the oblivion of nothingness, yes mam."

"Hmm... my boss was right. You are creative."

We drove up to the same rehab building mother and I had been to a week prior.

"Have you ever filled out an application before Mr. Jacobs?"

"My friend Mark showed me. The day he went to apply at Max Vitamins off Kelley street but I accidentally bent his application
paper. He drove back to Cole's house to iron it on a suitcase."

"That doesn't sound like too good of an idea."

"Yeah, he didn't get the job."

We walked into the building but it was a different area from last time I came in. This part was a room filled with computers. I had a feeling that she would treat me just like my high school teachers, a slowed slurred idiot.
From Sherral I got an ear full of:
      No the comma doesn't go there, you can't place you're father as a reference, betting and drinking is not an extra curricular activity.

For about 3 weeks we drove back and forth. Putting in applications for the writing store, walgreens, ross, everything in a 10 mile radius.
One afternoon we finally got a lead. An interview with Susches's car wash.

"Oh Glenn! Aren't you just brimming with joy?!"
Sherral was happy.
Yes, I was very much filled with joy.
As she pulled into their driveway I thought on using Sherral as a jackhammer while naked on a porno set which I would also be naked for filming. I had no limits at 18 being that I had just discovered scum punk and the violent ways of GG Allen. Even though she was in her mid 50's i'd imagen slamming my penis in her mouth.
She parked the car, we both exited the vehicle and at once 3 men came walking out of the front office.
A mexican guy named Martin, George the owner, a large black man with circular black sunglasses & Eric a large white man with little beady eyes & a viking demeanor. I felt like a dwarf.

"Glenn, introduce yourself." Sherral said as she padded me on the shoulder.
 "It's alright mam." Eric said. "Names Eric. What's your name young man?"
 "Well, she just said my name."
 "Right." Martin replied.
George had a smooth but semi-gruff voice. Like water rolling over sandpaper. He said:
 "Did you bring a pen with you son?"
Sherral & I both searched. I patted my pockets while she searched her bottomless purse. Eric pulled out a pen with a white silver covering. He whispered in my ear: "Always keep one on you, makes you look professional."
 "Sorry about that Mr. Eric." I replied.
 "Call me Eric."
All 5 of us walked into the office in the back.

© 2017 Sean C Stucki

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Sean C Stucki

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Added on December 30, 2017
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Sean C Stucki
Sean C Stucki

Tucson, AZ

Just a poet writing out some short stories more..

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A Chapter by Sean C Stucki