Chapter 5 - Me inside / my own factotum

Chapter 5 - Me inside / my own factotum

A Chapter by Sean C Stucki

Chapter 5 - Me inside / my own factotum

Pops was yelling from the kitchen.
 "Hey bud! You ready to sign that contract?"
It was 6 o'clock and we we're ready for my dance with destiny. This gift was given to me during the film me and my brother Cody bought at the record store entitled: "Beyond the mat, a film by Barry Blaustein" and found Roland Alexander, the fat man from the film whom owned his own wrestling training camp for up and coming independent professional wrestlers was a 25 minute drive across town.
Evan, a close friend since middle school came with us. He came walking up the street with a ninja turtle shirt, a headband with basketball shorts and fly basketball shoes.
 "That f****r Roland was telling that kid to get in shape and bulk up when he had an orange soda sitting in camera view on the table." Yelled Evan.
 "Yeah." I replied. "Probably not going to learn anything.
All 4 of us crammed into the car while mother stayed home and binged on life-time. The light of the disappearing sun was a beautiful pomegranate with light orange grey clouds surrounding. Broken but neat.
 "Remember that time I picked you up from boy scouts bible camp, how we talked of the zodiac killer?" My father asked.
 "Ya, we talked about that guy at the scouts meeting."
 "He never got caught Richard." Evan said.
 "Yea, but did your older brother get caught with a fine bottle of wine stuck up his a*s?" Cody asked Evan.
We all chuckled.
I'm sure Evan was telling my brother to shut up in his mind. The idea was too farfetched. His older brother was a deep alcoholic though. The man gave me good memories and I gave him my old slayer shirt in return. Evan's brother & I we're on good terms.
 "S**T!" Father yelled as we we're about to crash into a yellow hummer.
 "You drive like how old people F**K! Stick shoved up..."
Father was shaking.
As we turned past them Cody rolled down the window:
 "CODY!" Father yelled as we all flew into a laughter uproar.
 "Anyways... Glenn. You're writing that book with your stinky friend Wayne right? How's that going?" Father asked.
 "It's the next great American novel." Evan chimed in.
 "Yea. Wonderland H. I'm pretty much doing all the writing. Wayne just sits there in his jester face pajamas eating fritos and tells me awful things. The most horrid scenes to write that would be banned in rated R horror flicks."
 "He's a sluggard." Cody said as we pulled up to a small parking lot in the industrial zone of Hayward.
 "Looks like this is the place. APW right there on that door." Father said as he put the card in park.
All pro wrestling.

© 2018 Sean C Stucki

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Sean C Stucki

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Added on January 1, 2018
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Sean C Stucki
Sean C Stucki

Tucson, AZ

Just a poet writing out some short stories more..

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A Chapter by Sean C Stucki