Chapter 10

Chapter 10

A Chapter by Sean C Stucki

Chapter 10 - Me inside / my own factotum


 "You're going to sign up for those classes once you get home from work."
I almost turned around and slapped  my mother for making that statement.
 "Uhm. Ok. I guess."
I couldn't extenuate this any further. She's been hounding me since the high school graduation ceremony. I've already told everyone several times that I am a painter and I don't need some failed f**k in some classroom telling me the differences of linear prospective & double vanishing points. And also, why those damn fruit bowls are sitting on tables in old works. I'd like to think Edvard Munch told his scholar teachers to jump off angel falls without backpacks & survival kits.
By my mother's standard I have to wear the sleekest of garments & fabrics, bespoke men's attire with all the money I don't have. She expects for me and my younger brother to carry on some ill tradition thinking out last name carries like royalty. I have never cared for money nor possessions in my lifetime. As long as I can live inside my own head and sway power over a girlfriend and dip brushes in colors to stab at canvas boards then that's fine. All I need is food to eat & will gladly sleep at the gas station.
The governor could waltz up to me and ask for the key of life and my response would baffle the trust fund masses:
 "You're blocking my sunlight." Sunlight is the key.
The wretched tomb, the unwritten letter, the freezing temperature to embrace for the sake of being in pain.
The pain of swirling injustice. This is something I have experiences many of times and did so at the beginning of work. 2 weeks into the job I realized by some fault that I wasn't to get paid. George described it in all employee signed volunteer books at the beginning of the job. I thought this was horseshit and illegal but my parents provided everything so I didn't fight my boss.
I came walking up with a purpose and my arms swinging but George put a stop to that. He immediately told me next time I wear a studded belt to work he would send me home for the day without pay. I didn't care. I sweated & broke my back all over again. I pulled my watch out of my front pocket. 5:30. It's the 14th and time to begin heading home after clocking out. As I was punching my work number in that wet box next to the wash entrance I got an incoming call. It was Kole.
 "Hey b***h! Chocko says to get your a*s over here. We got a present for you."
The guy I knew since the 4th grade. I knew the present was them jumping me but I went along with it anyways.
 "Alright." I said with a sign. "But I have to go home first and change."
Kole went to text me that Chris wouldn't be in attendance though I wouldn't care if he was or not. I walked 40 minutes and arrived home with sharp pains shooting up my back. Backyard wrestling for 7 years. 7 grueling years. I'm only 18, my body shouldn't be breaking down this quickly. I believe I tweeked my back at the age of 13 when getting closelined when fighting for a title on dirt back or when giving one of my friends the mitchnoku driver off my parents roof while falling into 30 boxes.
Mother had some choice words for me when walking threw the door.
 "I just don't understand you sometimes."
 "What's not to understand?"
 "You still haven't signed up for COLLEGE! You never listen to your mother!"
 "You yelled about me not having a job for 8 months."
5 days a week she would get on my a*s after purchasing items the family didn't need or food that no one wanted to eat and chewed me out for not looking for work diligently.
 "Glenn! Get your f****n' a*s in that room & pay for those classes!"
 "alright." I said calmly then slammed the door. Cody jutted around. The bernie mac show played on his small t.v. while bugs we're flying around the window screen & my sketches and drawings sat in a stacked pile next to the computer.
 "Why is mom yelling?"
 "She wants me to sign up for college classes."
 "Are you gonna do it this time?"
I was fumbling through messages online when my brother told me what I wanted to hear.
 "You got a package in the mail."
I jumped out of that broken rolling chair and ran to the front room. There it was, the package I had been waiting for. I opened the box with a kitchen knife once I got it into my brothers room. I ordered this treasure over a week ago! F**k Kole's rotten house & his s****y friends. The tassels we're cut loose as Cody gazed. It was here. The glow in the dark ouija board.

© 2018 Sean C Stucki

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Sean C Stucki

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Sean C Stucki
Sean C Stucki

Tucson, AZ

Just a poet writing out some short stories more..

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A Chapter by Sean C Stucki