The Children and The Killers

The Children and The Killers

A Story by SecretAgentBriBri

Ever wanted to go explore & abandoned school building? Well these bunch of kids did and guess what happened to them. They were hunted down by a group of killers, who take pleasure in blood & suffering

Cody stopped dead in his tracks as screams filled the corridors of the abandoned school building. Cody looked to Shirley and then to Drake. They both looked back at him, Shirley suddenly spoke "That sounded like Sarah" she said in a shaky, uneasy voice. "We need to keep going" Drake said, you could hear the fear in his voice. Cody shook his head "We're not leaving without the others, even if their dead we'll take them with. Friends dont leave friends behind." He began walking in the direction of where they heard the scream come from. Drake clenched his fists and followed, Shirley pushed her glasses back up and nodded, following closely behind Drake. Cody stop by a corner, leaning against the wall and looked to Drake and Shirley "Keep quiet and stay there" He said as he went to peep round the corner. His face went pale, it felt like everyone hair on his body was standing up, he wanted to scream or shout but felt as if he couldnt breath. The killer was staring right back at him, a large grin on his face. He was standing next to Sarah's dead corpse it had been cut open, all her organs out on the floor and her blood used to paint a picture on the wall it was. He didnt have time to see the picture instead he made a break for it "Run!" Cody shouted as Drake and Shirley ran ahead of him. The killer licked his bloody knife and laughed, the laugh sounded as though he was insane. He ankle tapped Cody, his face slamming down hard onto the floor. Cody's nose bled and he rolled over, the killer raised his knife over his head, a hunters knife about to come down on him. Cody closed his eyes when he heard a sudden grunt and opened them again, Drake had kicked the killer off of Cody. Drake reached into his pocket and pulled out a flick knife. Drake smirked, a nervous smirked and flicked his knife out. "Drake dont do this, run, co-" Shirley pleaded but was cut off by something, a hand had gone around her mouth, knife to her throat. "Shirley!" Cody shouted. Drake turned and saw another one holding Shirley. Drake ran for the killer holding Shirley, rage boiling inside of him "Dont touch my sister!" The killer released his sister and rushed at Drake. Drake lunged forward, so did the killer. Drake dropped to his knees and fell on his stomach surrounded by a pool of blood and unable to speak. The killer slashed his throat open, Drakes knife was in the killers right shoulder. The killer walked over to Drake and begun to jump on his skull, crushing it and stabbing his body. "Noooo!" Shirley screamed, with tearful eyes she ran to her dead brother. Another killer appeared tackling Shirley to the ground, it grabbed her by the hair and began bashing her face into the ground, her glasses cutting her face as well. Eventually she was dead but the killer kept pounding her face into the ground. Cody stood there frozen, three killers around him and his two friends dead. The one lunged at him and he felt something cold pierce his chest, a knife stabbed through his back and came out his chest.
With a sudden kick Cody awoke, was it a nightmare? He thought to himself, he checked his chest and saw the spot where he was stabbed. His chest area had been sewed back to together from where he was stabbed. The room was dark, but a smell that smelt like death was in the room and he couldnt stand it. Was there a dead animal in the room. He looked around and felt the wall until he found the light switch he flicked it. Cody threw up at the sight of it. He saw heads, human heads that had been removed from the body on shelves. Bloody weapons all over the room, dismembered body parts in different places, he saw Sarah, Drake and Shirleys bodies, he saw the twins he knew Anna and Emma's body hung by a noose on the ceiling. They had been hung. He looked at the bed in the far corner, someone was in it. Was it Kayla? The door suddenly began to open with a long creek, what was going to happen to him. A large grin could be seen as Cody passed out once again. It wasnt a dream it was real.

© 2015 SecretAgentBriBri

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Author's Note

Decided to post something, had like 40 minutes before school started so I typed something up :) Hope you enjoy some dark, evil stuff.

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Added on April 23, 2015
Last Updated on April 23, 2015
Tags: Twisted, Dark, Abandoned, School, Killers



Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa

I am a young lad in Africa who likes to write Short Stories and create a story about a picture. I enjoy Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Mystery better than other genres. I do also like Dark, Twisted, Horror types.. more..