Book of Life

Book of Life

A Poem by SeemsPoetic

"What if we're like stars, We only shine bright when alive, Just a small light in a vast world that one day goes out, What if the weight of the world's what living life's all about"

What if dying isn't death

If when we leave this world…

The weight of it is simply off our chest

When we take that final breath

We live the most memorable of moments all over again

But this time…

We’re at our best

What if only the best of memories replay

All the sadness,

The shame,

The madness,

The blame and the anguish…

What if they’re cast away

What if it's like waking up to not just another day

If only the happiness is the feeling that stays

What if…

Death is truly the end of all pain

If love is all we retain

What if…

The night sky…

And all the stars from above

Is all that remains


I’m wondering about those stars

They too someday die


What if we’re like stars…

We only shine bright when alive

Just a small light in a vast world that one day burns out…

What if the weight of the world’s what living life’s all about

All the people,

The places,

The sorrow and joyous filled faces…

Each of our books of life and their;

Some better,

Some worse but…

Still lively filled pages…

Are what leaves those we leave behind with heartbreak and…

Sorrow filled grievance…

What if our memory is truly all that's left when we pass into the unknown

An empty bed in a place we once called our home

A place where in our old age we had grown…

What if our lasting legacy is only the moments in which we shared an experience


The wisdom,

The kindness,

And the hard work filled progress…

Is all we leave behind

If we only leave what we project into those empty filled spaces

In our loved ones' hearts and loved ones' minds…

I wonder what I'll see when I'm staring up at the ceiling or sky…

Somewhere down the line…

life hanging by a thread

Watching the story of my life as it flashes by...

Will there be regrets,

Goals never met,

Things never said,

Thoughts trapped in my head…


Will I be able to say

I did all that I could

Willing to die without needing to lie…

T o m y s e l f

What if…

The money we made

The status we gained

The list of the people we blame

For the shame on our name…

If none of that ever really matters when our…

Book of life comes to an end…

What if

It was only ever about the mark on everyone's hearts we ingrained

If like stars we burn out but…

Just burn out much faster

The difference for us is…

No tomorrow can be guaranteed


This life…

Was the only book you could write

If tomorrow was your final chapter…

Can you say your book of life was the best it could be

Like only the greatest of books

When they end...

They leave the world with sadness and grief


Wonderment and pure disbelief

If your life was the best it could be

Can you close your eyes

Fall into that endless sleep

Feel your heart's final beat

Come to a close as you cease to breath

And go satisfied…

K n o w i n g   y o u r   b o o k   o f   l i f e ' s   w o r t h   t h e   r e a d

© 2019 SeemsPoetic

Author's Note

Book of Life is a personal favorite of mine. It is one of the poems I am most proud of.
It was straight from my heart and mind. It came out of my realization of "what if" this really is our only life; It then made me realize how many people are wasting away. I tried to make Book of Life as inspirational and thought provoking as possible so that maybe it can save a few lives from fading.... help as many of us thrive as I possibly can.... rather than just living to die.

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This is quite good, having a lovely introspective feel to it. I'm especially impressed that you're only 17: at your age I spent most of my time thinking about girls. I wasn't completely shallow though; reading Camus and Sartre, I became an agnostic and thought, like your poem, we only get one life, though I saw absurdity where you see beauty. At 24 I almost drowned and had what is now called a near-death experience. It showed me the soul is real and each of us exists endlessly-- before this life or after I cannot say where, but it's something I've been trying to understand for 45 years.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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5 Years Ago

Glad you are still with us Nolo Segundo, and I appreciate the review! I had no intentions of bashing.. read more
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This is a poem with depth and meaning, relevant to all of us human beings.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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I've never thought about life like that. And that was a killer ending. Great job :)


Posted 3 Years Ago

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thanks for this amazing brilliant entry into my competition, good luck i love it
thanks so much its truly brilliant!

Posted 3 Years Ago

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A marvellous poem with such heartfelt sentiments, meaning and values. Bravo.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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I really liked reading this beautifully written poem. It truly made me contemplate a lot in my life that has been gnawing at me for the night's that make me stay up at night. You dive my questions deeper as some have been answered but more have risen. It's a masterpiece that you should feel proud of. I appreciate that you recommend me reading this. It was a good read and I read it over to try and see if it's in a different point of view. It seems like there was no right answer when reading this creation. I"m amazed that you have written this with such passion and usually I don't find favorites in writings because choosing a favorite to me means that I disregard all other possible things that are in the world. It makes me feel that there is something in this world that needs to beat it and I don't want to put any pieces in the spotlight and find something to beat it. Though this is a close creation that you have made that hits home to me. So I hope you create more content like this because it's truly a wonderful thing for you to have your pieces out in the world for everyone else to see. Sorry for my ramblings. I usually don't stay on topic.

Posted 3 Years Ago

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Wow! That is really amazing! You wrote that just beautifully! This is one of the best that I have read on here! Nice job!

Posted 4 Years Ago

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If someone offered me the book of my life I would probably burn it and distance myself from whomever gave it to me but I do understand what you're saying and I enjoyed reading this. Personally I think the idea of "life flashing before our eyes" and death reincarnation or even time-travel would be completely maddening if I had to experience it.
Very expressive, well-done.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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Quite an intriguing write here, very nicely written and thought provoking. Quite a wonderful read

Posted 4 Years Ago

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👏🏾 Nice job. Very well written

Posted 4 Years Ago

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