The History Class.

The History Class.

A Poem by Bryan Sefton

Observing the primitives.

They sit in classes centuries hence.
And try to comprehend the good
Of everyone who lived back then
Which is the now, perhaps we should
Also sit and view ourselves
And ascertain just how we stood

They see a people compromised
A world map showing little bits
Borders marked on land and skies
And little people making threats
At anyone who's passing by
'Come on in, see what you get! '

They roar with laughter as they read
Or laugh at old newsreels that show
Our leaders saying 'let's sit and talk
And, doing so, all come to blows
(They think Neanderthal man advanced
We of the now retarded, slow)

For now the only country's Earth
With towns called Britain, Russia, France
America, China, India, all
Cared for by a world wide health
The whole world working to an end
And sharing in a common wealth

They read of wars where millions fought
They read of countless numbers slain
They read of how, while millions starved
Money was pouring down the drain
In search of greater killing power
Contemptuously, they laugh again!

© 2022 Bryan Sefton

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Good morning Bryan. Read this poem for the second time but did not respond yesterday. Yes, we will be history and how will we be judged.? It would be nice to think that in the future there would be a more even distribution of the wealth and no need for vast fortunes to be spent on defense. That really would make earth a better place. We will not be judged kindly for sure. Really enjoyed your poem. Have a nice day.


Posted 3 Months Ago

Bryan Sefton

3 Months Ago

When you think that all the money spent on defence around the world, would solve the world's problem.. read more
Chris Shaw

3 Months Ago

A huge waste isn't it when you think of the problems the world has. If only that money could be spen.. read more

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Added on September 5, 2022
Last Updated on September 5, 2022


Bryan Sefton
Bryan Sefton

Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom