The Piano

The Piano

A Story by Rivaxorus

Can you become friends with a ghost?

Humans were such feeble creatures, in more then one angle. Things such as nature, obsessions, regrets, and loves come into the picture. When in reality, you are born to die, die to live, even now we all know we will one day die, but we still try to grasp that one feeling that we will be here forever. So that's why, I spent my entire time, hating the human race, shutting myself out from the world. No one ever talked to me, no one ever even tried to be kind to me, as if I was some kind of monster. I was the top of my class, top of the music club as well, the best piano player and singer. Not that I cared about such things, but I felt as if, all I could do was play and sing to my hearts content. Even if I did hate humans, I myself was one had had those obsessions and regrets. Though mine, might have been stranger then most, I knew I was just one of billions, one little speck and no one would mind if I vanished for a single night. Not even my selfish family, who refused to look into the past. So something, so feverish, simple, and yet peace came to mind when I did it. 

I brushed my fingers over the top of the instrument, alone, in the music room in the dead of the night. Where I spent most of my time in high school, my parents never questioned where I had been, not that they cared anyway. The seat was made of a clear black leather, I sat in it, opening the case over the piano. I gently pressed on the end key making a high pitched noise, it felt so delicate after all. Sitting up straight I took in a deep breath, and began playing. Moving my fingers swiftly along the board of keys, in a soft sweet sound that could counter the moons beauty shining in the music room. I didn't wonder if I would be punished for being caught here, no one bothered me anyway. I felt as ease swaying my fingers over the keys.

"Fate has dealt you it's hand
In a world you can barely stand
Stuck in the midst of heaven and hell

The rain has stopped falling
The sun has stopped shining
And in the end
We all become the same."

I could admit, a lot of students loved to listen to my voice, not that it bothered me, I actually quiet enjoyed the attention. Those who listened, not that they understood, but they loved the sound against their ears, as if there was nothing better in the world. I stopped playing the piano for a moment and brushed my long brown hair back. Closing the case, I sighed and looked up at the bright moon, I never smiled, not even once, so maybe that was what scared people.

"You've got some voice there Miss." I turned around and looked up at a male student. He had light blond hair and deep sea green eyes. Hands in his pockets he was still dressed in the school uniform. A smile spread across his face, he sat next to me. "What's someone like you doing here so late." I didn't speak, just watched and listened. I spread my fingers across the top of the case, setting my ear to it for a moment. Until the man did the same and looked straight at my bright green eyes. "Do you speak, or are you death?" I sat up and crossed my arms.

"It's deaf not death, and why should I give an answer to someone like you anyway just barging in and sitting next to me like that." He seemed surprised that I answered for a moment, I didn't like it. "What, why are you looking at me like that?" I asked raising an eyebrow to him. He smiled for a moment pulling his head off of the case.

"No, just surprised you answered me, most people ignore me when I do this kind of stuff no matter how many questions I ask them or how much I say." He looked down at the piano rubbing his fingers over it. "I used to play piano, but, I don't anymore." I uncrossed my arms and looked at the piano myself.

"I don't know myself why I play it, not like I need to care anyway. My life is just one big dirt hole." I put my elbow on the case and leaned my cheek against my hand. The boy looked over at me and flipped his leg over the seat to be facing me.

"And why say such a thing miss?" I looked over at him and his curious face, this was strange, but I oddly felt like I had to explain it to him.

"Well...uh...." Did I even have an answer, well I had no friends that was one, then again that was fault on my account, everyone was terrified of me. My family, my younger sister, parents that weren't divorced were all happy go lucky, maybe it pissed me off because they were a lot more happy then I was. "Humans have plenty of reasons to call their life crap, maybe mine aren't as good as others, but we all have different ways of reacting to things." The boy tilted his head.

"That isn't always true you know."

"And how would you know mister know-it-all" I trumped in a high raised voice. The boy flipped his leg over again looking happily at the piano case.

"I don't know everything, after all I never got to know everything. Also, no one can ever really know everything, every day new things are being discovered and new secrets are being kept. Even if something is gone, they still hold on to something, and it's strange why some can't remember certain things and then remember something they really don't want to. It's just how everything works I guess, life is only as fun as you make it out to be. Everyone fears death and every ones goal in the end is to die with not leaving something undone, even though there will always be something we haven't done." He seemed lost in thought, rubbing his hand on the case of the piano. I stopped leaning and placed my entire arm on the case, looking at him.

"Don't you have someplace you should be?" I snorted as he looked up at me. He stood up and put his hands back in his pockets.

"Not really, but I'll keep going, without a destination." He walked out of the room and left me alone, in the silence of the darkness. I sighed, no telling if it was relief or just getting through the strangest moment of my life. I turned around and picked up my bag before heading out, and going home for the night, ready to start school in the morning.

After that night, I couldn't stop thinking about that boy, and what he had said. As if I gave a damn, maybe I did, but I wasn't going to give any notice to it. They were all the same, they didn't know that their days were numbered, they were all just sitting and waiting for the ticking time bomb in their chest to give out. I starred out the window, closing my eyes for a moment. I didn't feel like eating today, it was lunch after all and everyone was with their friends. I watched all of them down in quad, it was just stupid, just so stupid how they tried to grasp that happiness in someone else's help.

"Did you hear?"


"They say the music room is haunted, by a student who went here a long time ago. They say he's been wandering around the room looking for his sister."

"Yeah, now that you mention it, that was a few years ago when that explosion happened."

"A young boy who was here at the festival with his sister when looking for her in the music room, it exploded and he died while she was hospitalized. Do you think he thinks she died as well and is looking for her ghost."

I looked up at the two girls who were speaking with each other, that concept bothered me a little. So I got up and walked over. "Do you think you can tell me more about this incident?" They looked startled and looked at me with scared faces.

"W...we don't know much else but I bet you could go to the library and check on the internet. After all, it wasn't as long ago as I thought." I nearly spat in the girls face and turned away. I would have to check later tonight, maybe before I headed to the music room again. Not that I believed in ghosts, even though this town was known for it's paranormal activities. It had even been featured in a few t.v. shows around the U.S.A.

I turned on the computer and sat at the desk, I didn't like technology, surprising enough I wasn't one of those who was obsessed over their phone or fake life online. To tell the truth, I felt that my music was more important. I searched for an explosion at this school and about a thousand results came up, but I clicked on the first one that caught my eye. And started reading through it.

Three years ago when a music festival was held a gas leak started through a pipe in the music room. Jr. Victor lost his sister in the music room while he was performing, considering it was rather large at the time, larger then it was now. When the boy got near the pipe his lighter was used to try and see through the dark areas igniting the flame and causing the explosion. His body was never found, and half of the audience died as well, however the survivors included this boys sister, Alyssa who was  a comatose victim at a nearby hospital.

The story seemed a bit vague to me, and unconcerning, so the music room was smaller now, what did that have to do with anything? I got up and turned the computer off, heading towards the music room, when I saw that same boy again, leaning against the wall. I was eagerly tempted, to ask him what his name was now.

"Why did you come here again, are you searching for something?" I asked leaning against the wall next to him.

"Not really, but, I feel like I've been missing something."

"And what would that be."

"Like I...should be remembering something important. Something that I've forgotten but can't remember." I looked at my feet, I knew how it felt. "Tell, me, do you want to know something, something I've kept from you?" I stood up and looked at him he raised his head and set it on the wall. "I've been dead, all this time, but for some reason I held onto the world so I spent time around my sister hoping she would wake up and see my face, but after such a long time, I found myself drawn here, to this school. And no matter how much I talked to someone they wouldn't answer, you were the first." I was frightened, not at all, in all reality I was just a bit surprised. If he was worried so much, why didn't he just call his sister back, if she was in a coma she would still be able to hear his voice. I grabbed his hand, and dragged him into the music room, sitting him down I undid the case and started playing the piano. "Wait....what are you?" I glared at him and he shut up, waiting for the few minutes to pass, those five minutes where he just sat there and listened to my sweet song and my singing voice. Until finally I close the piano and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Just because your dead, doesn't mean you didn't have to choice to stay, maybe you died to early and had something left undone. But even still, your place is beside your sister. She needs you, it may not look like she'll wake up any time, but that's not the point. When you put enough effort into something, dead isn't always the end. A voice that reaches someone is what is most important, not that of the thoughts. The bonds you create, and the things you care about most are what make up a life. And after we die, we leave our memory here, to make others remember the bond, remember that we were hear that after all, we are all connected in some odd freakish way." I glared at him and he smiled, tears running down his face, as he only said two little words, two words that brought the first smile to my face.

"Thank you"

© 2013 Rivaxorus

Author's Note

Another story I wrote a year ago, January of 2012.
Reita Atrisk (The girl) Credit to me
Victor Snow(The ghost boy) Also credit to me

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This was good work, I enjoyed it, you're talented at writing stories and poems. Okay, you're talented overall! :D

A couple of errors but nothing major.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I love reading your stories ^^
~Your friend Res

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

Thank you so much, your writing style is so much more interesting though xD

6 Years Ago

I think everyone's writing is interesting. We all have different ways of writing and that is what in.. read more

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