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Chapter One

Jay leaned against the dirty brick wall, her clothing tattered and matted with blood. She clutched her torn stomach, hoping her hand would be enough to stop the bleeding, or keep her alive long enough to finalize their escape. Slowly, Jay slid down the wall, onto the mucky street of the alley way, biting her lip to keep herself from crying. If she stayed quiet long enough, she'd be safe, she thought. She wouldn't have to die in their care.

“Where the hell is that s**t?” a harsh voice snarled, piercing the darkness. Jay's eyes grew wide, and she began inching deeper into the alleyway. She stopped, brought her knees close to her chest, using them as a compress as she covered her mouth with her hands. The clacking sound of black, steel-toed dress shoes filled Jay's mind with fear. She gripped tightly around her mouth as tears streamed down her face, washing the blood off her cheeks and hand. The clacking came to a stop, then followed a deep, mocking laugh. “You think I can't spot a trail of blood, b***h?” the voice called through the darkness. “I don't lose no women, no matter how ugly or worthless they are to me, you hear that?” At the end of the alleyway, A rather tall man in a white suit stood, holding a bloodied knife away from his black, steel-toed dress shoes. His long brown hair was permed straight, and his golden, snagged-tooth grin was enough to light up the night. “Now, don't make me come down there and get you, sweet pea. We don't want another lil' boo-boo.” Jay hyperventilated in the alleyway, she prayed for help. Any help. She didn’t care as long as someone -- or something came to her rescue.


As she struggled to keep calm, a hand pressed gently on her back, silencing both her pain and her tears. “Stay here, alright? We're going to get some french fries after this,” a gentle voice whispered into her ear. Jay looked up, and could only make out two, scarlet orbs in the night. She opened her mouth to scream, but only whispered “okay.” A slight chuckle was heard, and the orbs disappeared, followed by the sound of pattering sneakers.  As the sneakers trailed away, Jay became overwhelmed with a feeling of relief.

The man in the white suit's smile was long gone. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, turning on the flashlight. “Listen b***h, I ain’t got time for no games. You better be dead in there or I’ll ice your a*s myself.” He flashed the light in the alleyway, and before him appeared a man. He was an average looking fellow, few inches shorter than himself. He wore a black hooded jacket over a gray shirt, and dark, tattered jeans. “N***a, I'm going to need you to step aside,”the man in the white suit growled. The other man gave a condescending smile. “Please, if we're going to demand things from one another let's call each other by our names. My name is Elwyn, and you are?”

“In no mood for your bullshit!” the other shouted, pushing Elwyn aside. However, Elwyn did not move. The man continued pushing, and Elwyn stared at him with a wry smile. “You're adorable, you know that?” snickered Elwyn. “You can beat on hundreds of women, but you can't move one man.” The man in the white suit back handed Elwyn into a wall. “Guess you a woman then,” he smirked. Elwyn slammed into the wall, black liquid oozing from his bruised cheek. He held out his hand, catching the liquid in his palm. His eyes widened as he looked down at the goo dripping onto his hand. The man in the white suit kicked Elwyn's side as he went down. “Teach yo' dumb a*s to f**k around with me,” the man in the white suit scoffed. Elwyn lay motionless on the ground, staring at the ‘blood’. “You shouldn't have done that,” he muttered. The man in the white suit leaned down and brought his knife to Elwyn’s neck. “You got some nice eyes, boy. I think I’ll take ‘em.”  Elwyn slowly looked up at the man, his face stretching and fading into a cloud of shadows. “Go right ahead,” he said weakly and dispersed into the night. The man in the white suit jumped, dropping his phone onto the ground. Where Elwyn once sat, a puddle of black ooze rested in his place.

“Yo, f**k this!” the man in white shouted and scrambled out the alleyway. Tripping over his steel-toed shoes every other step, the man in the white suit made it to the end of the street before collapsing to the ground. He struggled to his feet, but to no avail. “Pathetic” a distorted voice echoed in his head. “Yo, you can have the girl. Just let me go, alright?!”

“A pathetic coward! You’re the catch of the day!” the voice cackled. The man in the white suit looked behind him to see a large, black figure gripping at his legs. Its face was a lovecraftian mess of eyes and fangs. The man in the white suit screamed and tried to wiggle free. The mass, annoyed by this, revealed another set of arms and pinned the man to the ground. A long, serpentine tongue reached from what appeared to be its mouth and wrapped itself around the man's neck. The man in white began screaming as the tongue slowly began burning his neck, until his head detached from his body. The black figure then opened it mouth wide, and inhaled. The corpse in the white suit began to shake violently as a light formed above it, and entered the mouth of the figure.  As the light entered, the figure began morphing into a recognizable state, until it became a figure in a black hooded jacket with scarlet red eyes.


Jay sat calmly in the alleyway, waiting for the young man to return. While the gash remained, her wound finally stopped bleeding. She felt herself smile at the thought of eating french fries again, not remembering ever eating anything that wasn't from a can in years. She began wondering if he would be nice enough to buy her a milkshake as well, or even a burger. She then, began wondering what exactly this man was doing in an alleyway this late at night in the first place.

“Hey, you ready?” called Elwyn. He leaned down, grabbed the phone and flashed it into the alley. Jay nodded and stood up without problem, and walked to him. Elwyn smiled, and wrapped his arm around her once she got close enough. Jay hugged him tightly. “Thank you,” she croaked, her voice still damaged from her previous crying. Elwyn shrugged. “Don't mention it. Hey, remind me to get you some clothes later, those are trash.” Jay gave an agreeing nod, looking down at her muddy sundress. “Where are we getting fries?”

“Sugar Mae's diner,” he responded. “Best fries in town, believe me!” Jay smiled. “I believe you, I do,” she giggled.

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Author's Note

Peter Ravenport
This is the first draft
thank you. Also, its about time I came back to this website.

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