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Chapter Two

Elwyn took off his hooded jacket and gave it to Jay. “Just keep this on over your wound, alright? We both can't be a bloody mess.” Jay took the jacket and nodded. “Heh, I almost forgot about the thing,” she said as she zipped the jacket. The two walked down the street until they came across a small shop. A neon sign in the window dimly flashed the words “Sugar Mae's” above a picture of a little apple pie. Elwyn opened the door for Jay, then followed her in.

At the counter, a graying woman sat reading a book. “Mama Mae?” called Elwyn as he walked towards her. The woman looked up from her book and screamed with delight. “Why, if it isn't my little Eli!” she chirped. “Come in, come in! What can I get you tonight?” Elwyn's sepia cheeks took on a rosy tint. “Just the fry bucket,” he responded. Jay perked up. “With a burger and a strawberry shake!” she shouted. Elwyn chuckled and looked at the once quiet girl. “That too, I guess.” Sugar Mae dropped her book on the counter and looked over at Jay. “Who's this little thing?” she asked, ruffling Jay's messy hair. “I never asked,” Elwyn answered sheepishly. “I sorta found her in an alleyway. Hoping the boss will let her crash with us until we find her home.” Sugar Mae nodded. “Such a sweet boy, always taking care of others,” she doted. She then walked into the kitchen. Jay and Elwyn sat down at the counter and awaited their food. “What is your name?” Elwyn asked. “Jamie Holmes. I just like Jay, though,” she responded. “And you're Eli, right?”

“Elwyn, actually. Mama Mae's been calling me Eli for years. I like her too much to correct her though.” Jay scoffed. “That's an awful rich name, isn't it?” she remarked. Elwyn laughed. “Guess that's why Eli fits me better.” The two exchanged smiles, then Elwyn cleared his throat. “Hey, can I ask you a few questions?”

“Go right ahead.”

“Thanks,” said Elwyn and tugged uneasily at his shirt “Why was that guy after you?”

Jay fell silent, and looked down at the red counter. Elwyn bit his lip. “I-I’m sorry for asking. Just forget it okay?”

“I guess he’d be my father. I mean, my mom gave me to him when I was young, and he was like a parent, I guess.”stated Jay coldly. Elwyn became silent, not wanting to bring up any bad memories. “Oh,” he simply said. “So, you’re going to ask your boss if I can live with you for awhile?” asked Jay. Elwyn shrugged. “If you do not mind, and he does not care, then yes. It’s not like you have anywhere else, right? I-If you do then...” Jay let him ramble on for a moment before giving an answer. “As long as I get my own bed, I’m okay with it” she replied. Elwyn gave a relieved sigh. “Oh, Goo-” he lurched forwards, grabbing his chest. He looked down at his hands to see black spots rapidly appearing on them. Jay stared at him, alarmed. “You alright?” she asked. Elwyn kept his face down. “Y-yeah, I'll be right back. You sit tight, okay?” he coughed and dashed for the bathroom.


Elwyn burst into the bathroom and looked into the mirror. His human skin was breaking. Black cracks, like tattoos began appearing on his face and hands.“I did what you asked, what's happening?” he hissed into the mirror, smacking it with his free hand.

Within the mirror, his image began to change. Instead of the seeing the bathroom, a deep violet ballroom reflected back. Sitting in a large, golden throne was a white gentleman with long, braided blonde hair. He wore a black suit reminiscent of old Austrian nobles. His eyes were a glorious shade of blue, and his face was contorted in a condescending smirk as he peered back at his stressing servant.  “Incorrect, my little hell hound,” the man sang, wagging a clawed finger. “You got one soul, when the situation called that I get two. When I get my human soul, you’ll get your human body, got it?” Elwyn slammed his hand on the sink, shattering his skin into brown powder on the sink. He quickly stuffed his now, black claw into his pocket “You can’t possibly think I’d kill her!” he protested. “She was robbed of her innocence, her childhood! I couldn't do that!”

“And just why not?” The gentleman questioned, tilting his head. “You could have ended her suffering. Now she’s going to what? Live her life with the memories of being a premature prostitute under the care of a monster in happiness?” Elwyn held his stomach as black, winding tattoos began to engulf his body. “She was already stuck with a monster, I can do a better job, I swear,” he growled. “Anything’s better than what she lived with.” The blonde shrugged. “Fine, try to take care of her with your insatiable blood lust and dangerous and demanding lifestyle. I’ll have…hm... little part in it. Just get me my soul by sunrise, or else.” The mirror returned to normal, and Elwyn’s skin reformed onto his body. He took a deep breath and leaned on the sink for a moment.


Sugar Mae came back to the counter with a large bucket of fries, two burgers, and a strawberry shake. “There you go, sweet pea,” she smiled and went back to reading. Jay froze. The images of the night came back to her all at once. The stabbing, the running, her supposed hero disappearing into the night, and the distant screams of her abuser. Jay began trembling, she opened the jacket and looked at her wound. In place of her long gash, was a black image of a bird taking flight. Sugar Mae patted Jay's back. “Honey, are you alright?”

“Let go of me!” screamed Jay and pushed her off. Jay jumped from her seat, tears rushing from her eyes. Where was she? How did this man get her here? What was happening? She looked around the restaurant for an exit, then locked eyes with Elwyn as he left the bathroom. “Jay, are you okay?” he asked, jogging towards her. Jay opened her mouth to scream, but she felt herself calm down. “I'm fine,” she said, her voice gentle and serene. “I just... remembered what happened tonight. I guess I'm still not over it.” Elwyn took a deep breath and gave her a big hug. “You've been through a lot, it's okay to let it out.” Jay hugged back, but deep within her mind she was petrified. How could this man, a stranger, a possible murderer, just calm her, as if some sort of pacifier to a startled child? Why did she feel so at ease with him?

As Elwyn sat her back down at the counter, he began to wonder the same thing. His charm ability never worked this well on anyone, especially for this long. Well, most people he used it on never lived this long, nor were they ever intended to. Still, he himself began to question his own abilities. He shook off the thought and grabbed a burger from the tray. “Oh, you're going to love this!” he said, pointing to the other burger. Jay stared at it, then back at Elwyn. “Did you kill him?” Elwyn choked on the french fry he shoved in his mouth. “P-Pardon me?”

“The guy in the white suit, Bo. Did you kill him?”

Elwyn looked around the restaurant, avoiding all forms of eye contact. He felt Sugar Mae’s gray eyes piercing his neck with disapproval. “I just beat him up a bit. H-he won’t be bothering you anytime soon,” he said, looking down at his feet.  “Thanks for kicking his a*s,” she responded, keeping her eyes off of Elwyn. Elwyn went pale. “I… I uh… you’re welcome…?”  Jay grabbed a handful of french fries and shoved them into her mouth, spilling some onto the counter. Elwyn stared at her in disgust, then did the same.  Jay looked at the man struggling to chew the massive wad of potatoes and shook her head, snickering as she continued eating. He smiled, showing a wad of potatoes caged between beige teeth. “You’re weird,” Jay started. “I like that.” Elwyn finally swallowed the mass. “You have no idea.”

© 2014 Peter Ravenport

Author's Note

Peter Ravenport
I was trying to write through writer's block, and this chapter got gross. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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