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Its a fictional pure love story of a married Indian couple....


The wind was blowing well enough making many feel uncomfortable. The city was having an unusual shower during this part of the year. It was meant to be a festival time as Diwali was just around the corner. The Egmore junction was full as it used to be during each festival season when thousands of college students fled back to their home to celebrate the real joy of this festival and wearing new cloths, the husbands who worked away from family took few extra days off to spend time with their wives and do the Diwali shopping together as they spent most of the time away from each other. Almost people from all part of the country live in this busy city where each days something fascinating.

Mohan had to drive an extra few miles to make it to the junction tonight due to some construction work going in the usual path. He like other millions of Software Engineers out in the city lives in an apartment in Anna Nagar. The train to Trichy was about to leave the junction in twenty minutes and it was like both Mohan and Meera wanted to literally get out of here and get back to their home together.

They had been married a year ago in Trichy where they used to live before they moved onto this city. They both studied in the same school and same college and it was not because they fell in love each other but because they both were one of the finest friends since their 7Th grade. Meera was a traditional dancer who could dance better than Computer Programming but she still opted for engineering maybe it was for Mohan or she too wanted to have a city based modern life. Mohan on the other hand was a talented guy who was very good at writing and was quite famous among his friends circle. Mohan like any other typical boy spent most of his time with the bat than the pencil but somehow still he managed to get good grades in class. Both Mohan and Meera wanted to join a college in Chennai and it was Mohan who first sowed the idea of choosing a college in Chennai. His father bought him a PC when he was in 11Th grade and he used to search out the college names. Meera as a student was quite busy with learning the lessons and apart from that she would also find her interest in sharing the gossips and cooking with her mom in some odd days. Whenever someone in her family asked where and what she would study she would give a simple reply “I will do what Mohan will” and their family didn’t restricted her. Even at that time too there was nothing in the hearts of two. Mohan didn’t did anything without the consent of Meera and Meera too considered it as a rule to seek a permission from Mohan for whatever she did let it be outing with her friends or getting her hairs cut. Meera was not a girl whom you would like to call as a real college beauty her face had a Devine touch. Her eyes were elegant and she wasn’t very tall. Both their families knew how close they were since their childhood and they never tried to barricade their friendship and both families became friends. Mohan used to write his exam with the pens which Meera used to give him and Meera would often eat the same dairy milk silk which Mohan used to give her every now and then. She was quite religious person and Mohan on the other hand was atheist but never said no when Meera would call him to temple. Mohan was bit possessive about Meera and he didn’t liked when some other boys of his class talked to her and he even had a small quarrel regarding that but Meera was quite wise. Mohan once got interested in an engineering college was also insisted Meera to join it for which she agreed without any second thought. Mohan was a tall and handsome guy and he was quite daring guy.

Months passed and they both managed to get good grades in their high school and were able to join the college they wished. Initially Meera’s family were bit worried in sending her daughter too far but later they were convinced as many of her classmates too went to Chennai for graduation. Many friends came and left their lives but their relation and bonding was unaltered. Meera even after a year of marriage had the first gift which Mohan gave when they were in 9Th grade. It was a lovely table clock which Mohan bought her for 250 bucks. Although it stopped working after couple of years but it found a constant place in her study table. Meera was now pregnant for 4 months and they both felt it safe to send Meera to her home where at most care would be taken of her. Mohan was part of R&D team in IBM and had an inevitable project down the line for which he had to sacrifice his Diwali celebration. He had to leave for U.S.A after couple of days and had a week’s project out there. Since post marriage they never had been so apart and not even a single day they felt each other.

It was Mohan who proposed Meera, that day was an unforgettable one as Meera every now and then used to share how she felt during those days. It was mid night and they were returning to Trichy from Chennai and the bus stopped at Villupuram a district near Chennai. Both Mohan and Meera were excited about going back home and they were now half way through their engineering. The bus stopped for 20 minutes and most of the passengers were getting down for having some snacks. “What would you like to have?” asked Mohan to Meera as he started getting up from his seat. Meera was sitting near the window and Mohan was sitting next to her. “No just sit and don’t go anywhere. We already have lot in our bag” and by saying this Meera pulled Mohan back to the seat and Mohan didn’t seemed to show much reluctance. “See this bus, I mean everyone here is like our family for a night but soon the very next day we all will be back to their own busy life isn’t it?” she pondered. Mohan was totally clueless about what she was talking but still he preferred to nod to her. “Hmmm….yup you are correct” he said. That’s one of the most common answers which boys used to say whenever any girl around them starts saying something which the guys which unique super natural powers could understand. “So one fine day you will chose your own life and you will have to start living for it” she said and seemed very much anticipated about Mohan’s reply. Something inside of Meera was making her to speak out all these tonight and they never spoke about all this before. “Where would I go baby?” Mohan said holding her hands with some casual smile on his face. “I mean my life you and my family” he added to make things bit more clear to her. Now there was silence between them but for the television set and a baby crying. “I’m not saying in that context” she replied. “Then?” he asked again. Meera felt she should open a bit and lift the curtains from her thoughts. She then with a big sigh “I mean you would get married somewhere else and I would be elsewhere.” She must be thinking about this well before her previous semester. “Oh!” Meera was more concerned about his facial expressions then the words which he spoke. “Can’t we live like this for whole life” he added. “Live like what baby?” she asked. The chat was really going to the nerves of the two. Meera obviously was having affection towards him for which she tried to give them words. “Why don’t we get married?” he said and he meant what he said. He just said that as it too was part of their usual conversation. But Meera knew what he said right now and was in the 7Th sky. “I love you Meera” he said and laughed. He still was in fun mood. Mohan was all the same during all these years but something seriously disturbed Meera off late. He had heard the stories of her friends and about how they proposed ad how much they were really excited about it. Thinking this she said angrily “aren’t you serious?” and turned other side. She also added “You always think of having fun...Huh”. Mohan then held her face in his hand and slightly turned her face back to him. She too gave him full control. He held her like a small baby and slowly brought her face near to his and now they were just few inches apart. Both of them could feel the sparkles in their face though it was very low light. Their heart started pumping blood like never before. Mohan could feel his stomach going upside down and Meera started losing her control. Now Mohan dragged her bit closer. She was feeling an adrenalin rush inside her although she was really expecting something similar from him from quite a long time.  They were now so close that they could now feel each other’s breathe. Slowly Mohan did something which she least expected by him so soon. In the dim light of the bus a new light was lit in their life and a promise was made to live together till the very last breathe. After few minutes they were now once again back to their seats and they did that for few minutes until Mohan resigned as he had to breathe in some air. Meera was still clueless about what they did few seconds ago. She smiled back at Mohan and saw into his eyes where she could find herself. Years passed and life was moved on and they were married a year ago. Both their families didn’t show much opposition as they knew nobody could stop them from being together.

They were married a year after their graduation and but since the very first day when Mohan proposed her they were almost like a typical husband and wife. She used to call him every morning to wake him up and he would start his day with her voice. Meera was working in CTS Chennai and off late she quit her job Mohan didn’t wanted her to take strain for which she agreed as she used to. The train was about to leave in few minutes. She was holding his hand tightly that their hands were now wet due to the moisture. “Don’t forget to set the alarm, keep your phone away while sleeping, get well in time and don’t skip the breakfast in rush”. She was saying same thing everyone and then with very minute changes. She was saying all this to him since the evening and this is what all love is about. She knew how careless Mohan was. He nodded for everything she said. The train was set and started to pace off the platform and there were few drops in the eyes of Meera.

Mohan would leave for U.S.A after couple of days. They both had never been so far. Mohan was as silent as a lost child, his legs started pace up to match the speed of the train. She finally bid me bye. Something inside of Mohan was making him feel that his whole lot of Chennai was confined in that coach. He stood there seeing that train disappears into darkness. “Bye…J take care dear” a text came from Meera. He was now heading back to the parking place and replied “Will text after reaching home baby”. When he went to parking place he forgot where he parked his car. The yellow light was as bright as Sun but he failed to recollect where he parked. “Meera might know it, in fact she will” he said to himself. He knew it was she who managed whole his life. But now he had challenged himself to live his own. He then walked to the other end of the place and after few minute he found in beneath a tree exactly where they parked half an hour ago. It was a black color I 10 which they bought around six months ago. He then drove back to his home.

Only few moments had passed since Meera left him but he started to feel her absence. He took more than 5 minutes to find the exact match for the lock to open. He just laid on the sofa after taking out a sprite and then called Meera. “Had your dinner?” she asked. “Yup I’m having” he said and moved towards the kitchen. It was big enough to accommodate a dining table but they very rarely used it. He then put vegetable Briyani on his plate and sat back. He then talked with her for some time while eating; though he was talking he was still very conscious to remove the extra pepper which Meera added to the Briyani as he just recovered from cold. Finally he bid her bye and switched on his lap. He had some work to do and had to modify few already prepared slides. As he switched on his laptop his eyes got stuck in the wallpaper in which both of them stood posing in city center. Although he was busy with the slides but every now and then gazed at the photo frame in which Meera was posing in a college function receiving the best outgoing student. He was now missing her and her presence and she was more than his other half. Only at 3:19am he knew that he felt asleep when he just his hand over a pillow and dragged it closer unconsciously thinking that it was Meera. It was the place where she would sleep with him. Only after he opened his eyes he realized that Meera might have reached Trichy. He made her a call and his father in law informed that he picked her and they were back to their home. Within no time he slept again.

The phone kept ringing and so did the alarm clock but the combined amplitude of the both was still unable to vibrate the ear drums of Mohan. At 9:40am he got just because he had to pee immediately. 26 missed calls. This reminded him of his college exam days when they would plan to study early morning but most of the time Mohan just gets up well enough to get ready and attend the exams. Now Meera was used to all these things and these were now the part of her life. Mohan then call her holding his brush in other hand and she picked up in the very second ring and started her scolding as usual and when she was finished he just gave her a kiss and brushed as fast as he could. “k get ready soon and don’t forget to have breakfast and take your dress from the cupboard, milk is in the fridge and evening buy one packet, charge your phone and text me when free. K get ready soon bye baby its already too late”. He put the milk in stove and went for bath then he had some toasted breads with coffee. Every evening he would be excited to t=return home as soon as he could but tonight he wanted some escape and wanted to stay away from the thing which made him remind of her. Those sofa were not comfortable without her lap, the bed were all different when he slept alone. He had the dinner out and he was reminded of his hostel food. Meera learnt cooking from her mother and she was good at it. Often during the weekend they both would try some new dishes. Before opening the door he saw the keychain, it had the letter M in it and her pressed deep into his hand. The wide black sofa in which they used to lay endlessly, the coffee maker which served them during their late night movies, the photo frame in which it had both Mohan and Meera standing all teeth exposed in Besant Nagar Beach. Everything that was in the apartment had a million of stories to tell.

The next evening he had his flight for U.S.A where he would work for a week. He also had a long list of things which he had to buy for all his relatives but still he was clueless as what he should buy for Meera. A gift which would make them feel reunited and special after being apart for few days. The week went on and professionally it was quite productive. It was relatively a longer week for this couple than the rest of the world. He bought her a platinum necklace and was feeling quite excited to present it to her as it was the first of this kind which he was buying her. He was also delighted as he would go to Trichy from Chennai. The next day he was in Trichy and he was going to his home. All his family members were waiting for him as their real Diwali celebrations were yet to begin. Meera was also there waiting for him. Finally he reached and was greatly welcomed by one and all. Both the longing eyes meet and they could feel how much they both missed each other. Mohan’s mother kissed on his forehead and everyone gathered around him. He then started giving everyone their gift and Meera was simply sitting with utter modesty. As soon as Mohan was finished with it he then went to his room and called Meera inside. He had the necklace in his hand. Although it was very costly one but it seems worthless in front of their love. She ran and hugged him tightly and they just threw the gift in the bed and hugged her more tightly. Tears were peeing in her eyes which he wiped away. They were like this for few minutes and they never hugged like this since their marriage. It was a real moment in their marriage life. The love was in the air, and the necklace still lying all alone. When they both felt satisfied he felt her and then took that necklace and wore it on her neck. She was surprised with it and liked it a lot. “It is looking prettier in your neck” he said for which she could only blush. But she knew her real gift was which Mohan gave few minutes ago, it was when she found herself once again in his arms. It is not the things which the loved ones expect from us, it’s our care, affection and few special moments like this which really makes the life meaning in this earth.

© 2014 $êlvån

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as the other reviewers mentioned every time new dialogue starts you will want to start a new paragraph. Readers here focus mostly on poetry so you might even consider cutting this into a couple of smaller entries to get more to review.
I thought some of the descriptions in here were lovely - "a devine touch" "elegant eyes" very nice. I think this definitely deserves more attention.

Posted 7 Years Ago

very nice write but consider using paragraphs

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I scanned this, and liked it, needs another form, use paragraphs..

Posted 7 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Selvan ... try using the paragraph system.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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