School is always sweet!

School is always sweet!

A Chapter by Senorita

This is the beginning of the story where its the real life part where her childhood and girly life comes to an end. I have used this part to introduce few characters.


It was her 12th results announcement day, she was excited no she was more scared. What will be her score was the only thing she had in her mind. It was 6 in the morning, she doesn’t want to get up from her bed, lazy but her mind told her

“OMG, get up today is your result, Mom gonna scold you for sure”.

 Okay please let me sleep for 5 more minutes was the only thing she said to herself. Her dad turned on TV, watching sun news called “Preethi”, “Preethi”, it’s time get up, and today is your results.

She heard her dad’s voice, she knew that next would be her mom and she is not going to be polite. Her mom is double tensed than her about her results. The moment she opened her eyes it was her mom’s face who says

“Preethi, Get up and take bath, everyone is awake, only you are late as always.. Don’t you remember that today is the day of your life? Don’t you have even a little tension?”

She was scared but didn’t show it off in her face, slowly got up from her bed. Before she freshens up, her morning hot beverage was ready on the table. Her sister had already turned on the Computer.  Relatives started calling. She had the drink, and then rushed to the bathroom to have a quick shower.  She felt her heart sound in her ears

“Tak-Tak” “Tak-Tak”.

Grand ma was ready to go to the temple with her; she went to so many temples that morning. By the time she returned home, Preetha her sister was trying to access the page to get the results, she shouted from the room

“It’s not at all opening, this stupid internet s too slow”.

The result is only @ 10:00 A.M why do they look for it from morning 7:00 A.M. Only GOD knows. She thought to herself.

She wants to call her friend and ask how she feels. Sandhya was the best student in the school. She was her best buddy! She knew that Sandhya might be the school topper. Aruna was another friend who has been always wanted to do medicine; she knew that they both won’t be scared as she is. Preethi is just an average student. Preethi doesn’t talk much to everyone. Her only close friends were Sandhya and Aruna.

Time moved on…

Tension raised, her mom left for the office, it was her dad who was with her. The results was delayed, they said it would be announced by 12:00 P.M then again delayed to 2:00 P.M. It was only News on the TV and phones were ringing asking for the results. The internet was dead slow and she couldn’t see her result online, her friend called her, Preetha shouted

“Hey it’s Sandhya. She has got a good score; she says you got 79%”.

 She rushed to the phone and noted down her marks. At the same time her dad said

“It’s opening now so come here”. 

She was supposed to score more, always the need never ends. Preethi asked sandhya

“Hey you are school first rite”

Sandhya said with a lovely voice,

“Donnu, lets meet in school in 30 min every one already reached there it seems”.

 As always the next call was from Aruna,

“Hey Preethi, I started here meet you @ school, bye”.

Preethi was not allowed to say a word; Aruna is very sweet but so arrogant. Preethi’s Dad took her to the school; they met all her teachers and returned home in the evening.

Her Dad just said her


Nothing more, it was obvious that he wasn’t too happy about her score from that. She was neither too happy nor sad about her score. She wants to do only a UG degree; she isn’t interested in engineering.

Her mom and dad want her to do Engineering. She made her mind up for that.

© 2013 Senorita

Author's Note

Please let me know how you feel about the story. This is my first work. Any comment which would help in improving my writing would help.

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