A Poem by Sam

The mask was painted pretty with rosy lips and cheeks
She kept it on all day and night as not to be labeled freak
What she didn’t realize was that everyone wears a mask
Everyone wears one, time to time thinking it’s their task
Some have different layers or two faces on one side
A mask still serves one reason, to cover up and lie
Some mask may look ugly others look quite bright
Some wear their mask in the day, taking it off at night
Every so often, a mask gets worn a very long time
Soon it becomes useless, all covered up in grime
People criticize you for wearing a mask of your own
As look right back at theirs all patched up and sewn
A mask hides many things, intentions, truth and scars
Only being donned when you want to hide who you are
Mask get rather heavy the more that they are worn
And they only work so long before they’re ripped and torn
Be careful when you make a mask to hide your heart
Because you might just have it on - until it falls apart

© 2018 Sam

Author's Note

Hope you enjoy!

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Wow, Sam. This was really fantastic, you know? God, I really must subscribe to you if this is one of your first rhyming pieces of poetry. "The mask was painted pretty with rosy lips and cheeks." - Descriptive writing, I don't like people who don't have enough adjectives in their poetry, and I like this, because you've given detail on the mask. Nice start to the poem. "Be careful when you make a mask to hide your heart." - Metaphors. I like a good metaphor every now and then, I'm sure a lot of people do, it gives the poem/s a nice touch, making it a little more interesting, and by adding the metaphor, you've certainly succeeded.

I don't just like it because of the language techniques you have put in there, but I like this because it reminds me of the overrated song writer (and singer), 'Sia'. She wears a mask to cover her face, to hide her identity, which is quite similar to this. She hides her face so that it is a mystery of who is behind the mask, what she looks like, and what she is hiding from. I like this also because, it is out of your head and nobody else's. It's quite creative, what you have written, and I like it. Good job, I'm giving this 100/100.

Posted 5 Years Ago


5 Years Ago

Thank you very much!! I definitely appreciate your review.

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Hi my name is M. Sam Teague every just calls Sam. I'm a student by day and a writer by... well whenever I get time. My hobbies include anything from sitting in bed all day to rock climbing and skiing more..

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