A Cat's Bell

A Cat's Bell

A Story by SerahDee

A short story following a guy nick named Cat who runs into a part of his past he promised to give up for his girl but leaving isn't something you can do when you're in Bobby's crew.


I groaned as I looked at the assignment my boss had just handed me seconds earlier. I had to make a manuscript delivery all the way over on Feardorcha Boulevard on the other side of town. In addition, it was ten minutes till I was supposed to clock out and it was raining. I tried to reason with my boss but he laughed at me as if I was trying to make a joke.


With my shoulders slumped I put on my hat and walked out into the rain. I hopped on my motorcycle and sat there for a second looking at the bell on the chain around my neck. I chuckled for a second remembering when Samantha first gave it to me.  It had been right after the big brawl on lower Feardorcha Boulevard.


As soon as I walked in the apartment she let me have it. She slapped me before she continued.

“Cat! Don’t you ever do anything like that again! You hear me!? I don’t care if you were just following orders to protect me. You’re gonna straighten this situation out with Bobby. You got that?!”

“Sam I-“ I tried to start my explanation but she cut me off, embracing me in her arms.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt. You’re always ‘out’ all the time near the dangerous parts of town, near the shootings. You may just be an arms delivery boy for Bobby, and Bobby may know where you are, but, I always want to know where you are. Now promise me.”

“I promise.” I said. As I embraced her I felt her fasten something around my neck. When she stepped away from me. I looked at the chain with the bell on it. “What the heck is this?” I said, thinking it was just a stupid joke but when I tried to take it off she stopped me.

“What are you doing?” She said urgently. “Is a promise this hard to keep for you?” She looked away disappointed.

“Sam, come on. I’m sorry. What do you want me to think? There’s a freakin’ bell on my neck.”

“Promise me that you’ll always keep it on.” She said looking me in the eye.

“I promise.” he smiled at her.


Before high tailing it over to Feardorcha Boulevard I rang the bell next to my ear. Then I hit the gas on my bike, bursting out onto the dark empty streets of the city. It took me fifteen minutes to get to the house on Feardorcha Boulevard. I collected my tip and stuffed it into a small pouch that I now always have around my neck. Once you get hit by a pick pocket, lets just say you never feel like using your pockets again. I got on my bike again and headed back to the shop to finally clock out.


On my way back, somehow, my tire went flat. I got off to check what I could have run over but when I looked, there was nothing to be seen. Until of course I looked up to find that I had been surrounded by eight familiar red and black jackets. One stepped forward into the street light.

“Well, well, well. Look what we got here boys. It’s the delivery boy.” He said in a heavy Brooklyn accent.

“I don’t want any trouble.” I said thinking of what Sam would do if I even attempted to fight these chumps.

“Well that’s a shame Kitty Cat cause me and my pals here got a package for you from a man by the name of Bobby.” He said and was followed by low chuckles. “The boss said this was personal so he’s finishing the present for when you get back home.” More laughter came from the shadows in the darkness. Only one thing came to my mind that moment. I had to get home to Sam now.


Sam looked at the clock again. He’s late. She grumbled to herself looking out the window onto the street below trying to listen for the jingle of his bell over the pitter patter of the rain. Then there was a knock on the door. Sam called from the inner bedroom out to the door. “Who is it?” She tried to make her voice sound as bubbly and happy as she could.

“Hey Sammy. It’s me, Bobby.” He called from the behind the door. Sam quickly dialed the police and called for assistance. It would take them fifteen minutes to get there from Sullivan Street. Knowing that Sam took a deep breath and opened the door for the wide smiling Bobby.


 I looked around at my odds. The ironic part was that they were in my favor. None of them were armed or had any intention of getting in his way. I bolted past the  group. I was five blocks from my apartment. If I ran the entire way I would make it.  After what felt like two minutes of sprinting I made it to my apartment door. I still heard voices inside. I made it. I quietly undid a floorboard outside my door to reveal a loaded pistol for emergencies.

Suddenly I heard Sam scream inside the apartment and I kicked down the door pointing my gun at Bobby. His gun was pointed at Sam, who was frozen in fear against the wall.

“Let her go Bobby. This has nothing to do with Sam.” I said franticly.

“It’s nice to see you too.” He said rolling his eyes.

“I’m serious Bobby.”

“Alright Cat. Let’s play a little game. You know how to play right?” he said aiming the gun at me. I gulped remembering the trick he used to play on gangsters. He called it ‘Speed’. It was basically who shot who first at the count of three. And of course Bobby had always cheated. Bobby counted slowly and right as he said three I sprang forward at him, catching him by surprise. His gun went off  and I braced myself for  whatever pain would come but it never came. I tackled him to the ground and hit the gun out his hand. My rage took over from there. I threw the hardest punches I could, wanting to break as many things I could. Sam was yelling at me to stop but I couldn’t. I was finally pulled off Bobby by an officer. I was sat down to tell my story to the police and then I sat next to Sam as Bobby was taken away. Sam put her hand on my I looked up at her, that idiot had given her a black eye.

“Sam I’m-“

“Shhh. Open your hand.” I did as I was told and she placed something in my hand. I looked at it to discover it has little pieces of the bell.

“Are you gonna get me a new one?” I asked jokingly.

“With your track record on punctuality? Absolutely.” 

© 2011 SerahDee

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