Who is God really?

Who is God really?

A Story by Serenedy

We all want to know what our purpose is; we are all here for a reason; no life is a mistake; no person is here by accident.


We're all here for reasons we do not know; reasons we have to discover  for ourselves. Not everyone knows this but, God also has a purpose; his purpose is brought to life through us; his purpose is us. Your life is not a mistake, accident, or coincidence; God thought of you way before your parents decided to have you. Before you were conscieved by your parents, you were concieved in the mind and eyes God. You are not here because of your parents, you're here because God wants you to be. Your parents might not have planned for your arrival, but God did.

I am a Christian, and people say that Christians are hypocrits, condemmers, and finger pointers; that may be true in some people, but the way I see it, I'm no better than anyone else. My baptist pastor said it best, "If I poined fingers at anyone else, I would have ten fingers pointing back at me. I'm no better than anyone else; I've made some huge and regrettable mistakes in my life. I'm not perfect and neither is any other human being on this planet." 
As much as I try to be perfect,(with my art an writing) I'm not. The bible says that Christians have to be perfect; but the definition of the word perfect today is the exact opposite of what God wants us all to be. In God's eyes, perfect is a person that realises that they're not perfect(by our meaning of the word); a person who realises that they have flaws; and not only that, but the ability to cope with their flaws/imperfections.

Here's my saying that I wrote today; strength is weakness, weakness is strength; Inside every strong person, there's weakness; inside every weak person, there is strength. It takes a strong person to admit that they are weak, without being asamed of it. I'm as weak as I am strong; me realising that just makes me even stronger.
Dedicated to God for helping me realise that weakness is just strength in a humble form.

This is something God wants you to realise...
God is not a vending machiene. Unlike God, vending machines take your money and you get what you want right then and there( sometimes they just take your money); (we call that instant gradification) When you pray for something, God knows what you want even before you ask for it; he knows your heart, which means he knows how bad you want what you're praying for. If your prayrs don't get answered that's God's way of saying one of 3 things; either 1 you need to pray for what you want/need more often, or 2 you can live without it, or 3 God is testing your patience.

My purpose in life is to do whatever God tells me to do. He's the ultimate President, boss, manager, ruler, king, commander,... he's the head chief of all head chiefs and the rolde model of all role models. I have so much belief in him that I trust him with my life; why not?; he created me, he knows me more than I know myself, he has a layed out plan of my life, and where it leads to. He has the ultimate "play book" (that is my life), in his hands. It only makes scence to let him lead me to the end where he planned in the first palce. My life is nothing without God, I have nothing without God, I couldn't survive without God, I would be lost without God, I would be a wasted life without God, a wasted soul, mind, body, and heart without God, I wouldn't be here without God, My life would have no meaning without God, I wouldn't have been given the rite to live without God, and I would be wandering aimlessly around with earth without God's love, grace, guidance, strength, faith in me, purpose in me and hope in me.

The most important muscle in my body is my heart, because God lives in it, and he keeps me alive. God is the fire in my heart that will never be extinguished! He is my strength when I am weak... he is everything to me...he is everything I am and everything I'm going to be.

© 2008 Serenedy

Author's Note

This is just a taste of the five course meal. So what do you think? Do your taste buds want more?

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Aw, this is amazing. I'm a Christian too. I love this, it makes me feel good. Thanks for this bit of encouragement!

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I mostly write sayings and most of these sayings come directly from life experiance. Some come from questions I've had about something like comunication or life in general. I have a big heart. So big .. more..