Life's rythmic heartbeat

Life's rythmic heartbeat

A Poem by Serenedy

What do you want your life's rythm to be?



Everyone's life has a beat
when it's played, it sounds so neat
the instruments are our choices

it all comes together with our voices
we choose the song to play

it's in our heads everyday

the song we choose can be a driving force

this is called motivation ofcourse

where we go what we do

is all part of this wonderful tune

the song we play gives us power

it builds us up like a strong tower

play something encouaging

let your heart sing

keep pushing forward

keep looking upward

keep up the good fight

don't let your dreams out of sight

play the song till the end

when you finally meet your best friend

play your life's song, and let him listen

as the spirit around him glistens

and when your song is through

he will decide what to do with you



© 2008 Serenedy

Author's Note

So what do you want your life's rythmic song to be? Choose wisely.

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This is a great metaphor for the outlook each of us chooses to play in life! And it can change throughout your life, depending on circumstances you are going through, although I think we all have our basic melody and how we deal with strife and appreciate the good things in life.
I wonder if a pessimist ever hears a catchy tune? LOL!
Good writing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

I'm posting reviews on my own work again.... I guess you can honestly say I'm bored!! :) The reason why I wrote this is so I can find a way to anylise the driving force that keeps pushing us forward. I just love to anylise things and make sence of life, because it's easier to cope with the things in life rather than just co-existing with it. When we go search for jobs, our experiences play a huge role in what we are going to do; the same goes for when we go to heaven; what we do on this earth determines where we go and what we do once we get to heaven.This life that we all have is just the beginning. It's just the pre game before the championships. It's just the boot camp befor the real war. God is training us. He wants to grow our endourance, tolerance, patience, strength, courage, faithfulness, spirituality, etc. He wants to do all this because he loves us. If he didn't love us he wouldn't be standing in the bleechers rooting for out success. God is training us for the spiritual warfare that's comming up and I don't know about anyone else but I want to be ready for that and I will be ready for that.

Posted 15 Years Ago

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I mostly write sayings and most of these sayings come directly from life experiance. Some come from questions I've had about something like comunication or life in general. I have a big heart. So big .. more..