The ups and downs of having Bipolar 1

The ups and downs of having Bipolar 1

A Story by Serenedy

my poem about how I viewed myself and what I was going through


Creativity ruled my night
I couldn't turn off my light
Doing millions of things at once
never getting any of  done
All my thoughts like race cars on a track
always worried if I might have another attack
Fear was always near
I wish I could disappear
I was always so aggravated
everything made me agitated
I was up and I was down
never staying on solid grownd
I wish I was like everyone else
but all I can do is be myself
When I'm down it feels like forever
like I'm never getting out, not ever
It feels like I'm in a never ending vortex
I keep saying "What next?!"
The pressure from life feels like a brick wall
baring down to the point of not breathing at all.


Hyperventilation, rise in heart rate, violent shaking of hands or tightening of hands, and the brain feeling like it's on fire because of lack of oxygen to it (caused by hyperventilation) is what a pannic attack/ manic episode is. I had those everyday for about 4 months in my senior year in high school. Bipolar can not be cured, but it can be treated with lithium or other medications. Lithium is a mood stabyliser and natural element on the periodic table.


To be honest, I used to regret having Bipolar; granted I regret staying up for days, lack of appitite, panic attacks in school, and everything that comes with having Bipolar except for the creativity part, but now I have something I can use to change the world and help families with children get through all the hardships they're dealing with.

© 2009 Serenedy

Author's Note

This is a poem about Bipolar. I hope you enjoy it

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Added on April 18, 2008
Last Updated on May 18, 2009
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