Different levels of Graduation: it doesn't stop at highschool and college.

Different levels of Graduation: it doesn't stop at highschool and college.

A Story by Serenedy

Talking about life graduation


Everyone knows that when you graduate, that means you past the test and you're ready for the next level. What people don't realise is that there are other kinds of Graduation other than school. That's just part of it.


Think about this for a moment: When you go through a difficult time, and finally see the end of it, you've graduated that level of difficulty and from that experience, you are strengthened and ready for the next level. There is no difference between the two. Both types of graduation work the same way; only life graduation strenthens the mind heart and spirit while the educational type of graduation just strengthens the mind.

If I had to label life graduation and and educational graduation, I would say that life graduation is wisdom and the educational graduation is knowlege. Although it doesn't seem like it, wisdom and knowlge are two different things.

Wisdom deals more with life experience while knowlege is mostly "book smarts".


Alot of people think that just because school ends, that that's the end of school. Well guess what? Class is still in session. Education never stops. Only, your techer isn't Mrs. Shigihara from 10th grade English class; it's God. And he gives you the best and sometimes most difficult lesson you're ever going to have. There are alot of differences between the lessons your teacher gave you and the ones God gives you.


 The lessons teachers give last for a day or a couple weeks and once you've learned it, you forget it because at that time you figured it wasn't that much of an importance for you to store in your mind. Also there are alot of math classes that are sometimes past Einstein level. There's not a whole lot of use for that kind of knowlege.


With God's lessons they continue each day until you get though a hard time. Even then, there are still those little lessons he gives you about sacrifice, patience, being kind, and knowing when to talk and when to listen. (Just to name a few) He teaches more lessons a day than a teacher gives in an entire school week. With God's lessons, you never forget them, because they are embedded in your mind and heart so that when you come to a similar situation, you can use that same experience and get through it with ease.


The lessons God teaches me that I find the hardest is realising that I can't do it on my own. God knows that I have a stubborn and determined nature about me and he has obvious ways of telling me that I need to take a breath and leave it up to him, because everything happens for a reason and it will all work out for the better. I just have to be optomistic and faithful. 

A lot of the hard lessons and problems I go through most of the time, have to do with my Assistant Manager. I just have to remember that what he thinks about my work doesn't matter all that much because he's just a temporary boss. God is my boss for eternity, and in the end, he's the one who's going to be judging me. He's the one who's going to give me the final evaluation of my life's resume. He's the one who's going to give me my most important interview ever. I feel safe knowing that. I'm not going to be afraid of what my Assistant Manager thinks about my work or how I work. Now that I think about it, my Assistant Manager isn't all that important anymore. I'm just going to do my best regarless of what he thinks. If my best isn't good enough for him, it wouldn't make much of a difference anymore, because it will be good enough for God. That's all that matters.

© 2008 Serenedy

Author's Note

I'm not saying this to force this on anyone. If anything I want people to accept God with their own free will. I'm not a door knocker, a flier passer, or a salesmen. I don't sell. I give. You don't have to pay to ask for God's help and you don't have to pay to find out who he is or what he does. Just ask and he'll show you. All I do is tell people what God's done for me and leave it up to the person to make that choice.

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