Lost At Sea

Lost At Sea

A Story by Serenity Blair

Title is up in the air right now. Pirates, Sirens, Atlantis, and Sea Monsters galore.


Samson “Razor Face” Locke is the Atlantic Ocean’s most barbaric pirate. After America took down Samson’s fathers ship “Hades Knave” in 1808, all men on board where declared lost at sea. Which in most cases means deceased. Samson continues his fathers legacy until he meets and elderly sailor who recognizes him. The sailor tells him of the city of Atlantis. 

“You’re father is there, my boy. He is waiting for you.”

Samson recruits a group of men to help him on his journey, but is halted by the ever lovely, Vivianna O’Ray. When hearing the story, Vivianna swears she can help find this mystery place.

Upon their journey they are met with horrible storms and terrifying illnesses in which crew members begin hallucinating beautiful women laying across rocks, singing songs that lured the men directly into the Kraken’s Cave. 

Will Samson and his crew make it to the Lost City of Atlantis or will they, too, become Lost at Sea?

© 2015 Serenity Blair

Author's Note

Serenity Blair
Still a work in progress. Any suggestions are encouraged.

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I think it sounds really good so far! Cant wait to read it.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Added on November 6, 2015
Last Updated on November 6, 2015
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Serenity Blair
Serenity Blair

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