Feminist Misandry and the Sexual Terrorism of Men

Feminist Misandry and the Sexual Terrorism of Men

A Story by Nannette LaRee~

Book Excerpt: “Why Men no Longer Love Women: Feminism, Tinder and the War on Men” by Nannette LaRee Hernandez


The war against men and the slow cancerous spread of misandry began with 2nd Wave Feminism and its consensual 6 ½ decades of misplaced rage, hysterical incrimination, and Sexual Terrorism against men.

In short, Feminism became a vehicle to blame Man for every issue that Woman has, while labeling the entire male race as sexist, misogynistic, potential rapists, based solely on a Feminist Agenda of self-proclaimed oppression and victimization.

What a crock of s**t.



The Suffragettes are the only movement in history that went about getting Equal Rights in the correct way.

Suffragettes understood what true oppression was; they’d lived in a male dominated society for centuries, yet these strong women always remained ladies, ever true to their gender and to Nature, while effectively achieving their goals without attacking or blaming men. Had achieving Equal Rights been a task left to late 20th Century women, Woman would still be a 2nd Class citizen.

The Feminist Movement today only cares about the ‘empowerment of women,’ when it suits a political purpose.

If Feminism were truly about the ‘empowerment of women,' then the Fifty-Shades of Grey Trilogy would never have sold over 70 million copies, worldwide.

The very same Feminists who accuse men of sexual objectification, and of never giving women the respect that they deserve, just couldn’t get enough of Christian Grey and his sexual humiliation of Ana Steele.

Everywhere, Feminists confirmed that while a man's a pig if he enjoys pornography where a woman is shackled and flogged, it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to be turned on by how Christian flogged Ana, and to then masturbate to the idea of it.

The book sales and the 2015 movie Fifty Shades of Grey, which broke box office records worldwide, exposed Feminism as nothing-more than a known terrorist cell against men, to be activated by women whenever they feel the justification to attack.



“Men are misogynistic pigs if they want their dicks sucked, but Women need their p***y eaten because they ‘come better’ from oral sex.”


1. “I’d never let a man f**k my a*s, I am not a w***e!”

“If you want sex from me, get a better job that’ll pay all the bills.”


2. “If a man touches me anywhere on my body without my consent, it’s assault.”

“When I grab a man’s a*s in a bar or touch a man’s chest, it’s my right as a sexually-free Feminist.”


3. “A man's a player if he f***s around with a lot of women.”

“I’m not a s**t if I hook-up with any random guy that I meet on Tinder; it just proves I’m sexually-free.”


4. “ALL men are SUCH sexist pigs!”

“That man is fat, bald, doesn’t make much money, and just is not relationship material.”


5. “Men who watch porn are filthy pigs!”

“OMG, I can’t wait to see the sequel to 'Fifty Shade of Grey'!"


6. “Men who frequent topless bars and ‘Gentlemen’s’ Club, are desperate scum.”

“Hey Jane: the bar down the street’s has male strippers from the UK! Let’s call all the girls and go!”


7. “I do not need a man; I can take care of myself!”

“I'm secretly a baby-desperate, money-grubbing, ring-huntress who just wants to sit on her a*s at home watching Oprah re-runs while shopping online while I nurse the baby.”



Men did not start a war on women.

The only war on women, is the Civil War that women have been fighting against each other since the beginning of time. It is female hatred, back-stabbing, envy, insecurities, jealousy and a ‘mean girl’ mentality, that has kept women oppressed and invalidated.

Women body-shame each other; spread hateful gossip about each other on social media; do everything that they can to one-up each other; revel in happiness when another woman gets dumped by her man, and hold on to a grudge until it fossilizes. Women treat each other like s**t.

Men, do not hate women.

Women hate each other, and then blame men for everything.



A. Feminism convinced women that men are the enemy---and since the 1960’s, Woman has lorded over Man with a cold heart, harsh criticism and blame.

B. Feminism convinced women that they do not need men---and that lie has created decades of women who do not understand why they feel so emotionally unhappy and unfulfilled.

C. Feminism tells a woman that because a man’s Genetic Code makes him primarily sexual, that he is shallow, sexist and wrong, therefore, his needs are irrelevant and should be rebuked or ignored.

The aftermath of Feminism has left Man unwilling to commit, leaving Woman with an unquenched ache for the attention and devotion of Man; and the absolute power of Woman’s personal misery, has smothered the earth.

The only thing Feminism have ever given women, is a broken heart.

Woman cannot continually wage war with Man, and expect Him to truly love Her.

Book Excerpt: “Why Men no Longer Love Women: Feminism, Tinder and the War on Men” 

© 2017 Nannette LaRee~

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