Men Only Want Sex and Their Freedom

Men Only Want Sex and Their Freedom

A Story by Nannette LaRee~

Book Excerpt: "Creative Screwing: a woman's guide to becoming an erotic enchantress of superlustful sex" (REVISED 2017)


Every day thousands of women get dumped by good men, and never understand why.


Cosmo  and  Glamour  magazine usually advise women

that it’s all the guy’s fault; he was just a jerk who couldn’t commit. Meanwhile, female friends insist he’ll be sorry that he left,

and to ‘wait’ until he comes back.


Most of the relationship advice you’ve read or ever taken from a friend, is nothing but a load of crap. I’m here to tell you that it’s almost always the woman’s fault when a relationship ends, he’s not sorry that he left, and no, he’s not coming back.


Men do not fear commitment.


Men fear being broke, and never having their c**k sucked again.


It’s just that simple.


I know what you want, and I know how you feel.


All you want is to be loved by one man. Like, in a Fairytale.


Women all over this planet want the exact same thing.


Here’s why most women will never get what they want:


1: Women Universally refuse to accept Men as they are DNA designed, which is why most women will never have a successful romantic relationship.


2: Women Universally refuse to love Men on their terms, which is why most romantic relationships eventually fail.


I want to help you get what you want.


I want you to be so happy, that Cinderella wants to be you.


Set aside your Relationship-Killing-Feminist-Perspective about men, focus on what I say, and then apply it to your romantic relationship; or, cuss-me-out while you stuff another fried chicken leg into your mouth.


Choice is yours.



A few years ago, a Facebook friend was getting married and she asked me for my best relationship advice regarding men.


I told her that all men only care about these Three Things:

1) Sex

2) Money

3) and ‘Optional Thing,’ which constantly changed, and was anything from: his golf game; his promotion at work; the price of gas; love; paint-chip color cards; his car; where he’d left his mobile phone; which bathroom stall at work was the best place to take a dump; what those guys were wearing when they signed the Declaration of Independence; who fucked-up the lawn mower; Etc., Etc., Etc.


I advised her to give her husband regular blow jobs; to never discuss important issues with him right after work or late at night; to give him his freedom and his space, and to just leave him alone.


She was angry with my advice, and fired-back that getting married meant her blow-job days were over, and that she wanted companionship and had no intention of ever ‘leaving her husband alone.’


I told her that if that was the way she chose to relate to her man, her marriage wouldn’t last three years. Her response was to Unfriend me and block me.


December of 2015, she emailed me at my website telling she’d been served divorce papers, and that she needed my help. I replied that I’d tried to help her, but she’d refused to see that after 50-something years of Terroristic Feminist Reign, men no longer give f**k-all about staying with women who won’t suck their c**k, and who make them feel like prisoners of war.




Ask any man on earth who has all the power in a relationship, and every man will reply: The Woman.


Know who doesn’t get that? You.


So, while you’re miserably sobbing into the phone, asking your girlfriends what you’ve done wrong and asphyxiating yourself on Häagen-Dazs ice cream, you’ve completely negated to see that the entire solution to your problem is right between your legs.




A man’s emotions are directly connected to his c**k.

Men feel loved when their c**k gets wet.


Every time you ignore your man sexually, you’re killing his emotions for you.


The fact that so many women refuse to respect how men need to be loved, is exactly why men leave.


Men don’t want to hear the words ‘I love you’--- they need to see it, in order to feel it.


A woman emailed me that her US Marine husband had done several tours in Iraq, and that he’d come home so angry after his last deployment, he would scream at her and call her a liar every time she told him that she loved him.


I reminded her that many service men and women have come back from this war angry and full of self-doubt, and that PTSD was an accelerant on their raw emotions. I told her a man in his emotional state, could not believe the words ‘I love you.’


I was unsure how to advise her because her problem was truly awful; however, after a few days of thinking, I came up with an idea I believed would work, since I understand how men’s brains are wired, and how PTSD re-wires the brain.


I emailed her, and told her to stop telling her husband that she loved him. I explained that most men do not believe in words, they only believe in action, and that her husband was wound so tightly from PTSD, that every time she used the word ‘love,’ it was like throwing firecrackers into his brain.


I told her that she needed to go an entire 31 days straight, without once telling her husband that she loved him; instead, she needed to show him that she loved him, and I emailed her a list on all the ways that she could show him. I then told her to contact me for the next step, once she’d gone a full 31 days with no words of love, only action. It was about 3 months before she finally made it a full 31 days without telling her husband one single time that she loved him.


For the next step, I asked her to pick a week night, and she picked Wednesday after midnight. I then told her that every Wednesday after midnight for the following six weeks, she needed to give her husband head until he came.


She said she would try, so I sent her my book, ‘Creative Screwing,’ and then told her not to contact me for the 3rd step until she had gone six solid weeks giving her husband head, every Wednesday after midnight.


Two months went by, and when she emailed me again, she actually sounded happy. She said Wednesday was the one day a week that her husband made all kinds of effort to reign things in, and that she was shocked at how modified his behavior became. I told her it was because he knew Wednesday was blow job day, and he didn’t want to f**k that up. I then gave her the 3rd step, stating that on Wednesday, she was now going to wear sexy lingerie, put on red lipstick, sit her husband in a chair and turn on a small lamp, so that she’d be on her knees and he could watch her while she was getting him off. I told her to do that for four weeks straight, and then call me for the final step.


When she called me for the final step, I told her, “Kara, this Wednesday, when you do your blow job routine, right as he’s starting to cum, you’re going to tell your husband ‘I love you.’ After he cums, I want you to kiss him all the way from his balls to his neck, and then I want you to leave the room so that he can be alone. Then, I want you to call me, and tell me what happens afterwards.”


That Thursday night, she called and told me that her husband had gone to Walmart and bought her a bicycle. When she asked him why he’d done that, he told her that he was concerned about her health because she never exercised, and he didn’t want her to die because he loved her. She started crying on the phone as she was telling me this. Her husband had not told her that he loved her, in four years.


In order to believe in love, a man has to be loved the way that he needs to be loved.


If you refuse to hear what I am saying, you will never have the romantic relationship that you want with a man.


Article excerpts taken from:

1.“Creative Screwing: a woman’s guide to becoming an erotic enchantress of superlustful sex” Revised 2017

2. “Using Constructive Sex-Positive Techniques to Combat PTSD in Military Men” (April 5, 2017)

3. “Why Men No Longer Love Women: Feminism, Tinder and the War on Men” (May 2018)

© 2017 Nannette LaRee~

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Hmmm... whilst I generally hate generalisations (oops), there is an underlying "truth" about this premise. I would suggest that men don't actually like too strict a routine so a regular weekly BJ will in itself eventually become "boring". But the twin concepts of giving the man the perception (or reality) of freedom (personal space) counterbalanced by demonstrative physical bonding and contact are absolutely spot on.

Posted 6 Years Ago

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