The mask of happiness can kill...

The mask of happiness can kill...

A Story by AchingAlexandra

All humour disappeared from her eyes as she told her friend the words she would rather not have said, "You can date Eric if you want to. I won't get mad at you, I promise."
"Don't you still love him?" Jenna asked her.
"No, I don't think it was love, I think it was lust," she said, knowing fully that she did still love him, and always would.
"Aurora, are you sure?" Jenna asked, tentatively.
"Yes, I'm sure, Jen. Besides, I don't want to rip your happiness away from you. You guys are perfect for each other," Aurora responded, holding back that tears that tried to escape.
"Okay then. If you sure," Jenna said, hesitantly.
"Go ahead! Don't worry, I really am fine with it."
With that, Jenna and Eric started a relationship. Aurora watched on the sideline, depressed by the fact the person she loves is dating her best friend. Every time Jenna would ask her, she would reassure her friend she was okay with it.
Secretly at night, she would bleed out her pain. It was a secret habit, that few people knew about. Even fewer know why she did it. Until one fateful day. She took her cut too far, and it hit a vein. Her life bled away, and in her last moments, she had written her friends a note.
I'm sorry I died. I didn't mean to.
I was engulfed by pain, but you don't need to read about that.
Eric, I love you, and I always will.
Jenna, you are my best friend, and don't let this get in the way of your happiness. You 2 will be happy together. I'm sure.
Don't do anything rash over me.
I love you both.
Goodbye. Forever...

© 2010 AchingAlexandra

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Added on July 30, 2010
Last Updated on July 30, 2010




I'm a really nice person, but I have a lot of issues. I love writing, it helps ebb the regular pain I have. First name: Courtney Middle Name: Alexandra I'm purely myself. I don't change to fit.. more..