Easy [Inertia: The Musical]

Easy [Inertia: The Musical]

A Poem by Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

The Philosopher has watched The Movement fail because of it's constituent's lack of focus and direction. His patience is completely eroded, and he lashes out at the uninformed, apathetic citizens.


They bought you war, sold your kids
and it burnt you out;
you're broken.

Their profits soared; you've got ambitions
but after all
you're only you….

They said it'd be easy
To cheat and deceive
Please don't believe
Everything you hear

You're not informed, just conformed
to learning how
not to care

Laws are important, but never more
than the ones they're
written for

Their authors ignored us when we swore
we'd turn them out
because of you

Oh they said it'd be easy
You'll only believe me
When there's only you to care
You'll only believe me
When there's only you to care

You're ignorant of your government's brutality
yet you can recite the entire cast of every season of that reality
show you love to pretend is real; you immerse yourself in it
strapped into a sinking ship.

You have the right to remain informed! Anything you don't know
can and will be used to commit horrific acts of treason and terror
without your knowledge or consent
and they'll NEVER repent,
only resent
any dissent

.....and we're hopeless.

Corporate-controlled capitalism
killed the concepts
our fathers conceived

The caskets close, catastrophe's over
once again
we've been deceived.

And they said it'd be easy
You didn't believe me
Now there's only you to care
You didn't believe me
Now there's only you to blame.

© 2011 Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Author's Note

Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
If you'd like to hear how the lyrics sound put to music, check out www.InertiaTheMusical.com to listen to the soundtrack demos for FREE!

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Added on October 5, 2011
Last Updated on October 7, 2011
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Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Tampa, FL

Sgammato is the author of Inertia: The Musical www.InertiaTheMusical.com Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because.. more..


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