Movement Anthem (reprise)

Movement Anthem (reprise)

A Poem by Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

The Philosopher, Peter, Anthony, Summer, Token, Liberty, and Quina all sing about The Movement!

Cure the disease
of complacency

A drop of thought will break down your old routine

Wrench in the machine

We won’t be deceived
by fruit on the tree

Together we will chop it down and strike the roots:

This willful ignorance

ANTHONY AND LIBERTY: Minds are controlled by chemicals and SOMA
SUMMER AND QUINA: And souls are possessed by crooked creeds
PETER AND TOKEN: Our task seems daunting with our brethren in a coma


But we must not neglect our responsibilities
Wake up! Wake up!! WAKE UP!!!

It feels like
Ten thousand years we’ve cried

Tyrants drowned our pride, and conquered us

But through all the fears and lies,

We are stronger now

Mindful of our cash flow                         

our Dollar votes will overthrow
yeah we’ll show

our resistance with clever buying!

Even though
we’ve been….

Wasting this life preparing for the next

Each day draws closer to our final breath

Use this life with which we’re blessed

to make life better for the rest

To succeed, we must take heed of what we read

Pseudo-news, slanted views mislead

Like a zookeeper we know they feed us
with lies to distract us

Spin machine will choke us if we tune in

Distract us from the focus if we tune in

ANTHONY AND LIBERTY: Learn to communicate
PETER AND TOKEN: Responsible consumption

SUMMER AND QUINA: Tolerant presumption


Turn to the old exchange

Remember thought is power
Now's the hour
to let gravity pull you to
Something Greater than yourself

This world is in need
of a great many things
You're not the only one who is praying for change
This movement won't be still

Together we'll succeed,
so let gravity
pull you close to something that's greater than yourself
Sapere Aude

United we're free
so let gravity
pull you close to something that's greater than yourself
This movement won't be still

This movement won't ever be still!

© 2011 Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Author's Note

Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
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Added on October 6, 2011
Last Updated on October 7, 2011
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Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Tampa, FL

Sgammato is the author of Inertia: The Musical Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because.. more..