Dare To Know

Dare To Know

A Poem by Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Liberty has just witnessed Anthony's exposer of Bilderberg's gross manipulation of the media. The duo sing a song about Truth, and Liberty joins the Movement.

Dare To Know

Can’t believe atrocities so obscene
Who could use a cruel ruse so easily?
Why not choose to diffuse the truth,
Not confuse the masses?

Liberty, you must take heed of what you read!
Pseudo-news, slanted views mislead
Like a zookeeper you know they feed
Us with lies to distract us

Anthony, I can see I’ve much to learn
Vigilant citizens are preferred
You were the spark, you did your part it’s my turn
To return to reason

Journalism giants prosper at our expense
Free flow of info held in suspense

Break the bonds of ignorance
Throw away the sponsors spouting nonsense
Take back our innocence
Cast aside the pundits, campaign-funded.

From the fiery embers she flies from ignorance
The ashes of her past fade black like memories

Spin machine will twist you if you tune in
Distract you from the issues if you tune in

Learn to communicate just
Set aside your S.O.M.A.,
wake up from your coma

Turn to the old exchange
Remember thought is power,
Now’s the hour

To let gravity pull you to
Something greater than yourself

Long ago, we could show that we cared
we must show, that this hope is still there
Learn to grow, dare to know, it’s only fair
Sapere Aude.

Learn to grow, dare to know, that’s freedom!

© 2011 Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Author's Note

Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
If you'd like to hear how the lyrics sound put to music, check out www.InertiaTheMusical.com to listen to the soundtrack demos for FREE!

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Added on October 6, 2011
Last Updated on October 7, 2011
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Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Tampa, FL

Sgammato is the author of Inertia: The Musical www.InertiaTheMusical.com Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because.. more..