On Responsible Consumerism

On Responsible Consumerism

A Poem by Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Peter encourages Token to stop buying marijuana from Bilderberg, to become a responsible consumer in a capitalistic society. After some initial confusion, Token is persuaded to join The Movement.

On Responsible Consumerism


PETER: Hey Token, uh, do you remember the other day when you had your friend over, um….
he was handing you the stuff, you were handing him the money….

TOKEN: (stoned)….. yeah, and you were sitting… yeah, you had a pink shirt on, like, uh….

PETER: Token…

TOKEN: Oh no, that was Jessica.

PETER: Token, seriously, the MONEY is what I'm talking about. I just didn't think it was right that you handed him the -

TOKEN: You know, Pete, you can't hold me accountable for all this information, man!

PETER: You know what I'm talking about.

TOKEN: I mean…. wait, do you hear those diminished 7th chords, man? I mean, you gotta chill! Try something like this, like, reggae, AAAAND - [music changes] Yeah. I like that MUCH better.

PETER: I do kind of like that -

TOKEN: Feel that island beat. Now shut up and sing!

Thoughts in our minds controlled
Chemicals can’t console
Little piece of me is dying!

Friendships are bought and sold
Love is exchanged for gold (and bankrolled)
But gravity will keep inspiring
Our souls

It’s real bad business, Pete, I know. (Corporate scandal)
Consumption, theft, and greed fo’ sho. (Fear and consume)
But there’s serfs and Kings, that’s how it goes! (Social order)
Circular flow

Our story’s still untold
History unfolds (and the bold will)
bring about the triumph of the righteous!

Sometimes our feet grow cold
Nerves freeze and numb our toes
But we gotta find the strength to fight on!
Even though (it feels like)

Ten thousand years I’ve tried
And I’m bound to find what got me here
But for all the tears I’ve cried,
Was it worth it at all?

No use in useless woes
We reap the seeds we sow
Gotta know what crooks we’re supplying.

Mindful of our cash flow
our Dollar votes will overthrow (yeah we’ll show)
(our) resistance with clever buying!
Even though (it feels like)

Ten thousand years we’ve tried
But we’re bound to find what got us here
And for all the tears we’ve cried,
It was worth it all.

Think twice before your quid pro quo (where the cash goes)
on music, drugs, and food and clothes (who gets my dough?)

Like Nancy’s slogan, “Just Say No!” (financial blow)

Suppose, and expose, and oppose, Dare to Know!

© 2011 Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

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Author's Note

Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
If you'd like to hear how the lyrics sound put to music, check out www.InertiaTheMusical.com to listen to the soundtrack demos for FREE!

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Added on October 6, 2011
Last Updated on October 7, 2011
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Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]
Sgammato [Inertia The Musical]

Tampa, FL

Sgammato is the author of Inertia: The Musical www.InertiaTheMusical.com Society is stuck in a state of SOCIAL INERTIA; we are resisting a pull towards something greater than ourselves because.. more..