Tired of Waiting

Tired of Waiting

A Poem by S. Georgia

Completely cathartic, train of thought poem.

Tired of waiting,
Halting all my plans just in case he calls,
Becoming the pathetic, lethargic sloth when he doesn't.
Waiting for him to tell me what he wants when he wants,
Answering questions but never getting the answers to my own in return.
I'm tired of waiting for you to decide to finally let me in.
I'm tired of waiting to even begin to be on the list of people you consider close.
I'm not close at all.
Never will be close it seems,
I'm impatient naturally but I've been patient with you darling.
I'm tired of feeling so damn insecure,
And never being able to tell you because I think I'm just overreacting.
I'm tired of wondering when I'm going to see you next,
And whether or not you'll treat me like a nuisance.
I'm tired of constantly being reminded that;
My age,
My location,
Are handicaps that mar the relationship.
I'm tired of walking his crumbling line,
Wondering if the next step will offend you
Or draw you closer.
I'm sick of not knowing anything that you do,
And having to play this cruel guessing game.
I'm sick of hearing about how your friends
Hate me,
Say I'm a b***h,
Tell you to leave me.
Maybe they do,
Maybe I am,
Maybe they're right,
But why do you have to tell me
When you aren't going to do a damn thing about it?
I hate that I can't let myself tell you;
How I feel,
What I want,
That I consider ending it.
I hate that I can't end it
And the next time I see you,
I'll be a clean slate completely devoid of all the insecurity
Until you leave me alone again.

© 2008 S. Georgia

Author's Note

S. Georgia
So yeah, criticism is welcomed.

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brilliant write

Posted 9 Years Ago

"And the next time I see you,
I'll be a clean slate completely devoid of all the insecurity
Until you leave me alone again."

Best line in the poem, really sums everything up. If you wanted someone to know what this was about, you'd show them those three lines.

I really liked this, easy to relate to. I can't think of anything to change. Wondeful.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on October 3, 2008


S. Georgia
S. Georgia

Tracy, CA

Hey, I'm Savannah. I'm almost twenty-two years ols been writing since I was about eight. So almost 14 years now? I'm working on a novel and I'm almost done with my first draft of it. If you .. more..

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