A Poem by S. Georgia

Poem, actually has a meaning.


I wish that

before I was born,

someone had grabbed my spirit

by the shoulders and yelled in my spirit's ears,

"Hey guess what? 

Guess which family you're going into,

which pile of s**t you're going to be born,

and step in every second of your f*****g life?

Arguements that you can never win,


those are frowned upon better keep those

little fuckers locked up tight-

you can never share.

And hey! Every f*****g syllable that leaks from

your mouth will be your posion,

every f*****g step you take

will be on a f*****g landmine,

hope you have a enough feet

to last you for twenty something years.

Yep, twenty something years,

that's probably as long as you'll last.

Because the list of things you;

can't say,

can't think,

can't do,

can't read,

can't feel,

That s**t'll make you insane.


remember whatever you say

can and will be used against you

in their corrupt court of kin law.

Think hard about what you;



before you do it.

Although it doesn't matter in the long run,

it'll blow off your foot anyway."



© 2009 S. Georgia

Author's Note

S. Georgia
I'm just a bit mildly pissed... Just a bit, concrit still welcome.

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wow. powerful write. love it.

Posted 10 Years Ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I'm sorry I loved the angst and sentiments behind this one. I relate to s****y family crap...if that's any consolation for laughing at what was an entirely serious b. XD I liked the conversational tone.

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on March 20, 2009


S. Georgia
S. Georgia

Tracy, CA

Hey, I'm Savannah. I'm almost twenty-two years ols been writing since I was about eight. So almost 14 years now? I'm working on a novel and I'm almost done with my first draft of it. If you .. more..

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