The Miracle

The Miracle

A Story by Sha-Tisha Avonlady Bonhomme

Aaron and Michelle are both in horrible relationships and give each other the strength they need to leave and start anew with each other, but their ex's Justin and Halle refuse to except the break up


Michelle Williams was at work at Al's diner. It had been busy all day, and she had been running around like a chicken with its head cut off. She was exhausted. She went behind the counter where her best friend and roommate Jessica was working.


Michelle: You want to switch places for a while? Those people are working my last nerves


Jessica: Sure.


 Jessica was getting ready to walk from behind the counter when she looked up and spotted a customer walking in.


Jessica:  Oh my, I think I'll take his order first.


Michelle looked up and saw Aaron Warner for the first time. She had never seen such a handsome man before in her life. She had to get a closer look.


Michelle: Let me take it.


Jessica: Alright, go for it girl. Get you


Michelle: I'm not going over there to get with him.


Jessica: Whatever girl.



Ms. Ella was sitting at the counter with her empty plate in front of her and a cup of coffee in her hand. She was an old sassy lady who was always there talking s**t. She got on the girl’s last nerves, but she was very entertaining.


Ms. Ella: Hey, you two hussies are you gonna come get this plate, or what?


Jessica: I'm coming Ms. Ella.


Ms. Ella: Well come on. You're moving slower than frozen syrup.


Jessica went to pick up Ms. Ella’s plate and give her the check, while Michelle went to take the handsome man's order. She walks up to the table.


Michelle: Can I take your order?


She took a quick glance at him. He had smooth brown skin, big brown eyes, a clean shave, fresh haircut, brooks brother suit, Rolex watch, and no wedding ring. She began to float into a whole new world, where just the two of them existed.


Aaron: Yes, I'll have a cheeseburger, some fries, and a large glass of water.


Michelle: Ok will that be all for you?


He looked her straight in the eyes.


Aaron: Yes, thank you.


He smiled at her and she smiled back.


She turned to walk away. She was floating on air from that beautiful smile he had gave her but was knocked back into reality when she ran into her good for nothing boyfriend, Justin.


Justin: Did you make any tips, yet?


Michelle: A few.


Justin: Give it here.


Michelle: Justin, I need it to catch the bus home.


Justin: You can walk. It's not that far.


Aaron: Excuse me ma'am, are you going to process my order?


Michelle looked at him. He smiled at her again, and she smiled back. Once again she was pulled into their own little world.


Justin: What the f**k are you smiling at?


She snapped back and began to walk away. She went behind the counter, and handed the order to the chef. Justin walked up to the counter.


Justin: Are you going to answer me? What are you smiling and blushing for?


Michelle: He's a customer, Justin. I was just being nice.


Ms. Ella: That b***h was flirting. I saw her a*s.


Justin: So, what you feeling that n***a?


Michelle: No. Don't listen to Ms Ella. You know she's a crazy old lady


Chef: Order up


Michelle grabbed the order and brought it out to Aaron's table.


Aaron: He's pretty jealous, isn't he? Can't say I blame him.


Michelle: Thank You.


Aaron: I'm Aaron, by the way.


Michelle: Nice to meet you.


Aaron: Aren't you going to tell me your name?


Michelle: No.


Aaron: Oh, that's cold.


He smiled at her and she smiled back once again. Justin saw the two talking, and became highly upset. He goes up to Michelle and grabs her by the arm.


Justin: Come here, let me talk to you.


Michelle: Justin, will you chill out. I'm working.


They went into the women's restroom and he locked the door.


Justin: Why do you always have to start some s**t?


Michelle: I didn't do anything.


Justin: You're flirting with that n***a right in front of me.


She knew there was nothing she could say or do to prevent what was coming next. So, she puts her head down. He grabs her by the face roughly. Tears are coming down her cheeks.


Justin: You like it when I hit you, don't you?


Michelle: No.


Justin: Yes you do, because if you didn't you wouldn't make me do it.


He lets her go and then slaps her across the face. She's holding her face and crying. He goes into her apron pocket and takes out all of her tips.


Meanwhile Jessica was waiting tables for Michelle. She goes up to Aaron's table.


Jessica: Can I get you anything else?


Aaron: As a matter of fact you can. Hey, the waitress with the angry boyfriend, what's her name?


Jessica: Michelle.


Aaron: Thanks.


Jessica: No problem.


She was walking away, when she saw Justin coming out of the restroom. As soon as he was out the door Aaron headed towards the restroom as Jessica looked on. He went in, and could hear Michelle's sobs, but didn't see her. He looked under the stall doors until he spotted her legs.


Aaron: Michelle, open up.


Michelle: Go away.


Aaron: Come on, it’s me Aaron. You know the guy at the table.


She unlocked the stall door and opens it. He grabs some tissue and wiped her tears.


Aaron: He's good. , Didn’t leave a scar, or at least not any that I can see. Are you ok?


Michelle: I'm fine, thanks. I need to get back to work.


She wiped the last tear off her face and went back into the diner.


Michelle: Sorry I left you. Justin just...


Jessica: Let me guest. He just got a little upset. I don't know why you put up with him. I bet he took all of your tips again too.


Michelle didn't say a word.


Jessica: I don't believe this s**t. Your sister, Lena, is not going to let us keep staying with her if we can't cover our half of the rent. You know our paychecks alone can't cover it.


Michelle: I know, Jessica.


Jessica: You know, but yet you keep letting him take your money. Did he at least leave you something to catch the bus home? I mean it's the least he can do after he wrecked your car.


Then Mr. Albert, the owner, came out front.


Mr. Albert: Michelle, that boy was in here starting trouble again, wasn't he?


Ms. Ella: Yep. He gave her a good a*s whipping in the bathroom.


Mr. Albert: Make this the last time I have to tell you. I don't want him here. He's bad for business.


Michelle: Yes Sir. It won't happen again, I promise


Mr. Albert: Yeah, sure it won't.


Michelle took a deep breath. She looked up and saw Aaron standing by his table. Then, she watched him as he walked out. He turned and looked at her before leaving, and gave her one last smile, but she was too embarrassed to smile back. She just put her head down.


Jessica: I think he likes you.


Michelle: To rich for my blood.


Then she goes over to bus his table. He left his business card on the table for her, Aaron Warner attorney at law. That explained the expensive gear, she thought to herself. On the back he had written his home number. She stuck it in her purse and never looked at it again.


The next day he showed up again.


Michelle: Can I take your order?


Aaron: How are you?


Michelle: Fine, thank you.


Aaron: I waited for your call last night.


Michelle: I never said I would call you.


Aaron: But, you never said you wouldn't either.


Michelle: You never gave me your number.


Aaron: Don't try to pull one over on me. I saw you pick up the card.


Michelle: Are you going to order something?


Aaron: (Picking up the menu) Yes I'll have your phone number, with a side order of your address, and for dessert, dinner with you tonight.


Michelle: Cheeseburger and fries it is.


     She walked away. He just laughed.



 Aaron began to show up at the diner every day. Some days were unpleasant, because Justin would show up. On those days Michelle would work the counter, and completely avoid Aaron, and he would sit back and watch Justin mistreat her. But, on the days that Justin wouldn’t show up they would laugh and talk for the entire lunch hour. He became very fond of her.


One day Michelle was coming out of the bathroom, when Justin came up to her.


Justin:  I need some money? What you got?


Michelle: Nothing.


Justin: Why you always say that?


He grabs her purse out of her hand and started digging in it.  He pulls Aaron's card out


Justin: What's this?


Michelle: It's just a card.


Justin: Aaron Warner attorney at law. Who's that?


Michelle: A lawyer who wants my business.


     He turns the card over and sees the words home number on the back.


Justin: And what, he left his home number on the back in case you need emergency advice. Are you messing around on me?


Michelle: No Justin, or course not.


Then he slaps her in front of everyone. Everyone began starring at them.


Justin: Y'all mind y'all business. This b***h likes to be slapped around.


Mr. Albert heard the commotion and came out front.


Mr. Albert: Young man, you need leave my diner, before I call the cops.


Justin walks out.


Mr. Albert: Michelle, my office, now.


They head into his office. He sits down at his desk and gives her a tired look. He rubs his forehead as he begins to speak.


Mr. Albert: Michelle, I've warned

you before about that boy.


Michelle: I know, and I'm sorry. It won't happen again.


Mr. Albert: I can't take any more risk. I'm going to have to let you go.


Michelle: Please, you can't. I need this job.


Mr. Albert: Every time I turn around he's in here starting something with you and making a scene. He's no good, and if you can't see that, then he'll keep doing this to you. I can't afford for that to happen in here.


Meanwhile Aaron walked in. He goes up to Jessica.


Aaron: Excuse me, is Michelle working today.


Jessica: Yeah, she's in the back. She shouldn't be long.


Aaron: Thanks.


Ms Ella: Should've never left that card in her purse.


Aaron: Excuse me?


Ms. Ella: She just got her a*s slapped in front of everybody because of you.


Just then Michelle came storming out of the office. She goes straight into the bathroom. She didn't even notice Aaron. He followed her, but stopped at the door. He could hear her crying. She came out about ten minutes later. He was leaning up against the wall.


Aaron: What time do you get off?


Michelle: I'm off now.


Aaron: You were fired, right.


Michelle: Yeah, I was.


Aaron: Take a ride with me.


Michelle: Where?


Aaron: Where ever the road takes us.


Michelle: I don't know.


Aaron: I'm not asking you to marry me. I just want to hang out some place other then the diner.


Michelle: Ok.


Before walking out she taps on the counter to get Jessica's attention.


Michelle: I'll see you when you get home.


Jessica: Ok.


Ms. Ella: You don't learn do you? That's why they stay slapping your a*s.


Michelle: Bye Ms. Ella.


Ms. Ella: I ought to call him now, tell them he didn't slap you hard enough


Aaron took her to a park on the other side of town. They walked and talked for hours. He brought her ice cream and pushed her on the swing. He told her a lot of stories about his life, but only mentioned his girlfriend Halle, once.


He dropped her home about eight that night. She was so taken with him that she fantasized about him all night. She was so amazed on how she got to know everything about him in one day. She'd known Justin for years and still didn't know what would set him off.


Weeks had passed and Michelle couldn't afford to be out of work another day. She had to help Lena and Jessica cover the bills. She went to a temp agency. They gave her a personal assistance job at a law firm. Aaron suddenly crossed her mind. She hadn't spoken to him since that day they spent together. He was the last person she thought about working for, but when she glanced at her paper work it said for her to ask for Mr. Warner. She walks into the law firm and goes up to the front desk.

Receptionist: Can I help you?


Michelle: Yes, I'm here to see Mr. Warner.


Receptionist: Do you have an appointment?


Michelle: Yes, the temp agency sent me.



The receptionist picked up the phone.


Receptionist: Mr. Warner, your new assistant is here.


Aaron: Send her up.


Receptionist:  Go on up to the third floor. He’s the third door to the right.


Michelle went up to his office and knocked softly.


Aaron: Come in.


Michelle: Hello Sir.


Aaron: Michelle, how have you been?


Michelle: Fine and you?


Aaron: I thought about you a lot. Are you still looking for work?


Michelle: That depends. Are you still in need of a personal assistant?


Aaron: (Smiling) Well, I'm supposed to conduct a small interview. Then I'm supposed to put you on for a trail bases. If you do a good job you get the job.


Michelle: Ok.


Aaron: Why do you think I should give you a chance?


Michelle: Because I'm a very hard worker and always willing to learn.


Aaron: You can never show up for work and still keep this job


Michelle: Can we stay professional, please?


Aaron: I'll try. Are you still seeing Justin?


Michelle: Is this part of the interview?


Aaron: I'm sorry. I'll try to keep it professional. Ok, have you ever been terminated from a job, and if yes for what reason?


Michelle: Yes, a personal problem interfered with my work.


Aaron: What a fool. Do you still have this personal problem? I mean, what was it? Did you fall for your boss, or something?


Michelle: No, I wouldn't do that.


Aaron: Well, if that’s the case then, I don't think you're qualified for this job.


Michelle: Neither do I.


Aaron: But, I think I’ll it to you anyway.


Michelle:   And, why would you do that?


Aaron:   I don’t know.  I’m thinking maybe I could help you with that personal problem of yours.


Michelle:  What about you?  Are you still seeing what’s her name, Halle?


Aaron:  Uh


Michelle:  Uh huh, that’s what I thought.  I appreciate the offer, but no thank you.


Aaron:  You might as well stay.   I'll find you. I know where you live.


Michelle: How long is the trail?



Aaron: For you? For as long as you're willing to put up with me. The only way I'm letting you go is if you burn my office down. Then I'm not so sure about that either.  Welcome aboard.


     He put his hand out for them to shake on it. She looked at him smiled and then placed her hand in his.


She started the next day. She enjoyed working with Aaron. They had a great chemistry, and the work itself was not as hard as she thought it would be.


A week went by. Aaron walked into the office about fifteen minutes after she had gotten there. He stopped in front of her desk.


Aaron: Hey, I just wanted to tell you, you're doing a great job. I'm impressed. Do you like it so far?


Michelle: Yeah, this is easy compared to my last job.


Aaron: Do you like you're co workers?


Michelle: I've only met you.


Aaron: I know


Michelle began to blush. She put her head down so he wouldn't see. Then they heard someone’s throat clear.


Aaron: Halle, baby, what are you doing here?


Halle: Passing through.


Aaron: This is my new assistant Michelle.


Halle: Nice to meet you.


Michelle: Same here.


She gave Michelle a fake smile.


Halle and Aaron went into his office.  The second the door closes Halle began to take shots at Michelle.


Halle: So, are you doing some kind of welfare charity, or something?


Aaron:  Why would you say something like that?


Halle:  Why would you bring her into your office, knowing she’s beneath you?  You are a lawyer, and everyone can see that she is from the streets.  Just her clothes alone will bring down the value of this entire office building.


Aaron: Yes I’m a lawyer, but I’m not a snob.  I’m from the streets, just like her.  I had to work my a*s off to get where I am, and she’s trying to do the same thing.  And you’re from the streets too.


Halle:  Whatever.  Give me a credit card.


Aaron:  Did you cook today?  Did you clean up my house?


Halle:  Do I look like Benson or Chef Boy-or-Dee to you?  You know I don’t do house work.


Aaron:  What do you do all day?


Halle:  Here we go.  Look, why don’t you just hire a maid?  That way your house will stay clean, and you’ll go home to a hot meal every night.  Give the job to Shanequa out there.  That’s where she belongs, not in somebody’s office.  Besides, it’s not like you don’t have the money.  Now, are you gonna give me the credit card.  I need gas for the car, and I need some new shoes.


Aaron:  You just bought some shoes yesterday.


Halle:  Yeah, but they don’t match the new outfit that I bought this morning.


     Aaron reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet.  He handed her a credit card.  Then they both walked back into Michelle’s office.


Halle:  Oh, and I’ll be home late.  The girls and I are having a girl’s night out.


Aaron: Alright, I love you.


Halle: I know.


Then she left. Aaron went back into his office. He didn't even seem to care that she didn't say I love you, back. He noticed that she forgot her purse. He ran out into the parking lot to give it to her. Michelle ran behind him to stop him. She didn't want him to see that Halle was with another man, but it was too late. He felt used, but it was a normal feeling for him. He turned and saw Michelle standing there.


Michelle: I knew he was there. He came in while you and Halle were in your office. Are you alright?


Aaron: (handing her the purse) Here, put this in my office and meet me at my car. We're going lunch.


Michelle did as she was told. He took her to a small restaurant around the corner. That’s when Halle came pouring out of his mouth, maybe even his heart.


Aaron: I’ve always had trouble taking about Halle. I don’t know why. I love her, but it’s like I’m a shame of it.


Michelle: Because everyone knows what she is doing to you! I understand. I feel the same way about Justin. It’s like you’re ashamed because you’re in love with someone who doesn’t love you.


Aaron: His name is James Harvey. He and Halle have been messing around on and off for about two and a half years. There are even rumors that my son might not even be mines.


Michelle: You have a son?


Aaron: Yeah


He pulls out his wallet and shows her a picture.


Aaron: His name is Jaylon. He’s two years old.


Michelle: He’s beautiful.


Aaron: You ever thought about having kids.


Michelle: I got pregnant once, when I was in high school. I lost it. I was happy. I couldn’t bear the thought of him fighting with me while carrying his child. I certainly didn’t want my kid to grow up watching his dad beat on his mom. You know when I met him I was seeing one of his boys. Then one day he called it off and introduced me to Justin. He said he was just playing wing man for Justin, because he didn’t know how to approach me. Shortly after that rumors surfaced that Justin had paid his friend to let me go. The night he broke my virgin, I really wasn’t ready, but he really didn’t give me much of a choice. He still doesn’t. That also was the first time he ever hit me. He said I could have had it a lot worse. I use to cry every time he would touch me.


Aaron: Do you still cry?


Michelle: I don’t even feel him anymore.


Aaron: Why do we put up with them?


Michelle: I have no idea. Why do you put up with Halle?

Aaron: I don’t know.


Aaron and Michelle went back to work. The rest of the day was quiet and uneventful. At the end of the day he dropped her home. Justin was sitting on the porch waiting for her when they pulled up.


Aaron: You want me to make him leave?


Michelle: No, if you get out of this car you’re just gonna make it worse. I don’t want any trouble.


Aaron: Then I’ll see you tomorrow.


Michelle: Ok thanks for everything.


Aaron: You’re welcome.


She gets out of the car, and he pulls off.


Justin: Where were you? And, who in the f**k was that?


Michelle: I got a new job, and that was my boss.


Justin: Wasn’t that the same n****r from the diner.


Michelle: Yeah so.


Justin: You fucked him to get that job, didn’t you?


Michelle: No!


He grabs her roughly by the arm.


Justin: Don’t lie to me, girl. Did you f**k that n****r to get that job?


Michelle: No, I didn’t. Let me go.


Justin: Come on, let’s finish this inside.


Michelle begins to cry.


Justin: You better shut up and pray I don’t kill you.


When Aaron got home his house was a mess, as usual. All Halle ever did was spend his money and mess around with James behind his back. He cleaned up a little then he heated up a TV dinner. He was just getting ready to sit down and eat, when the phone rang.


Aaron: Hello


Michelle: Aaron it’s me.


Aaron: Hey, what’s up?  I was wondering when you were going to start using that number.


Michelle: I didn’t know who else to call.


Aaron: What’s wrong? Where are you?


Michelle: I’m at the hospital.


When he got there he asked for her at the front desk and the nurse directed him into the exam room. Michelle was sitting on the table. Her face was bruised badly and drenched with tears, and her arm was in a sling.


Aaron: Are you ok?


Michelle: Yeah.


Aaron: I knew I shouldn’t have left you with him. You’re coming home with me.


He took her to his house, and put fresh sheets in the guest room. Then he helped her into bed.


Aaron: Are you gonna be alright?


Michelle: Yeah, thanks.


Aaron: You know, you never answered my question earlier. Did you like your co worker?


Michelle: Yeah, I did.  In fact that’s what I like the most about the job.


Aaron: Why don’t you take the day off tomorrow?


Michelle: But it’s I just started. I can’t start taking random days off like that.


Aaron: I know, but your face is kind of messed up. It’s unprofessional. You can stay here.


Michelle: What am I suppose to do here all day?


Aaron: Just relax. I’ll drop you home when I get off.


Aaron wasn’t worried about Halle coming home. He knew that once she left with James she would be gone for a few days. The thought of Michelle seemed to take his mind off of her. He even got up in the middle of the night to check on her a few times.


The next day at work he thought about Michelle all day. At the end of the day he rushed home to see her. When he got home it was quiet. His house was spotless. There was a home cooked meal on the stove waiting for him in the kitchen, and on the fridge, a thank you note. Michelle was gone.  Aaron was kind of upset. He really wanted this to be the start of something between them, but Michelle just wasn’t ready to leave Justin just yet. She was at work bright and early the next morning.


Aaron: How are you today?


Michelle: I feel great.


Aaron: You look better.


Michelle: It took a lot of makeup, but I managed to cover it all up pretty good.  Thank you for everything.


Aaron: No, thank you. I haven’t had a meal like that in a long time.


Michelle:  Well, it’s the least I could do.


     He gave her a smile and went into his office.


He and Michelle began spending a lot more time together. They would have lunch together every afternoon in his office. And, on weekends she would go over to his place and cook him a home cooked meal. He wanted to be closer than just friends, but Michelle didn’t want to let Justin go. Halle still hadn’t came home from her night out with the girls three weeks ago, and Aaron really didn’t care. He just hoped she would bring his son home soon. Then he can send her packing.


One day Halle just popped up at his office. He and Michelle were sitting on opposite sides of his desk having lunch when she burst in.


Halle: Hi honey.


She looks at the two of them smiling with each other.


Halle: What’s going on?


Michelle: We’re just having lunch.


Halle: Can’t you get your lunch at a local Burger King, or is that too expensive for your wallet.


Michelle: Do you have a problem with me?


Aaron: Halle, chill out.


Halle: Chill out! Why Aaron, I think you’ve been around her a little too long. You seemed to have gotten a little ghetto on you.  Don’t worry about that.  I’ll wipe it off soon.


Aaron: Where have you been?


Halle: I went out of town with some friends.


Aaron: Why didn’t you tell me you were leaving town? Why didn’t you call?


Halle: It was a last minute decision. What’s the big deal?


Aaron: The big deal is I’m sick of you lying to me. You were with James again.


Michelle: Oh boy. I’m gonna get back to work.


Michelle grabs her food and goes back into her office.


Halle: Aaron, don’t start this s**t with me today.


Aaron: I’ve already started. You took my credit card, and left with him. I haven’t seen or heard from you in three weeks, and you had my son around this man. Now you want to walk in here like everything is peachy.


Halle: Jay wasn’t with me, alright. He’s at my mothers.


Aaron: Even better, your mother is a crack head, and you leave my son with her. I feel so much better now.


Halle: You know you’ve got some nerve getting on my case about what I’m doing. What about You?


Aaron: What about me?


Halle: You’re not exactly Mr. Perfect. You’ve got skeletons in the closet yourself. I know about that little project w***e sleeping at the house. That’s right, having nosy neighbors has finally paid off. What do you have to say about that?


Aaron: Where’s my credit card?


She reached into her pocket, pulls it out, and hands it to him.


Halle: You don’t have anything to say about it?


Aaron: I don’t have to explain myself to you. Get out of my office. Get out of my house, and get out of my life. Oh, and I want my son. I don’t want him around you or your mother. He might get some of that ghetto on him.


Halle was too happy to hand Jaylon over to his father. She never cared for being a mother. Aaron had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to be a single father. He relied on Michelle for a lot of help. Unfortunately, Halle had chased away all of the babysitters so he had no one else to turn to. She spent extra hours at the office while he was home with Jay.  He couldn’t cook much, so he had to leave his car with Michelle so she could use her lunch breaks to bring them something to eat, and at the end of the day she would go over and cook dinner. Sometimes he had to bring Jay to work with him. Michelle would tend to him in the office while Aaron would be back and forth in meetings. Then there were some days that he would even pick her up from the office and they would work from his home office. It wore them both out.


Two months goes by and Jay turned 3 years, so they enrolled him in Pre School. He and Michelle were so happy they survived that they decided to celebrate the night before his first day with a pig out fest and a movie. Michelle put Jay to bed early and went down stairs. Aaron was fixing snacks for them to munch on while Michelle was upstairs putting Jay to bed. She comes down stairs and goes into the kitchen.


Michelle: He’s out like a light.


Aaron: Great! You can start the movie. I’ll be in as soon as I finish mixing up several flavors of ice cream.


Michelle: Ok.


Michelle goes into the living room and pops a movie into the DVD player. It took him about 15 minutes to gather all the snacks. He put everything on a tray and headed for the living room.


Aaron: Alright, I am ready to pig out.


But, when he walked into the living room Michelle was sleeping and the movie was watching her. He put the tray down on the coffee table and looked at her. Suddenly he realized he had never been a single parent. Michelle had been with him every step of the way. She had become a part of their lives.


He saved all the snacks and turned off the television. He lifted her up and carries her up stairs. This time instead of putting her in the guest room, he brought her to his room. He wanted so bad to be close to her.  He laid her on his bed. He got into the bed next to her and wrapped his arms around her.  It felt so right to him.  This is all he wanted from her. He fell asleep.


She woke up at about 5:30 the next morning. She sat up in the bed and saw Aaron lying next to her. She rocked him softly to wake him.


Aaron: (Yarning) Good morning party pooper.


Michelle:  I don’t remember falling asleep in your bed.


Aaron:  The guest room wasn’t presentable for company.


Michelle:  I didn’t mean to fall asleep on you like that.


Aaron: That’s ok. You’re a first time mom. You’re gonna be tired.


Michelle: I’m far from being a mother.


Aaron: That’s not true. I mean you didn’t experience the pregnancy or give birth. You didn’t have the overnight feedings, the first words or the first step. But you gave the hugs, the kisses on the knee, and the bed time stories. That’s something that Jay never had in a mother. That’s the kind of mother I want for him. You would make a perfect wife someday.


They looked into each other’s eyes for a moment. Suddenly Aaron just couldn’t help himself anymore. He wanted her bad and he wanted her to know it.  He leaned over and kissed her intensely. He did not get the response he was expecting. He expected her to push him away, to say that she was in love with Justin and they could never be, or to remind him that he was her boss and this was totally inappropriate. But instead she willing excepted his lips on hers, his tongue swirling inside her mouth and his hands all over her body. They undressed each other and he explored her entire body with his tongue. When he got he reached between her legs he dove in like a death row inmate eating his last meal. He was quite a hungry man. Finally he came up for air, and they began kissing again. Then without any warning he slid inside of her. She was a bit nervous. She had never been with anyone other than Justin and that was not a pleasant experience. But, with Aaron’s lips working her neck, and his strong hands working her breast she began to relax. She never knew what making love truly was before this. Now, she was hooked for life.


Later that morning Michelle was stepping out of the shower. She could smell pancakes in the air. She gets dressed and heads down stairs into the kitchen. Jay and Aaron were at the table eating.


Aaron: Good morning, beautiful.


Michelle: Good Morning.


Aaron: Are you hungry?


Michelle: That depends. Is it edible?


Aaron: I cook a little bit.


Michelle:  Really.


Aaron:  No, I got excited about us and wanted to do something nice.  I burned about three of them before I remembered that I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.  I came to my senses and looked up the recipe online.


Michelle:  Oh my God!


Jaylon: It’s good.


Michelle: It’s good, huh! Well, I’ll take your word for it. So Jay are you ready for your first day of school


Jay nods his head.


Aaron: We’ll take him after breakfast then head to the office.


Michelle: Well actually I have something important to do today. Do you mind if I go in a little later?


Aaron: Yeah sure.  Is there anything that I can help with?


Michelle: No I have to do this on my own.


Aaron:  Michelle, you don’t regret what we did do you.


Michelle:  No, not at all.


Aaron:  I hope that’s not the end of us.  I really want to be with you.


Michelle:  No, it’s not the end.  This is defiantly the beginning.


Aaron was at the office starring at words on a paper but not really seeing them. He couldn’t concentrate on anything. It was almost lunch time and Michelle still hadn’t showed up yet so he decided to call her.


Michelle was at home trying to talk to Justin.


Justin: What do you mean it’s over? Where is this s**t coming from? Is that n****r making you do this?


Michelle: No Justin. It’s just something that needs to be done.


Justin: And I’m supposed to just except this?


Michelle: It doesn't matter. You can't change my mind.


The phone rings


Justin: Hello


Aaron: May I speak to Michelle, please?


Justin: Who the f**k is this?


Aaron: This is Mr. Warner from the office. I'm calling to see if she'll be able to make it to work today.


Justin: No she ain't going in today. She's quitting that dam job, and she's quitting you.


He hangs up in Aaron's face.


Michelle: Why did you do that? That’s my job Justin.  I have to get to work, and clear this all up. Why would you tell him I'm quitting.


Justin: You really think that you're just gonna walk out on me like that?


She was so sick of his dominance. She walked up to him.


Michelle: You do what you have to. You can't hurt me.


He slaps her. She looks at him.


Michelle: Does that make you feel better? You can beat me all you want, but you won't change my mind.


She braced herself for the next lick, but it never came.


Justin: You gonna let that n****r make a fool out of you. He don't want you. You ain't even on his level. You're nothing but a f**k.


Michelle: Then why were you so threatened by him.


Justin: Why do you always do this s**t? Every time things are good between us, you start something.


Michelle: I need you to leave now.


He grabs her by the arm.


Justin: Make me leave. Come on Ms High and Mighty. Put me out.


Then Aaron walks in.


Aaron: You need to take your hands off my lady.


Justin: Why you in my business.  (To Michelle)  If you think I’m gonna let you go that easily, think again.


     Aaron walks up to them and releases Michelle from Justin hold.


Aaron:  If you think, I’m gonna let you stand here and hurt her, then you better think again.


     Justin gets in Aaron’s face


Aaron: Come on, hit me.  I’ve been waiting for this


Justin: I'm not even about to fight you over some b***h. She's not even worth the money I paid for her.


Then he walks out.


A few weeks later Justin followed Michelle to work. He was standing outside of the office building contemplating his next move, when Halle walked up to him.


Halle: Excuse me, but do you need a lawyer, because I wouldn't recommend Aaron Warner.


Justin: I don't need no lawyer, especially not a little b***h like Aaron Warner. What’s your beef with him?  He represented you once.


Halle: No, My beef is with his assistant.   I use to have his a*s wrapped around my finger. That is until that s**t stepped into the picture.


Justin:  I know what you mean.   That s**t used to be my girl. She broke up with me for him.


Halle: She thinks she's living large, but I'm about to end all of that.


Justin: You got a plan.


Halle: Maybe.  Why?


Justin:   Might be able to help each other out.


Halle:  Let’s talk.


     They walked off together.


A few days later Halle shows up at Aaron's front door. Aaron was at work. When she knocked, Michelle answered it.


Michelle: What do you want?


Halle: I was thinking of you guys, and decided to drop by. Wow, you are really living it up aren’t you?


Michelle: You have five seconds to state your business, or I'm calling the cops.


Halle: You sure you wanna go up against me little girl. I have tricks up my sleeve that will have you and Aaron begging for mercy. So go ahead, call the cops.  I need to talk to them myself.


Halle plops down on the sofa and crosses her legs while Michelle dials the phone. The cops arrive a few minutes later.


Cop: What's the problem?


Michelle: This lady would not leave the property.


Cop: Is this your house?


Michelle: It's my boyfriends.  I’m just babysitting.


Halle: At least half of it is.


Michelle:   What?


Halle:  Aaron is co owner of this house.  Guest who owns the other half?


She pulled out a piece of paper, and handed it to the cop.


Cop: It's a deed, for the house, signed by Mr. Aaron Warner and Halle White.


Halle: That would be me.


She hands the cop her I.D.


Halle: And I want her off of the property.


Michelle grabbed Jaylon and was escorted off the property. She went back to her sister’s house and tried to call Aaron, but got no answer at the office.


Aaron had left work early that day. He was always in a rush to make it home to see Michelle. He walked into the house ready to sink his teeth into whatever Michelle cooked for the day.


Aaron: Michelle.


Halle comes out of the kitchen slipping on some wine.


Halle: Hi honey. Welcome home.


Aaron: Where's Michelle?


Halle: Went back to the ghetto. Something about working things out with some guy name Justin.


Aaron: Get out of my house.


Halle: Our house, or did you forget what names are on that deed.


He turned around and headed for the door.


Halle: Where are you going?


Aaron: You can have the house.


Halle: She don't want you. The second I told her about the house she ran off looking for that other guy. You can do better than her, Aaron.


He just walks out.


Mean while Michelle was back at her house. She was sitting outside on the steps of the house watching Jay play, when Justin walked up to her. He sat on down a step down from her.


Justin: What's up?


Michelle: Nothing.


Justin: How have you been?


Michelle: What are you doing here?


Justin: I miss you.


Michelle: Justin, don't start.


Justin: I know you hate me right now, and I can't say that I blame you. I just wanted to apologize to you, for the abuse and everything.


Michelle: Where's this coming from?


Justin: I've been taking anger management. I started about a week ago.


Michelle: And I'm suppose to believe you've changed after one week of anger management?


Justin: Give me some credit, here. This is a big step for me. I'm doing this for you


Michelle: Then you should have taken that step a long time ago.


Justin: I just didn't know what I had. Now that you're gone I'd do anything to get you back.


Michelle: You need to do this for yourself. 


Aaron pulled up at the corner near Michelle's place. He saw her and Justin talking, and assumed the worst. He peeled off before Michelle could see him. He knew he had to pick up his son, but just needed to be alone. He checked into a hotel and decided to pick him up tomorrow. 


Michelle:  It’s nice that you’re getting help, Justin.  But I’m not leaving Aaron to go back to you.


Justin:  What you two have is not real.  He is gonna hurt you.  I can feel it.


Michelle:  Nothing he does could ever be as bad as what you’ve done.  Come on Jay, let’s go inside.


     The two go back into the house.


Michelle had no way of bringing Jay to school so she didn't go to work. Aaron, still assumed that Michelle was leaving him for Justin.  He wasn't expecting Michelle to be there. He figured Justin would make her quit the job, but the last person he expected to see was Justin.  Aaron walked into Michelle’s office and saw an ignored the empty chair. He went into his office, and there sitting in his chair behind his desk was Justin.


Justin: Well, Well, Well, if isn't Aaron Warner, Attorney at law.


Aaron: What now?


Justin: I'm here on behalf of Michelle. I regret to inform you that the two of you are threw. She and I are gonna work things out.


Aaron: If Michelle does leave me it won't be for the likes of you.


     Aaron was determined to hold on to some of his self-respect. He refused to let Justin see that he was broken over this.


Justin: Do you really believe that?  Do you? You know, I saw you at the corner yesterday. Yeah that’s right.  I bet all kinds of wheels were turning in your head.


Aaron: Get out.


Justin:  Wow, you look upset.  I know how you feel brother.  I almost lost her myself, the key word being Almost.  You can keep trying to save her, or whatever it is you’re trying to do.  She will always come back to me.  We’ve been together for years.  You can’t save her from that. Now I don’t wanna hold you up. I’ll let you get to work, but I suggest you find another assistant, because Michelle will not be returning.


Justin leaves.


     That afternoon Aaron went over to Michelle’s house to pick up his son. Once again, she was sitting on the step watching Jay play. He pulled up and got out of the car.


Michelle:  I waited for you all night.


     Aaron looked her straight in the eyes.


Aaron:  Are you leaving me?


Michelle:  Is that how we’re greeting each other now.


Aaron:  I just wanna know, because if you are I wanna get this over with before it becomes too painful.


Michelle:  Why would I leave you?


Aaron:  To go back to Justin.  Why are you avoiding the question?  If you’re after playing games, I ain’t got time for this.  Now if this is the case I can just go back to Halle for this bullshit.


Michelle:  No I’m not leaving you to go back to Justin.  How could you even think that?  You saw what I went through with him.


Aaron:  Halle, said you ran out of the house talking about working things out with Justin.  Now, how does she even know about him?  Then Justin comes to my office this morning and tells me the same thing.  What am I suppose to think?


Michelle:  Halle and Justin?


     Michelle couldn’t say anything else.  She just grabbed Jay and went into the house.


Aaron:  (Following her) Michelle.


Michelle: I can’t believe that after everything you watched me go through with that man, that you actually thought I would go back to that.  And on top of that you're gonna sit there and believe Halle’s a*s and Justin over me.


Aaron:  If you didn’t say anything to her, then how did she know?  And what, it was just a coincidence that he showed up the very next day and told me the same thing.  The next day after I saw the two you chatting it up outside.


Michelle:  So, you saw us there and you just jumped to conclusions, because of what Halle said.


Aaron:  How else would she know about it, Michelle?


Michelle:  Who cares!


Aaron:  You know Halle warned me about you.  I should’ve seen this coming.  She pulled stunts like this all the time.  Of course she saw it in you.  Game recognize game.


Michelle:  Enough about that b***h.  I am not Halle.  Now, if you haven’t figured that out by now, then we’re not doing nothing but wasting each other’s time.  I never told anyone I was going back to Justin.  I don’t know where either one of them got that bullshit from.  And I sure as hell didn’t say that I was leaving you, but I’m certainly thinking about it now.


     Michelle goes into her room and slams the door.


     Aaron and Jaylon stayed over at Michelle’s house that night.  She refused to speak to him though. After his shower he got into the bed with her, but she turned her back on him.  So he put his arms around her and kissed her on the cheek.


Aaron:  I’m sorry about earlier.


     But before she could respond to him, she began to gag.  Then she got up and ran into the bathroom.  He got up and went into the kitchen and fixed her some water.


Michelle head was literally in the toilet. When she picked it up there was a hand there holding a glass of water.


Michelle:  (Taking the glass) Thanks.


Aaron:  Are you alright?


Michelle:  I’m fine


     She got up and flushed the toilet.  Then she closed the lid and sat on top of it.  She took a sip of her water.


Aaron:  Marry me.


     Michelle almost chocked on her water.


Michelle:  What?


Aaron:  Marry me.


     She just smiled. Aaron was determined to hold on to his happiness by any means necessary.


     Halle showed up at the office the next day. Everything had went back to normal, like Halle and Justin had never tried to interfere.


Halle:  Hello, Michelle.


Michelle:  How are you, Halle?


Halle:  Oh I’m great!  It’s so good to be home, and back in my old bed again.


Michelle:  Probably would’ve felt better if Aaron was in it, huh?


Halle:  Is he in?


Michelle:  Sure, go on in.


     She goes into his office.  Aaron was sitting at his desk writing.


Halle:  Hello dear.


     Aaron looked up.


Aaron:  Why are you here?


Halle:  Well, I had planned on doing some shopping today, but you’ve canceled all of my credit cards, and I have no money.


Aaron:  The hotel I stayed at the other night, they’re looking for some help.


Halle:  Look Aaron, why can’t you just except the fact that you and Michelle are never gonna happen?  The sooner you do that, the sooner we could go back to our lives.  Besides, if you try to leave me again, you’ll never step foot in that big beautiful house again.


Aaron:  Do you see any fear in my eyes.  What you failed to realize is that I don’t give a damn about that house.  I have everything I want in Michelle.


Halle:  So, you really think that if you go broke she’s gonna stay with you?  You are nothing but her ticket out of the ghetto.


Michelle:  (Walking in) No b***h that’s what he was for you.


Halle:  Call me a b***h again, and see what happens.  You see he can’t see it, because he’s a little slow, but I know exactly what you’re doing.


Michelle:  I don’t know what the f**k you’re talking about.


Halle:  I’m talking about you trying to get into his pockets.  I’m talking about you trying to take him for everything he’s got.


Aaron:  Sounds more like you then her.


Halle:  Aaron!


Aaron:  You need to get out of my office.


Halle:  What about my son?


Aaron:  I don’t want you anywhere near my son.


Halle:  I see you got your perfect little family now, right.  Well, you know what?  I don’t know where the hell y’all gonna sleep because y’all not getting my house.


     She walks out.

Since the house was what she wanted, Aaron signed his share over to her.  He and Michelle bought a small cozy home down the street from her sister, Lena. It was simple but they were happy.


     Seven whole months go by.  Justin calls Halle to meet him in the park.  When she got there she found a secluded bench and sat down.  About 20 minutes later Justin walks up to her and drops an outdated newspaper in her lap.


Justin:  You see this s**t.


     Halle picked it up and saw an engagement announcement for Michelle and Aaron.


Halle:  S**t


Justin:  No, not s**t, bullshit.  That’s exactly what your silly little plan was, bullshit.  Sympathy never worked with Michelle.  That’s why I had to whip her a*s.  And that’s what I’m gonna have to do to your little lover boy.


Halle:  Well, Aaron was always a sucker for everything I tell him.  He believed me, when I said y’all was getting back together.  How was I supposed to know he’d listen to her?


Justin:  Well, I’m about to handle it my way this time.

Halle:  Hold on, what do you mean your way?

Justin:  Don’t worry about that.

Halle:  Look Justin, the plan didn’t work because you didn’t do your part. If you knew sympathy didn’t work on her then you should’ve just whipped her a*s. You fucked up. Don’t start getting stupid because you fucked up. I say we just let it go.

Justin:  Easy for you to say. You got yours. You sitting up in that big ole house living it up and I still ain’t got s**t out of this. It’s time for me to take what’s mines.


      Justin walked away. Halle sat there and looked at the paper again. Justin was right, she did get the house, but without the man she had no way of paying for it, and she refused to get a job. She became frustrated and decided to go to Aaron and pound what she felt was sense into his head.




           Halle went to Aaron’s office.  She passed Michelle’s desk and busted into his office without knocking.  Michelle just sat at her desk and ignored her.


Halle:  I can’t believe you’re marrying that hood rat.


     Aaron doesn’t even look up from his work.


Aaron:  Correction, Married her already, and I can’t believe you still don’t get it.  I love her.


Halle:  You married her already?


Aaron:  Yeah, three days ago.


Halle:  I hope you got a pre nup.


Aaron:  What for?  I married Michelle, not Halle.


Halle:  Aaron, look at me.


     Aaron finally looks up from his desk.


Halle:  You don’t love her.  I know you’re just doing this to get back at me.  I’ve learned my lesson, I have.  You don’t have to take it this far.


     Aaron began laughing in her face.


Aaron:  Halle, you amuse me.  You know, three days ago Michelle made me the happiest man on earth.  I’m so happy that even you can’t steal my joy.


Halle:  This isn’t a joke, Aaron.  You tried to kick me out of my house for her.  You got that b***h raising my kid.  You’re giving her everything you never gave me.  It should be me making you happy.  I should’ve been your wife.


Aaron:  (Yelling) You never wanted to marry me.  You didn’t want to make me happy.  You know what you wanted?  You wanted my money.  You wanted to make me miserable.  You wanted to f**k over me time after time after time.  So, don’t you stand there and tell me what I didn’t give you, or what should’ve been.  You had the chance to get everything I’m giving Michelle, and you fucked up.  And as for my son, you better stay the hell away from him, from all of us.


Halle:  He’s not even your kid. James is his father.


Aaron:  He is mines.  He may not have my blood in his veins, but he has my name and he has love for me in his heart.


     At that moment Michelle walked in.  Her stomach was huge. Halle had flew past her so fast she hadn’t noticed that Michelle was now seven months pregnant.


Michelle:  Halle, how are you?  Long time no see.


     Michelle walked up to Aaron’s desk and placed some files on it, then gave him a kiss. Halle just walked out.  She was burning up with anger.  She started storming down the street not noticing that Justin was walking up behind her.


Justin:  I knew I’d find you here.


     She turns around.


Halle:  What?


Justin:  I knew you would come here.  Come on we need to talk.


     They began walking further up the street and went into an alley around the corner.


Justin:  Did you come to your senses yet?


Halle:  I don’t even care anymore she can have him.


Justin:  Good, then I can take him out, and it won’t bother you.


     He lifts up his shirt and shows her his gun.


Halle:  Why would you do that?  Are you crazy?


Justin:  I told you I was tired of the bullshit.


Halle:  We were supposed to be breaking them up, not kill them.


Justin:  Look, you got your piece of the pie. You sittin up in that big ole house.  I still ain’t got s**t.  That n***a needs to get out of the way.  And if you ain’t gonna get him out of my way, then I’m gonna send him to meet his maker.


Halle:  I’m not having any part of this.


     She tries to walk away and heads back to the parking lot where she had left her car.  He runs up behind her grabs her arm and swings her back around.


Justin: Oh but you already a part of it, because if you say anything, you’ll be next.


     That night Aaron had a strange dream.  It was about his baby that was on the way.  He was holding him, but he couldn’t see the face.  Then he saw Halle running to him screaming something at him, but he couldn’t hear her.  He woke up the next morning wondering what it all meant.


     After a few weeks Michelle had decided to take a leave of absence until she would have her baby. Aaron had to go back to the temp agency to get a new assistant. For the first time in months he went into the office alone, and was greeted at the door by a stranger.  When he got to the office she told him that there was a meeting up stairs that required his presence, and that he had a couple of messages on his desk.  He went into his office and looked at the messages.  They both were from Halle.  He just tossed them in the garbage.  He didn’t have time for her bullshit.  He walked out and went to the meeting.


     Halle was afraid for her life, but she wanted to warn Aaron.  As much as she hated how things had turned out between them, the last thing she wanted was for him to get hurt. When she couldn’t reach him at the office she tried to reach him at home.  She still got no answer.


     Meanwhile, Michelle was at home lying in bed, when she felt a sudden pain in her stomach.  She began to take deep breaths, but the pain wouldn’t stop.  They kept coming harder and harder, and she began to worry.  When she got up to call Aaron she felt a warm liquid gush from her bottom.


Michelle:  Oh no.


     She picked up the phone and called Aaron, but his assistant said he was in a meeting.


Michelle:  Jessica, I’ll call Jessica.


     Her pains started to worsen. Jessica was at work at the diner. Mr. Albert answered the phone when she called and heard her breathing. He gave the phone to Jessica immediately.


Jessica:  (Answering the phone) Hello.


Michelle:  Jess, I need your help.  I think the baby’s coming.


Jessica:  But Michelle, you’re only seven months.


Michelle:  Don’t you think I know that?  But I’m in pain, my water broke, and I can’t contact Aaron.


Jessica:  Ok, just sit tight, sweetie.  I’ll be right there.


     Aaron came out of his meeting about an hour later.  When he got back to his office his assistant handed him more messages from Halle, and several from Michelle’s sister Lena.  Lena’s messages were at the bottom, and he didn’t see them.  He just assumed they were all from Halle and tossed them in the trash.


     Jessica had called Lena and told her to meet them at the hospital and to continue to try to reach Aaron.


Assistant: (Over the intercom) Mr. Warner


Aaron:  Yes.


Assistant:  Your sister-in-law is on the phone.


     Aaron picks up the line.


Aaron:  You never call me, Lena.  This must be serious.  What’s up?


Lena:  Michelle went into labor.


Aaron:  What?  It’s too early.


Lena:  Yes, we know. We’re at the hospital right now.  You need to get down here.  It doesn’t look to good.


Aaron:  Why didn’t you call me earlier?


Lena:  We did.  We left a message for you.  Didn’t you get it?


Aaron:  It doesn’t matter.  I’m leaving right now.  Keep her calm for me, until I get there, please.


Lena:  Ok, just hurry.


     While Michelle was in the hospital crying out in pain, Aaron was trying his best to speed through the traffic.  He was in such a rush; he never realized that someone had been following him ever since he left the office.  He turned off the highway onto a side street trying to dodge traffic.  When he stopped at a light the car behind him pulled up on the side of him.  Aaron looked over and Justin was sitting in the driver’s seat with a pistol pointed right at him.  Before Aaron could do anything Justin began firing.  He unloaded the whole clip, and then peeled out.


     Halle had been trying to reach both Aaron and Michelle the whole day.  Finally she gave up and  went down to the police station.


Officer:  Can I help you?


Halle:  I think a friend of mines is in danger.


Officer:  What makes you think that?


Halle:  Well, this guy.


Officer:  What guy?


Halle:  His name is Justin Jackson, and he is threatening to kill my friend Aaron Warner.


Officer:  Can you give me a description on Mr. Jackson?


     Just then a call came over the radio about a shooting on the corner of Lexington drive.  When they described the car, she knew it was Aaron.


Halle:  That’s him.  That’s Aaron they just found.  Oh my God I’m too late.


Officer:  How do you know it’s him?


Halle:  On the corner of Lexington.  That’s right around the corner from his firm.


     She follows the cops down to the crime scene.


Officer:  Is that your friend?


Halle:  Yes that’s him.

Officer:  Now, you said this Jackson fellow is the shooter?


Halle:  Yes, he told me he was going after Aaron.  He even showed me the gun.  Oh my God is he alright.


Officer:  He’s in critical condition.  We need you to come back to the station, and look at mug shots.


       Michelle had been transferred into the labor room.  The waiting had just been too much for Jessica.  She needed some air.  She was walking towards the exit of the hospital, when the paramedics burst through the doors.


Nurse:  What we got?


Paramedic:  32 year old male shot twice, once in the neck once in the head.


     Jessica jumped out of the way for them to pass, but caught a glimpse of the man on the stretcher.


Jessica:  Oh my God, Aaron!


     She followed them to emergency surgery, but they wouldn’t let her in.  She tried lying to get in.


Jessica:  But that’s my brother.


Nurse:  Ma’am, I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait out here.


     Meanwhile Michelle was on the other side of the hospital, pushing for dear life.


Lena: Come on baby sis.  You got it. He’s almost here.


Michelle:  (Crying out in pain) Where’s Aaron?


Lena:  He’s on his way.


     She gave one good push, and finally he was out.  The doctor took the baby to the incubator.  There was no crying.


Michelle:  He’s not crying.  Why isn’t he crying?


Lena:  Hush, now.  He’s gonna be ok.


Doctor:  He’s not breathing.


Michelle:  What!


     Michelle tried to take her feet out of the stirrups, and tried to get out of the bed.


Lena:  What are you doing?


Michelle:  He’s not breathing.


Lena:  The doctor’s are doing all they can, ok.  He’s not gonna die.


Michelle:  But he’s not breathing.



  Michelle, look at

me.  He’s gonna be ok.


     Jessica paced nervously back and forth.  The doctors in the O.R. were fighting to save Aaron’s life.  His pressure began to drop.  Then he began to flat line.


Doctor:  We’re losing him.  Panels!


     Lena was still fighting to keep Michelle in the bed.  The doctor came over to them and gave her a sedative to calm her down.    She slowly drifted to sleep.  Just before she shut her eyes, she looked up and saw Aaron.  He was dressed in a white suit, and had a bright glow around him. 


Michelle:  Aaron, our baby’s dying.


Aaron:  He’s not gonna die, Michelle.  I’m gonna save him.  That’s why I’m here.


Michelle:  You were always my Knight in shining armor.  I love you, Aaron.


Aaron:  I love you too, and I will always be with you.


     He kissed her on the forehead.


Aaron:  I have to go now.


Michelle:  Wait, where are you going?  Aaron!


     She sat up in her bed.  For some strange reason she didn’t feel the effects of the medications anymore.  Her sister and all the doctors were gone.  The entire room was dark except for the light around Aaron.  He was now standing over their baby’s incubator. The baby still wasn’t breathing.


Michelle:  Where’s the doctors?  Aren’t they gonna try to save our baby?


Aaron:  I’m gonna save our baby. 


     He looks at the baby.


Aaron:  Name him Aaron.


Michelle:  Why?


     He looks at her.


Aaron:  Because that’s who he is.


     Michelle didn’t know what he meant.  Then she saw the strangest thing.  Aaron turned into a ball of light and floated into the incubator.  Suddenly the baby began to cry.  Michelle opened her eyes and it was all a dream, but the baby was really crying.  She got out of the bed and walked over to him.  He was alive and healthy.  She picked him up and he began to calm down.  She walked back to the bed with him.  He looked so much like his father.  She laid in her bed just starring at her baby boy.


     Lena and Jessica tapped on the door softly before walking in.


Lena:  Hey, you’re awake.  How do you feel?


Michelle:  Better, now that he’s ok.


Lena:  I told you he would be.  Doctor’s said it’s like a miracle.  He just woke up out of nowhere, and hasn’t had any problems since.


     That’s when she remembered her dream.


Michelle:  Did Aaron make it here, yet?


     Jessica and Lena looked at each other.  They both took deep breaths.


Jessica:  Michelle, I have something to tell you.


Michelle:  What’s wrong?


Jessica:  It’s Aaron.


Michelle:  What?


Jessica:  Um, he was killed on his way over here.


Michelle:  What!



     Tears began falling from her eyes.


Jessica:  He was shot.  The doctors did everything they could.


Michelle:  Oh my God.


     Lena sat next to her and hugged her tightly as she cried.  Jessica took the baby and put him back in his bed.  Then came back and joined in on the hug.


     It was late in the night Lena and Jessica were both sleeping each in a chair.  Michelle was still awake and still crying.  She was trying to cradle her baby and rock him, but he wouldn’t sleep.  So she picked him up and put him over her shoulder, and she felt him hug her neck tight.  She took him off her shoulder and looked at him.  His eyes were closed.  Then she remembered what Aaron said.


Michelle:  Aaron.


     He opened his eyes and looked at her. 


Michelle:  Wow, it’s like you already know your name.


     She put him back over her shoulder and began to rock.


Michelle:  Thank you Aaron, for saving our baby.


     They buried Aaron a few weeks later.  Michelle did not shed a tear.  Aaron told her he would always be with her, and he will through their baby.  There were rumors that Justin and Halle had worked together to murder Aaron.  So when Halle walked into the church all hell broke loose. Michelle stood up and stormed towards her ready to pounce.


Michelle:  What the hell are you doing here?



     Halle was sobbing so hard she could barely get her words out.


Halle:  Look, I know you think I had something to do with killing Aaron, but I didn’t.  I swear.


Michelle: But you knew, Halle.  You knew what Justin was planning from the very beginning. 


Halle:  I tried to warn him, I tried.  I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.  I tried to make him stop.


     Halle’s sobbing became heavier. For some reason Michelle believed her.  She calmed down and her heart softened towards Halle. She put her arm around Halle and hugged her.  Halle cried until she couldn’t cry any more.


     After the burial was over and everyone was leaving the graveyard, Michelle went up to her.


Halle:  Why did you do that?  Put your arms around me like that, after all the s**t I’ve tried to put you through.


Michelle:  You’re a lot of things Halle, but I don’t believe you’re a murderer.


Halle:  Thank you for believing me and for letting me say my goodbyes.


Michelle:  You know I have sole custody of Jay now.


Halle:  Yeah, I know.  It’s better for him, this way.  I’d probably just screw his life up anyway.


Michelle:  You’re welcome to come by the house and see him anytime you want.


Halle:  Ok, thanks.


     Michelle walked away.  She never saw are heard from Halle again.  Jay grew up with his mother Michelle, and his little brother Aaron Jr.  Michelle tells him all the time about both of his parents.


     Justin was convicted for the murder of Aaron Warner and Halle White.  He was charged with two accounts of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.  Michelle left the firm, and opened up her own diner, which she also named Aaron’s





The End

© 2014 Sha-Tisha Avonlady Bonhomme

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I have to admit I liked it.

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