Loves Benediction

Loves Benediction

A Poem by Shaddess

When the Heart is Weakest


I feel the love as it emanates from your eyes. 

I stare in wonder as your touch cleanses the regrets of my wasted life.

I listen to your words, painting such an honorable portrait of what I can one day be.

 I turn my gaze in shame that you exist so high above this sad embodiment that is me. 

Your hand reaches out, taking my cheek into a loving embrace.

 I lean in to kiss you, the only gratitude I have to give. 

You accept with a smile as my hands begin to shake.


Fear takes hold as I am consumed with sorrow.

 I open my eyes to find you are gone. 

I have stood here alone; all these years without you having taken hold.

 So many decades have passed, whole lifetimes having come and gone. 

The blood still drips upon me, my hands proving useless when one night’s violence called. 

I remember watching you, beaten and raw. 

Having fought to the last moment; I held you in my arms. 

Not a moment passes where you haven't reigned in my heart.

 I am as alone now without you as I was at the start.


Time has moved forward, life has gone on. 

I have fallen from grace a dozen times,

            lost without you,

           my love,

                       my saint,

                                   my heart.


I find I have nothing to give, though a whole world begs. 

I care not for their plights because the best part of me died before we could truly begin.

I fear not for you, my only love, for our son is with you still. 

I fear for those who still remain; us lifeless wonderers full of pain. 

I live an empty shell, tired and drained; trying desperately to find life without you at my side, again. 

I miss you both so much, enduring this torment that time has never erased. 

I dream of seeing you again, of holding you without the blood, the stains. 


I have never regretted the short life we had together, only that I was too weak to save you, or at least find the way to come for you when you went away. 


I don't know if a time will ever come that I will earn the right to be with you, but if I do, I promise never to let you go again.

© 2013 Shaddess

Author's Note

Please ignore grammar issue's and lack of poetic pentameter. This is something I wrote entirely by heart without thought of anything else. I tend to lean towards grammar with my stories and essays, poetry/prose I do give way too. Please tell me if you feel the content and your opinion upon it. Thanks for reading :)

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deeply emotional, very well expressed

Posted 7 Years Ago

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7 Years Ago

Thank You

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1 Review
Added on March 27, 2013
Last Updated on March 27, 2013
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