Don't Jump!

Don't Jump!

A Story by ShatteredDreams

I was listening to Don't Jump by Tokio Hotel, and this story just came to me.


Tears streamed down her face as she stumbled up the stairs of the apartment building her father owned, also where they lived. 
She was running away from him; the handsome guy she'd been with for over two years now. They'd met in science class. He was cool. He was nice, smart, wonderful in every way. But she couldn't take it any more. He brought far too much pain for her to bear. 
People strolling up and down the stairs, on the way to their apartments or late nights out, stared at her. Some gave her piteous looks, some disgusted, some strange and other people were just staring. One lady tried reaching out to her to comfort her. A complete stranger. The girl just brushed past them all and continued running up the roof from ground level.
At the top floor, she paused, leaning against a wall to catch her breath from the exercise. Then she shoved through the door to the roof.  A gust of wind caught her as she stepped out. It blew cold air around her, blowing her hair and clothes around her. She impatiently brushed her hair out of her face and wrapped her arms around her torso, trying to conserve what warmth she could.
The girl stepped towards the edge of the roof and peered down at the city. Thousands of lights glowed brightly, blurring through her tears that dripped down her face, taking a freefall into the city below. She climbed up onto the railing surrounding the edge of the roof and perched there, watching tiny people on the ground, living their dreams and nightmares, fulfilling or breaking their promises to and from life. They were just pin pricks in the universe.
A loud, long scream choked out of her throat, releasing all her pent up emotions: hate, fear, sadness, longing. She couldn't bear the feeling of them grating on the inside of her. The scream was cut off by a sob and she dropped her face into her palms, shoulders shaking, as another flood of tears ran down her face. Each tear was a reflection of her soul and the promises she'd made to him, as well as the promises he'd made to her. By now each and every promise was broken, shattered and lost.
She stood up on the bottom rail and leaned out slightly, estimating the drop. She couldn't; it was to far for her muddled mind to figure out.
A slam indicated that someone had just came out onto the roof and the girl, startled, straightened up and whirled around to see who it was.
He looked at her, his face pained and sad, like he might start crying soon. He stretched his arm out towards her as he stepped slowly towards her, across the roof. His lips moved, but no sound came out. She remembered all the times those same lips had moved against hers, all the times they proclaimed that he would stand by her, love her, forever. But love was a lie.
Instinctively, as he came closer, she slid away farther down the railing. A wordless shout sprang from his mouth and he dropped to his knees, covering his face with his hands, a picture of pure agony.  The girl felt a pang of guilt and pain flash through her chest at his pain. Like he cared how much pain he gave her.
She stood up on her tip toes and gave a little experimental bounce. He glanced up at her at the creak of rusty metal through his hair. Shock and horror registered on his face as he slowly realized what she was doing. She smiled insanely at him, bouncing a little more.
He jumped to his feet and started running towards her, shouting. "Don't! Please don't jump!"
His voice pierced her ears, ringing loudly like bells. She clamped her hands over her ears and screamed back, "Shut the f**k up! Get out of my life or I'll get out of yours!" and turned back towards the streets below. Despite the warning, he kept running towards her, stretching out his fingers, as if he could somehow stop her from halfway across the roof.
The girl could still hear his words, every single one he'd whispered to her in the dark while they were alone, every word spoken to her at school, every affectionate word, every word of every fight. Like maybe her memories of him would mean something after she was gone. 
She could feel his fingers grazing at the hem of her shirt, trying to grasp it and pull her back as she leaned further and further over the edge. He screamed at her, trying to get her to climb back over the railing and walk back down the stairs to have an evening out with him or something. She couldn't quite focus on the words too well.
But none of it meant anything to her as she leaned forward and gave a little push against the cement room with her feet and flew.

© 2009 ShatteredDreams

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wow...I was hoping he would save her and she would not have to face the pavement in this way. I am wondering what happened in their relationship that made this night end the way that it did. This was full of emotion and vivid description.

Well done

Posted 12 Years Ago

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Added on June 1, 2009




I'm a veggie. I like to write (really?), read, listen to music, garden and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'm not really quite sure what more to say. more..

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