Chapter 1

Chapter 1

A Chapter by ShadesofGray

Chapter 1


“Happy Birthday”my mom shouts my best friend, Jennifer, is on the couch typing into her cellphone present on her lap. Jennifer looks concerned, but that look fades away when she sees me. “Happy Birthday” she says handing me my present. I look down at the small box wrapped in light blue wrapping paper with silver circles on it. “Thanks” I say smiling at her. I put my present on the table, and turn to my mom. “So what movie are we going to watch?”I ask her. “Well”she says going into her medium sized purse taking out a couple of DvD's. “I got a love like movie”I rolled my eyes “......and a horror film”my mom said. “Horror film” Jennifer and I said at the same time. Looking disappointed my mother shuffled over to living room where our T.V was and put it in. The microwave beeped saying that popcorn was ready. I turned to Jennifer “Can you get the bean bags out of the closet?”I ask her. Jennifer nods and I turn around to put the popcorn in three separate bowls. I got cherry coke out of the refrigerator and put it in three tall glasses. I put ice cubes in the cup and filled the glasses to the top. I put the food contents on a tray and brought it out to the living room area. I gave mom -who was under a blanket on the couch- a bowl and her drink. And then gave Jennifer -who was on a cow printed beanbag- hers. Then I sat down on my fluffy purple bean bag. My mom pressed play and we got ready to watch the movie.

We were in the middle of it when there was a knock on the door. I looked at mom wondering if she ordered pizza. Mom looked at me then told me to open the door. I got up, moving my empty coke glass and my half full popcorn bowl to go open the door.

The doorbell rang again. “I'm coming, I'm coming”I said as I opened the door. There stood a man in a leather jacket and jeans.   A bag in his hand, a bag that said 'Happy Birthday' on it. He looked surprised to see me. And did a once over. I felt violated “Can I help you?” I asked noticing a motorcycle in our driveway, a helmet placed on the seat. “Paige? Paige is that you?”he asked. My mom came up behind me. She must of recognized him because a tear rolled down her eye and she let him in. “Barbra, how are you”he said hugging my mother. My mother went limp and didn't hug him back. My mom wiped a tear from her eye and said “Why did you come back?”. He turned to me and said “For you Paige”to my mother he said “for our daughter”. By this point I was very confused, I couldn't help but ask “What?”. My mom wiped one last tear and said “Honey, t�"this is your father”. This time and gave the man a once over and noticed he did look like me , same dark but like honey brown skin. His nose was just like mine but mine was a bit smaller. He had full thick lips, I only had small pouty ones like my mother. “Why did you come back?”I asked him, noticing that Jennifer was behind my mother, popcorn bowl in hand watching us like watching a movie. “I came, for your eighteen birthday, and I came to give you this” he said handing me the bag. I went into the kitchen and opened the bag. Inside was a Canon Camera it was big but small enough to fit inside my bag. Also there was five memory cards, a small box, and a card. I took out the small box inside was a car key. I looked at my father looking puzzled.  “I bought you a car”he said simply as if it was a Barbie. I couldn't help myself, I gave him a hug. He was shocked at first, then he hugged me back. Then he took the key out of my hand and said “I will go bring this around” and then he left. I sat down at the table, not looking at my mother trying to collect my thoughts. “Honey I'm sorry I should of told  you about him, I was not expecting him to come” she said coming closer to me. I turned around and put on a smile “It's alright mom”I say hugging her. “He will leave soon, and then we can eat ice cream and continue the movie”I say not sure of what he planned to do.  Jennifer said “You should open my present next”she handed her small box over. I tore the paper then opened the white box. There lay a necklace with half a broken heart, on it, it said Friend in light blue. I looked at Jennifer to reach in her shirt and take one that looked the same but it said Best in blue lettering as well. I gave Jennifer a hug “Thank you, Thank you” I said squeezing her tighter. “Help me put it  on” I say handing her the necklace, once it was secure on my neck. My mom opened my new camera and put in a memory card. She then turned it on and said “Get close girls and we'll take a picture”. I stood next to Jennifer and she put her arm around my shoulders. “Say cheese” my mother says bringing the camera to her face. She snapped to pictures and then showed them to us.

My dad walked in and said, “Well then I'll be off then”he put the car key on the table. “Take a picture with Paige” my mother says. My dad smiles and walks over to me. We pose and my mother takes to pictures. My dad said goodbye and left. “Well that was unexpected”I say as I clean up the popcorn bowls and put Cookies and Cream ice cream in clean bowls. I hand one to each person and we settle down once again to finish the movie.


© 2010 ShadesofGray

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Washington D.C, DC

Well, Im Katharine Im 13 and I love to write!! I am writing a bunch of novels right now so yeah..... I love the color gray and rainy days :) more..

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A Chapter by ShadesofGray